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Your Financial Guide

Recently, we were hunting with a client and the subject of Red Door’s services came up. He said to us, “You guys are similar to a hunting guide.” Intrigued, we asked him to tell us more.
He proceeded to explain that being a good hunting or fishing guide takes three things. Each item is harder to come by than the one before it, with the third being the most important and hardest to attain. First, you must have access. Whether it is the right fishing hole, the best neck of the woods, or in our case, access to institutional resources through our Charles Schwab connection, entry is the first step. We agreed that anyone can hunt or invest without a guide, but there are advantages to using one.
The second component he mentioned is having proper equipment. Again, we agreed that anyone can acquire these items, but this can come with unnecessary costs. You can purchase all kinds of hunting gear, but why spend the money if someone else will provide it for you? Red Door already has all of the resources and tools available to help navigate the financial world for our clients. 
Finally, he related that he could always come up with the first two, but his results were always better with a well-trained guide. Once you have acquired the access and the right equipment, it takes the skill of a guide to make it successful – to bag your limit or land that fish. It wasn’t until a friend referred him to a good guide that he realized skill was the most important part of a hunt. He expressed that Red Door’s sound advice provided him with all three of these fundamental elements to produce the necessary returns to keep his family’s financial plan on course.
So, with this new way of looking at ourselves and the services we provide, we hope these thoughts will resonate with you. We appreciate the opportunity to be your guide.

Investment Thoughts

At Red Door, we are global investors, always surveying the world for opportunities being overlooked by the investment community. Everyone knows that markets go in cycles, so it’s important to look forward to the future and determine what pockets might look undervalued today but carry hidden return prospects.
Over the last three years, U.S. stock indices have significantly outperformed both foreign developed and emerging market indices. What we are looking for today are good valuations, strong growth rates, acceptable debt to GDP ratios and current negative sentiment from investors (characterized by negative fund flows).

Here is what the current data points to, based on our search criteria above:

The clear winner in all categories is Emerging Markets. Most investors are avoiding this area because of the fear of uncertainty. Take a page out of Warren Buffett’s playbook. “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”  We like the opportunity set and the contrarian play even more when you look at the past one, three and five-year returns versus S&P 500. 

Can you see the cyclical opportunity and longer term reversion to the mean? Now we don’t know when the change will occur, but we are patient investors picking our spots, so we will be out in front of it when it does. Most of the time it’s best not to travel with the stock market herd.
Financial Spring Cleaning Tips
  • Shred old financial documents.
  • Check your credit report. Get three free reports at
  • Review your budget and goals from the beginning of the year.
  • 2013 IRA contributions before filing tax return
Your Red Door Team
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