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Q&A with a Cannonballer: The Chancellor steps up


How many times have you participated in CBR?

I have participated in CBR since CBR 6.

Has being a participant changed the way you read? If so, how?

In CBR 6, I had to build up my reading stamina after many years of not keeping up with it. After that I started being more selective about what I read because of the time frame. I learned to be more critical and not waste my time with a book that I'm not interested in. Keeping up with certain literary awards like the National Book Award or the Printz Award helps me keep on track with reading and giving me new ideas of what to read next. I've jumped into new reading experiences by joining Cannonball Read's book club (I would never have finished Count of Monte Cristo without the book club deadline). After finishing four CBRs, I'm starting to learn what I like and don't like much better than I had before, but I'm still finding that there are books that I like I wouldn't have expected.

See what else The Chancellor has to say »


Congratulations to Classic!

It's only February, and we already have our first Cannonball! Classic made it to the finish line on February 9. Congrats, Classic, and bummer that your 52nd read wasn't that great. Hopefully your next 52 will be better! 


Volunteers needed

Would you like to become even more involved in Cannonball Read? Join our team of dedicated, slightly loopy volunteers! We could use graphic designers, php coders, and social media people. If you have some skills and some free time, let MsWas know and CBR will gladly put you to work.

Fantasy #CannonBookClub

What do you think so far of Indra Das's The Devourers? If you haven't started it yet, that's fine. Book Club Day is March 8, so you still have time. Buy it on Amazon via our affilate link, and keep an eye on the main blog at the end of the month for upcoming discussion questions.


CBR Style Tips: text wrapping around images

We love all the pictures being posted in reviews, and we have a tip about making the images in your posts look even better. Wordpress makes it really easy to 'float' the pictures within the text for easy readability. Align left, align right - get down with your graphic designer self! Here's the Wordpress example, if you're new to text wrapping:

Are there other things you'd like to see covered in the new Style Tips section? Let us know!


The world is watching/reading

The internet is watching! Sometimes authors find our Tweets or reviews and answer or comment, and we have to try and be dignified and not dribble our adoration all over them. This is especially tough when it's someone like Brandon effin' Sanderson, replying to MsWas on Instagram, or Intisar Khanani commenting on J’s review of her book Memories of Ash.

 Keep tabs on our Fan Mail page to see which authors are paying attention to little ol' us, and be sure to use our #CBR9 hashtag or tag us @cannonballread to increase our chances of future author interactions. *breathes deeply, acts totally nonchalant*


Tagging wild authors

Have you been adding tags (especially authors) to your posts like MsWas reminded us? If so, you're helping to contribute to the Top 100 Tags. It'll be interesting to see how that grows and changes throughout the year! 

In case you missed it

Final Standings and the Most Read Books for Cannonball Read 8 went up on Pajiba last month. Find out who was our most favorite author in 2016, and take a look at the final numbers for last year. ingres77 is already hard at work on the monthly stats for this year, so you can see how we stack up. Looks like this year is off to a good start so far!

Amanda Howard (aka "Bothari43")

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