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January 3, 2014
Our Mission:
Rural Partners is a member-driven forum that links individuals, businesses, organizations and communities with public and private resources to maximize the potential of rural Illinois.

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◊ Jan. 8-10, 2014: Illinois Specialty Crops, Agritourism and Organic Conference, Springfield, IL

◊ Jan. 16, 2014: Downtown Revitalization Workshop, Dwight, IL

◊ Jan. 27, 2014: Downtown Revitalization Workshop, Alton, IL

◊ March. 5-6, 2014: 25th Annual Rural Community and Economic Development Conference, Peoria, IL

Public Opinion on 2014's New State Laws

Every new year means adding thousands of new state laws to the books. This year’s wide range includes everything from tanning bed age limits (IL), to a new ban on selling shark fins (DE). While most new laws represent incremental change, sometimes state laws can also signal broader movement on a public policy issue or indicate a regional or demographic shift in public opinion. Take a look at a few of the new state laws that go into effect Jan. 1 and the national public opinion on the related issues.
Urbanist Buzzwords to Rethink in 2014

Writing about urban policy issues can often be an exercise in translating wonky terminology for the everyday reader. The kinds of issues that these terms bring up –– how and where we live, get to work, and enjoy our free time –– are far too relevant to be the victims of off-putting technical jargon and lame buzzwords. Here are some of the worst offenders we hope urbanists (that one, too) think more carefully about deploying in 2014.
Engaging Healthy Communities for Successful Community Development Projects

Community development projects require a great deal of collaboration and cooperation to achieve success. The people leading these efforts are often required to demonstrate the economic value to justify funding of these projects during these financially-strapped times. Funding can be easier to obtain if they can show a broad range of community impact for their projects. Engaging leaders in the local community’s health and wellness sector can provide added value and benefit that could propel your project forward to success.
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