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Super-natural by han seok hyun at MFA boston

(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; April 3 - July 17, 2016)

"Chance, accumulation, and a kind of mad profusion are at the
 heart of MEGACITIES ASIA." - Sebastian Smee, The Boston Globe

"Art captures constant motion of Asian megacities" - CNN World News


Spark Art Management is delighted to announce that Seoul-based artist Han Seok Hyun's work is featured in exhibition MEGACITIES ASIA, organized by Museum of Fine Arts Boston.

This exhibition, the largest contemporary art exhibition in MFA history, presents monumental sculptures and installations by artists from Asian “megacities,” representing the unique urban realities of Beijing, Shanghai, Mumbai, New Delhi and Seoul. Alongside works by 11 notable artists including Ai Weiwei and Subodh Gupta, Han presents a colossal installation, Super-Natural.

Super-Natural is an undulating landscape of green-colored recyclable consumer packaging, crowdsourced in both Seoul and Boston. In Seoul’s dense urban landscape, green spaces are rare and highly prized. City dwellers crave contact with nature, and commercial marketing has cashed in on this desire. Increasingly, too, products claiming to be healthy or environmentally friendly fill supermarkets in Seoul, just as they do in the United States. The lush hills of give us a sense of calm and peace, but some objects within them may be greener in color than they are in substance. Han seeks to expose this complexity, asking what “natural” means in a highly modernized city like his own. 

For the past decade, Han's practice has combined elements of installation, horticulture, and environmental activism. Apart from Super-Natural, the Reverse-Rebirth project is another important series of installations among his oeuvre that expands themes around the contemporary perception of “nature vs. natural.” 

Han Seok Hyun was born in South Korea in 1975. He kickstarted his career in 2011 winning the Grand Prize in the 11th New-Frontier Award, organized by the prominent Korean art magazine Misulsegye. Since then, Han has been exhibiting widely both locally and internationally, including institutional exhibitions at Buk Seoul Museum of art, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, and Total Museum of Art in Korea. Most recently, Han was announced to be the sole recipient of Arts Council Korea’s one-year grant to participate in the Kunstlerhaus Bethanien residency, Berlin, in 2016.

Spark Art Management is Han Seok Hyun's U.S. Liaison. Please stay tuned for Han's upcoming activities.

[All images courtesy of Han Seok Hyun / Spark Art Management] Above: Installation view of Super-Natural (2011/2016); Below from left: Balance (2015), Reverse-Rebirth (2012), Fresh Statue (2007)]

Han Seok Hyun Balance, Lie Down Statue, Fresh Statue
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