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January 16, 2015

Why do stars seem brighter at this time of year?
Earth and Sky reports that during Northern Hemisphere winter (or Southern Hemisphere summer), the stars seem brighter. It’s partly because – on December, January and February evenings – the part of Earth you’re standing on is facing into the spiral arm of the galaxy to which our sun belongs. There are some gigantic stars located in this direction, and they are relatively close to us – in our own neighborhood, so to speak, our own spiral arm. So we’re seeing fewer stars on Northern Hemisphere winter evenings (or Southern Hemisphere summer evenings), as we look across only about 25,000 light-years of Milky Way, toward the deep space beyond our galaxy’s boundaries. And that’s why, while the combined light of so many distant stars visible on June, July and August evenings gives the sky a hazy quality, the evening sky in December, January and February looks clearer and sharper.


Call for Applications:
Community Development Investments

ArtPlace is accepting applications for its Community Development Investments- a new grant program offering $18million to place-based NGOs with a primary mission of community planning and development.  The program combines financial resources w/ advice from national experts to help organizations sustainably incorporate arts and cultural strategies into their work.  Applications are due March 12.

Martin Luther King, Jr., National Day of Service
January 19, 2015

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