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April 2018


Q&A with a Cannonballer: ardaigle


How many times have you participated in CBR? Has it changed the way you read?

First of all, I had literally no idea how many times I participated! Thanks to the immortality of WordPress, I now know I have been participating since Cannonball Read 5 (!) so this is my 6th time. I have fluctuated between doing a half and full cannonball, and this year I am back for the whole enchilada. It doesn’t change how I read, but it has changed how I retain what I read. Because I now write reviews for each book, I can better recall titles, authors, and content, so I am more easily able to make book recommendations to others, which I love.

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The votes are in, and we get Octavia Butler and Craig Ferguson for this year's book clubs (June and November, respectively) celebrating our 10-year anniversary. Well done, voters, and thank you for participating! Stay tuned for more info, and adjust your reading schedule for Kindred and Between the Bridge and the River.


T-shirt update

It was tough to choose between all those terrific student-designed logos, but we have a winning look! Congratulations to Shannon Damiano of Communications High School in Wall, NJ for her cool design above. We're working out the details for swag, so stay tuned for more info about how you can get your very own CBR10 anniversary gear.


Stats and stats and more stats!

Take a break from all the wording we do and check out these scrumptious numbers. Ingres77 has once again worked his magic and created an impressive report to show us how impressive CBR is. Good job, everyone!


Hugo Awards

I want everyone to arrange their features into an appropriately sorrowful expression, turn to your To Be Read pile, and apologize abjectly. It doesn't matter how many stars other Cannonballers are giving that top book, or how long that next one has been on the list. Rearrange your priorities accordingly for the Hugo Awards finalists! Although, I see multiple things that are already on my TBR list, so there may be a happy Venn diagram of things that need to be added to the list, and things that were already on it and are now bumped up. Happy reading!


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Stuff We're Reading

Off on a Pignic: BlackRaven reviews Pignic

Apr 19, 2018 03:20 pm
What a day for a picnic! Blue skies and shady trees to climb and a kite to fly up high. Not to mention lots of siblings and parents to play with. And of course, very yummy food. It is the perfect day for climbing those trees and flying that kite (even if they do have to find one unique way to get some wind). And even a little rain does not dampen the Pig Family Picnic! The adults will enjoy the plot twists and the child in us all be wanting to climb and fly kites, too. (Not to mention […]
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How Far Would You Go to Protect What is Important?: emmalita reviews Too Like the Lightning

Apr 19, 2018 02:51 pm
Well, do not swear. Although I joy in thee, I have no joy of this contract tonight. It is too rash, too unadvised, too sudden, Too like the lightning, which doth cease to be Ere one can say “It lightens.” Juliet to Romeo, Act 2, scene 2   Last year, narfna reviewed Too Like the Lightning and requested that we all read it. I was intrigued, but the book wasn’t close enough to my price point of free. Fortunately, offered it as a free download in March. I snapped it up. Narfna summed up her initial reaction to the […]
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So much talk of faeries, and none of it good: dAvid reviews The Good People

Apr 19, 2018 12:22 pm
I love physical books. Aside from not being able to read e-books for any sustained period of time, I love the look and feel of physical books and wish every room in my home were lined with shelves that I could fill with a never-ending stream of new books. Hannah Kent’s The Good People is one of the most gorgeous physical books I’ve ever seen, with the murky underwater blues and teals overlaid with a metallic copper leaf that partially obscures the title and amplifies the tactile pleasure that I already feel from holding a book. (The attached image gives […]
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The Covenant comes to New York: Malin reviews Midnight Blue-Light Special

Apr 19, 2018 11:21 am
This is the second book in the series. There may be some mild spoilers for the first book, Discount Armageddon, in this review. Set a few months after the events in the previous book, Verity Price is still trying to make it as a ballroom dancer, while also trying to study all manner of supernatural beings, all while keeping humanity in general from finding out about them. After her former boss’ niece took over the club where she worked as a waitress, turning it into more of a burlesque than a strip club, Verity also gets to dance more. Then Dominic de […]
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Albert’s Tree: BlackRaven reviews Albert's Tree

Apr 19, 2018 10:11 am
It is SPRING! And Albert cannot wait to find his favorite tree and enjoy the always so quiet and peaceful branches. As well as taking another nap in those same said branches.  However, while trying to relax, all of a sudden, the tree starts crying. It has never done that before. What could be casing it? Albert sees that nothing has changed (it even tastes the same when he’s upside down). When Albert and some of his forest friends try different tricks that work for them when they need cheering up, nothing seems to work for the tree. It is […]
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