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Next up in book clubbing: sci fi!

Trying not to be biased here, but sci fi is obviously the best of all possible genres. Faintingviolet has picked some good ones, but it's up to you to do the final choosing. Voting goes until April 18, and then the winning book will be announced. The book club discussion will be June 1. Enjoy!

In case you missed it

Just in case you can't keep up with reading every word on Cannonball Read AND every word on the Pajiban mothership - did you know that a CBR review gets spotlighted every weekday in Pajiba Love? Have you seen your name in lights yet? Pretty groovy, huh?

Feeling crafty?


My local library recently instituted a rule that you can't donate books more than five years old to their book sale. This makes no sense to me - books shouldn't have a sell-by date. But what do you do with books you can't get rid of? What if you picked something up for a nickel at a garage sale and it was too terrible to let back out into the world? What if you want to do something creative and cathartic with the fancy set of hardbacks your evil ex left at your house? Turns out, there are tons of options, from old cookbook utensil holders to jewelry to whatever the heck this is. If you get inspired and try some of these, send us pictures! Good fodder for future Cannon Fodders.

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Did you know CBR has 592 Twitter followers? Plus a bevy of Facebook and Instagram friends, and our very own Facebook group. If you can't get enough Cannonball in your life, there are other ways to connect. We even have a Tumblr (for those of you [not me] who know what that is)! Reach out and touch someone!

Warm fuzzies

And speaking of Twitter: not only are we helping to fight cancer, but we are also making authors very happy. Our fan club continues to grow, and when a bunch of CBR experts review (and like) the same book, people notice!

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Got a question? Comment? Suggestion? Need advice about your in-laws?* Can't figure out what to make for dinner?* Don't forget you can contact MsWas anytime, anywhere, using the cleverly-labeled "Contact" button at the top right of the Cannonball blog.

*MsWas may not actually be helpful with these things.**

**Wait - a Cannonball advice column? We could be on to something here...


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