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Dear U.S. Egg Industry:

The following notice issued by the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service states the U.S. and Korean governments reached agreement on the shipment of table (shell) eggs to the Republic of Korea (South Korea).

“The USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) with input from the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS), Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have completed discussions related to the export of shell eggs (table eggs) to the Republic of Korea (ROK). Exports can begin shipment immediately under certificates issued by USDA-AMS graders.

The agreement includes additional entries in the remarks section of the grading certificate, Form PY-210S, and the accompanying AMS Disease Free Statement. Instructions for certification procedures have been distributed to field personnel for immediate implementation. It should be noted that any company that desires to export these commodities to the ROK, must first complete the application process for registered foreign establishments doing business with companies in ROK. This additional documentation is the responsibility of the exporter and will not be verified by AMS at time of certification, but must be approved by the ROK prior to application for entry.

For your reference, attached please find the sample AMS grading certificate, PY-210S, and the Disease Free Statement that should accompany shipments to Korea. These documents will be completed by AMS staff at the processing facilities.

Please feel free to contact Mark Perigen, National Supervisor, Shell Eggs, Quality Assessment Division, USDA, AMS, Livestock, Poultry & Seed Program, 209.522.5251, 209.404.2193 (cell) or if you have questions.”

Again, please note the hyperlinked AMS Disease Free Statements sample and the PY-210S sample that should accompany the shipment. These documents will be completed by AMS personnel at the processing plant.

As a reminder, all plants must be registered with the Korean government. For assistance, please contact Tom Taylor at USAPEEC,

Further, the following additional information was issued by the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service over the weekend:
  • AMS certificates must be dated on or after January 8, 2017, and not before this date.
  • Each shipment must have two original signature copies of each document, PY-210S and Disease Free Statement (DFS).  Photocopy the certificate and DFS prior to signature, then sign both in blue ink, along with a blue stamp impression. Exporters will present to MFDS and MAFRA upon entry, each requiring “original” documents.
  • Wooden pallets, constructed with non-manufactured wood material, must be certified as treated in accordance with the ISPM-15, Phytosanitary Standard as a measure to reduce the risk of introduction or spread of insect larvae or pests. Pallets will be branded with the letters IPPC and verified by AMS graders prior to export.
  • Labeling: FAS Seoul has provided the attached information as a guide for labeling table eggs and egg products. Exporters should consult with their customers to assure labels are correct and acceptable, and whether or not the Korean label should be applied here. As noted before, this is not verified by AMS graders at time of certification.
  • Exporting facilities should not ship product until each facility is registered and listed on the following website:!CFAAA01F050
    • As long as the facility is listed, it is not necessary to have a Korean Registration Code prior to shipment. If the plant is listed, it is eligible to ship. The code will be added later.
    • AMS “establishment” approval dates (required on ROK registration form) may be obtained by contacting local the AMS supervisor, or sending an email to me along including the plant name and “P” number. Forms submitted to ROK without this information will be returned.
In partnership with USAPEEC and as stated by USAPEEC President Jim Sumner, AEB also wishes to express our appreciation to FAS, AMS, APHIS, FDA and U.S. Embassy staff in Seoul for making this a high priority and expediting this approval process. We hope our industry will be able to take full advantage of this export opportunity.

AEB will continue to share all key South Korea updates from USAPEEC and USDA. Please feel free to reach out to David Fraser (901.674.1793 or or John Howeth (224.563.3705 or with any questions or concerns.
Thank you,

The American Egg Board
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