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May 8, 2015
Open Meetings Act  - LGIEN Webinar Series
Tuesday, May 12 |Noon – 1 P.M.
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Presented by Sarah Pratt, Public Access Counselor and Bureau Chief, Illinois Attorney General’s Office
Open, honest and accountable government, the cornerstone of a democracy, can be achieved only through the free and open exchange of information between government and the public. In Illinois, one of our most important transparency law –  the Open Meetings Act (OMA) – endeavor to open the workings of government to the public, shed light on government actions and, in the process, strengthen our democracy.  Illinois Attorney General’s Office will present training and tools required for implementing this policy at the local level.
Summer Illinois Math Camp

SIM Camp is a free, week-long math camp in the Department of Mathematics for local high school students, from Aug. 3-7. It will introduce students to proofs and applications of math in algebraic topology and number theory. Students will also compete in daily math challenges for prizes. On Friday, students will also see how math relates to chemistry.
Applications due June 1. Contact Claire Merriman.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is making some waves with a new requirement that forces states to take into account the possible impact of climate change in their risk assessments before they can receive certain assistance. FEMA included this condition in an update this month to the State Mitigation Plan Review Guide, FEMA’s official policy on and interpretation of the natural hazard mitigation planning requirements. FEMA said its updated guidelines for disaster planning don’t impact relief funding for natural disasters, such as hurricanes or flooding. The guide goes into effect on March 6, 2016, for all state mitigation plans submitted to FEMA for review and approval.

Among women in the United States, postgraduate education and motherhood are increasingly going hand-in-hand. The share of highly educated women who are remaining childless into their mid-40s has fallen significantly over the past two decades.

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