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May 30, 2014
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Solar powered trash picker-upper

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor has the first permanent waterwheel-powered trash interceptor. With energy from the Jones Falls River current and solar panels, the floating device sweeps litter up a conveyor belt and straight into a Dumpster for easy disposal. Guided by booms, debris goes straight into the giant wheel and its built-in conveyor belt. From there, the garbage falls into a Dumpster on the other side. When the Dumpster fills up, it's sent out and replaced with an empty one. A collection of public and private organizations footed the $800,000 bill to buy the new Water Wheel, which comes with a 20-year life expectancy. A little more than a week after its debut, it faced its first major rain storm, removing, according to the Waterfront Partnership, 50,000 pounds (or four full Dumpsters) of trash.

2014 Schedule of Illinois County Fairs
This year’s list of dates and locations of county fairs is available. First up is the Piatt County Fair, June 17-22; and the Montgomery County Fair June 18 – 22.  Check the schedule to see where and when the fairs are scheduled around the state.
New “American Dream” development

The new American Dream is about place, and that brings people and communities together. The incentive is enjoyment and participation in the economic benefits of place. To create place, a community must be brought together, and the land must be used more efficiently than it was when socioeconomic segregation reigned. Place is about bringing things together so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. It’s about diversity and culture and community; that is the new American Dream. 

Source of Immigrants Has Changed in the last 100 Years

With more than 40 million immigrants, the United States is the top destination in the world for those moving from one country to another. Mexico is the source of the largest wave of immigration in history from a single country to the United States. A century ago, the U.S. experienced another large wave of immigrants. Although smaller at 18.2 million, they hailed largely from Europe. Many Americans can trace their roots to that wave of migrants from 1890-1919, when Germany dominated as the country sending the most immigrants to many of the U.S. states, although the United Kingdom, Canada and Italy were also strongly represented.

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