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June 3, 2016

The Stanford Education Data Archive (SEDA) collects detailed information about schools, communities and student success, in the hope that decision-makers will use the information to improve educational policy and practices. SEDA includes data at a range of institutional and geographic levels of aggregation, including schools, districts, counties, commuting zones, metropolitan areas, and states. It includes measures of academic achievement, achievement gaps, school and neighborhood racial and socioeconomic composition, school and neighborhood racial and socioeconomic segregation patterns, and other features of the schooling system. The data will be regularly updated as more data become available.


“Edible six-pack rings,” are aimed at eliminating those indestructible plastic six-pack rings that kill countless turtles, fish and birds every year. While it’s still a few months away from large-scale production, response to the technology has been enthusiastic. A promotional video was released by Florida’s Saltwater Brewery less than a week ago and already has more than 9 million views on Facebook. But according to University of Florida veterinarian and sea turtle expert Brian Stacy, these new rings are being billed as “edible” but aren’t quite fish food—they haven’t been tested on animals yet.

When it comes to doing creative work, it’s important to not only look for ways to let our creativity thrive, but to also be mindful of insidious “creativity killers” that can sneak up and strangle our ability to come up with our best ideas. According to research from Harvard University, there are five main culprits that are responsible for killing our creativity, including role mismatch, external end-goal restriction, strict ration of resources, lack of social diversity, and discouragement/no positive feedback.

June 13 - Farm Dreams, Epiphany Farms, Bloomington, IL
June 14 - Southern Illinois Economic Development Conference, John A. Logan College, Carterville, IL
June 16 - Local Government Webinar: Open Meetings Act
June 27 - Farm Dreams, Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery, Champaign, IL
July 11 - Farm Dreams, Blue  Yonder Organic Farm, North Salem, IN
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