SB 2172 is the first legislative bill for the Red Hill Fuel Tanks! HTH/AEN Hearing schedule for 1:10pm Wednesday 1/26/22. 

Submit your Testimony TODAY!

The first Red Hill Bill is scheduled for a committee hearing this Wednesday at 1:10 p.m.! It needs a few changes to make sure it can best protect our groundwater aquifers (as described in the sample testimony below, and in our attached testimony) but this could be our first and best chance to pass a Hawaiʻi law that would effectively shut down Red Hill, and make sure nothing like this situation can ever happen again.

Please take a moment to submit written testimony and sign up to testify orally (via Zoom) if you can.  Instructions on how to submit testimony are at the bottom of this e-mail.  Sample testimony that you can copy/paste and change to your liking is also below (please feel free to add your own thoughts about why we need to protect our water resources, how you may have been impacted, etc.).  

After you are done, please forward this on to your networks as well!

Sample Testimony:

Dear Chair Keohokalole, Chair Gabbard, Vice Chair Baker, Vice Chair Nishihara, and members of the Senate Health and Agriculture and Environment Committees,

SUPPORT WITH AMENDMENTS SB2172, which seeks to protect our islands' most precious resource from fuel contamination.  Our water is precious and we all have a duty to protect our islands' source of life for present and future generations.  

Please amend this measure by: 1) removing reference to the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility in the preamble, to avoid potential federal preemption challenges; 2) amending the proposed new definition of "underground fuel storage tank" to apply to facilities with field-constructed tanks, or with a capacity over 100,000 gallons; and 3) ensuring that no permit may be issued or renewed for an underground fuel storage tank, and that no underground fuel storage tank may be operated after the end of this year, for  a facility located mauka of the underground injection control line.  
Please PASS SB2172 with the above amendments. Mahalo nui!

[Your name]

Testimony instructions:

1.  Register for a capitol website account if you havenʻt yet here: (youʻll need to confirm your registration by responding to an automated email).
2. Sign in to with your registration information and click the orange "Testimony" button.
3. Enter "SB2172" where it says "Enter Bill or Measure."
4. Input your information and your written testimony, and where it says "How will you be testifying?" make sure to check the bubble up to testify remotely via Zoom if you can! 
5. If you are testifying orally via Zoom (thank you!), sign back into your account on the capitol website three hours before the hearing and click on the orange "Testimony" button again; on the left hand side youʻll be able to scroll down and there will be a Zoom link next to SB2172 (for more information see here: 
6. Donʻt forget to let your friends know you testified, and ask them to testify as well!  

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