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November 13, 2015
Using Data and Analytics to Drive Government Innovation
November 19, 2015 | Noon – 1 p.m. | Presented By:  Dr. Jon Gant
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Local governments collect mountains of data from citizens and services. However, knowing how to best organize, manage, and extract insights from these large diverse data sets is a challenge.  Government organizations are mobilizing to explain and report on their operations, performance, services and decision making – both for internal employees and external constituents.  University of Illinois Extension offers this webinar, free of charge, to address:
  • utilizing data and vital components of data-driven government;
  • emerging trends all around the country that are digitizing information;
  • disseminating public data sets, and applying analytics to improve decision making.
This webinar is part of the Illinois Digital Innovation Leadership Program and is funded through the Office of the Provost and College of ACES Illinois Extension and Outreach Initiative.
Before air conditioning, the southern home was not complete without a front porch. Neighbors could easily communicate and, from porch to porch, build community. The Charlotte, North Carolina porch swing project installs porch swings to bring together millennial and immigrant communities and commercial centers at or near school bus stops and bus transit stops. Porch swings will create a unifying element, making the sidewalk and bus stops a new civic front porch. By reenergizing and activating public space such as bus stops with swings, we can create places where people enjoy waiting and new opportunities for community interaction. We can move bus stops from lonely places to "porches" where interaction is encouraged and celebrated.
Help in hiring Veterans
To help employers find resources available to hire Veterans, the U.S. Department of Labor developed an online toolkit. Though some employers may be looking to hire Veterans due to a sense of patriotism, most seek to hire them for return on investment. Veterans and returning Service Members bring unique skills and experiences to the civilian workforce. Because of the training, work ethic and goal-oriented culture of the military, many companies report that Veterans not only make excellent employees, but also tend to have a higher rate of retention. There are many reasons why companies are seeking out Veterans - the most important being that they bring with them the skills to do the job, in a timely and efficient manner. These skills include both the hard and soft skills coveted by today's employers, such as leadership, management, teamwork, accountability and responsibility.
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