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Q&A with a Cannonballer: KatSings edition

KatSings didn't tell us nearly enough about her acting career, but she told us lots of good stuff about her reading habits. Get ready for your TBR list to get even longer...

How many times have you participated in CBR?

According to the blog I use for my reviews, I started back in CBRIII, which was...2011, but allowed for reviews to start in December of 2010 to give us a headstart. I had been a lurker before that (though a regular commenter on Pajiba), daunted by the 52 books required, but they allowed for half cannons for the first time that year, so I decided to give it a shot. I was so moved by the concept; by what Prisco had done for AlabamaPink, and by what the community was giving back in her memory.

I've done them every year since, albeit not always very successfully. I usually aim for a half cannon because I'm terrible about reviews. I attempted and reached my only full cannon in CBRV. My GoodReads shelving, in which I've created a shelf for each CBR, tells me I'm always successful at the reading part; I'm just a complete disappointment when it comes to actually reviewing them! Last year, for example, for CBRVII, I read 49 books. I only managed to review 6, and I did almost all of those reviews in November. This year I've got 6 of the 19 done already, so I'm doing much better.

See what else Katie thinks about important things, like book-based movies and ice cream »

September #CannonBookClub: Young Adult

Thanks to everyone who voted for the next Cannonball Book Club book. Obviously all the choices were good ones, since the winner only won by five votes. Sherman Alexie's The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian squeaked by with the win, and we'll be discussing it September 1. (P.S. How is it September already?)

Speaking of YA...

MsWas has added a Young Adult category to the Wordpress dashboard, so as you're reviewing the book club selection (or anything in the runner-up list, or Harry Potter for the 873rd time, or whatever), feel free to assign it to the YA category. If you're really bored during a conference call at work, you can even go back through your old posts and re-categorize them!

You Are Here

Yesknopemaybe awesomely answered our call for cartographical volunteers last month, and now we can see where all our readers are. The information came from the Profile section of the CBR blog, the same place you update your Leaderboard numbers (you are updating your Leaderboard numbers, right?). Questions, comments, corrections? Let us know. Thank you so much, yesknopemaybe! Excellent work! 

Now she's just showing off

Badkittyuno has hit 156 reviews: a triple Cannonball (and past, by the time this gets sent out). According to our stats expert ingres77, she hit the triple two days earlier than she did last year. Congratulations, badkittyuno! You are the wind beneath our wings!

Of Comics and Cons

True, Comic-Con is mostly good for TV- and movie-based news, but some fun book tidbits came out of the world's biggest geekfest this year. Like science fiction fans arguing about how much science is too much science. Or a list of comic book awards (I recognize several of these from Cannonball reviews). And even trailers for things book fans are excited about, like American Gods and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. And of course, lots of comic book news.

Shopping, affiliating, matriculating...

Did you know you can Amazon other stuff and it still helps Cannonball Read, even if it's not books? There's this thing amusingly called the Buy Hole, and you can use it to buy pencils, paper, backpacks, anti-bully spray, and anything else you or your kids need to be studentified. Plus, the affiliate link takes you straight to CBR founder Brian Prisco's book, so if you missed it after his Q&A, you still have a chance to start your Prisco collection. Join us in the Hole, won't you?

Stuff We're Reading

Apr 13, 2021 07:41 pm | elderberrywine

Rum doings in fin de siècle Paris.  And these affairs must be investigated, certainmente, but there is always time for a dalliance or two. Victor Legris, bookseller and part-time detective, is pondering over a single red shoe that has been brought to his attention by a Parisian goatherd, who discovered it in the street.  (Paris was a little more rural back in the day.)  It is possibly connected with the young lady dressed in red who was brutally murdered and dumped in Killer’s Crossing, Boulevard […]

Apr 13, 2021 06:04 pm | Ellesfena

None of these books fit into my reviewing theme this year (revisiting series I’d never finished), but I wanted to review Clap When You Land anyway because it is excellent, and I decided to throw the other three in as a bonus. Clap When You Land: 5 stars. Plot: Camino lives in the Dominican Republic with her Tia and sees her father every summer, when he comes back from New York City to visit. When his plan tragically crashes and everyone aboard dies, she discovers […]

Apr 13, 2021 04:28 pm | lowercasesee

Another week, another reading roundup from me. Some of these I am sorry to not give more space to and some of these I’m just glad to have in the “done” column. We’ll start with the best of the bunch and then follow in no particular order. Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert The third in the Brown Sisters trilogy and each has gotten better and better. They’re all just very solid romance novels – engaging plot, endearing characters, quick witted dialogue, just a […]

Amanda Howard (aka "Bothari43")

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