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January 22, 2016
County level elected and appointed officials are invited to apply to the UCCI/University of Illinois Leadership Academy.
                What: a five-session leadership learning experience.
                When: April 22-23; May 7; June 18; July 16; and August 26-27, 2016.
                Where: University of Illinois campus in Urbana, Illinois.
                For whom: All county level elected and appointed officials; County Administrators.
                Cost: Program materials, meals and lodging are provided; participants pay their transportation.
The Leadership Academy was developed by the University of Illinois in partnership with UCCI (United Counties Council of Illinois) to provide leadership training for elected and appointed county officials. For anyone seeking to manage and lead more effectively, the academy offers a learning network and a connection to cutting edge information. Participation is limited. To apply, send your contact information, phone, email and mailing address, county name, and your position title to Anne H. Silvis at, or contact your local University of Illinois Extension office for information. Applications are due April 1, and successful applicants will be notified by April 8.
President Obama will appoint Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, his Cabinet’s longest-serving member, to lead a new interagency effort focused on addressing rural America’s struggle with heroin and opioid abuse as well as other pressing problems. The decision to centralize federal decision-making on drug abuse as well as other major problems in rural areas — rising suicide rates, declining physical and mental health, and increased financial stress — comes as addiction to heroin and other opiates has become a crisis in many areas.
In early January 2016, communities along the southern reaches of the Mississippi River faced severe flooding from rains that fell weeks earlier and well to the north. These two NASA satellite images show the Mississippi River as it runs through southern Mississippi and Louisiana. The above image was acquired on January 11, 2016. The image below shows the river at a normal level last January (January 24, 2015.)
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