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July 3, 2014
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20th Annual SIED Conference
“Is your downtown READY?”
Thursday, July 10, 2014
John A. Logan College,
Workforce Development (Building H)
700 Logan College Road  •  Carterville, Illinois 62918
8:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (lunch included)
Nanofabrication for University of Illinois Students

Nanofabrication is a popular concept in the tech industry right now, but the typical undergraduate student doesn’t have a chance to try it. That’s about to change at the University of Illinois. Intel is donating three pieces of equipment that will form the basis of a lab space that will allow undergraduates to learn about the concept. It will be located in the new Electrical and Computer Engineering Building’s nanofabrication laboratory. “For students, using this equipment will expose them to research-level processes that most students never have the opportunity to explore until graduate school,” said Dane Joseph Sievers, an engineering teaching lab specialist at ECE.
Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Southern Illinois

Southern Illinois is the most geographically distinct of all Illinois regions. It is known as “Little Egypt” because of its proximity to a vital river trade route (like the Nile delta in Egypt) and the presence of towns with names like Cairo, Thebes, Dongola, and Karnak. As one of the earliest parts of Illinois to be settled, it is no wonder this region is home to so many ghost stories. Mysterious Heartland brings you this list of the top 10 most haunted places in Southern Illinois! Which place will prove to be the most haunted of them all?

Buy Illinois Pledge

The Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) is challenging residents to devote a small portion of their food budget to Illinois-made products. If every Illinois household dedicated just $10 of its existing, weekly grocery budget towards the purchase of Illinois food products, the department concludes more than $2.4 billion a year would be re-invested in the Illinois economy, helping to revitalize both rural and urban communities. "We aren't asking consumers to dedicate new money towards this initiative," Governor Pat Quinn said.  "We are simply encouraging them to shift their purchases to buy Illinois-made products." Accepting the challenge is simple and would support thousands of jobs in the farming and food industries.  Residents just need to go online to and take the "Buy Illinois Pledge."


Governor Quinn Joined by 12-Year-Old Chloe Stirling to Sign “Cupcake Bill”
Governor Pat Quinn was joined by 12-year-old Chloe Stirling and her parents at their Troy home on June 10 to sign legislation that supports home kitchen businesses in Illinois. The “cupcake bill” was drafted after county health officials shut down Chloe’s home-based cupcake baking business. The bill creates a new category of “home kitchen operators” for those who make less than $1,000 from producing food in their own homes to sell either by themselves or for a religious, charitable or nonprofit organization. Such operators cannot be regulated or shut down by local governments or health departments unless there is a complaint or health safety issue.
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