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 Market Update 

As you are aware, we are currently experiencing volatility in the global markets. This recent sell-off is driven mainly by China and their slowing economy. As we said during our recent trade update two weeks ago, we have felt for some time it was prudent to reduce the overall risk in our portfolios and rotate into more defensive-minded investments. Looking back, we are happy we made the decision to be proactive, rather than reactive. 
The U.S. stock market has, in the past few years, been extraordinarily calm by historical standards. The sudden drops of the past few days are well within the long-term norm. It’s important to note that your diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and cash performed much better than the headlines you read about or see on TV. We know it’s hard to block out the noise, but don’t fixate on the news, as it will only make the volatility feel worse.
We do not have a crystal ball from which we can call market bottoms, but we are confident in our approach and want to remind our clients to stay disciplined and focused on their long-term objectives.
As always, our team is constantly analyzing the markets and our models and looking for opportunities to protect and strategically grow your investments. You can rest assured that we have both hands on the wheel and are doing our best to navigate through this short-term storm.
It is often said that the markets take the stairs up and the elevator down, and we are tirelessly working to ensure our portfolios stop at a higher floor than the overall market.

If you do have the need to discuss your current situation, don’t hesitate to call us. 

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