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Greetings Participants in CBR8 and friends of Cannonball Read,

Many thanks to Bothari43, who offered to help us out with our new and improved newsletter. She's a long-time Cannonballer whose writing I've always enjoyed, and I think you will too. Feel free to reach out to her at the newsletter email with your suggestions or comments on the below. Thanks and Happy Reading! -- MsWas

Call my name!

We've got a lot going on in our little corner of the internet, and we've grown a lot since CBR began in 2008. To keep up with everything, we're aiming to beef up the newsletter a bit - keep an eye out for new features and fun stuff. Comments? Suggestions? Let us know at Also, as Sir Terry Pratchett knew well, a name shapes a thing (Death rides a pale Binky; Lucifer's son and his hellhound named Dog). What should we call ourselves? Possibly alliterative, definitely clever, probably referential...send us your ideas! Either we'll open it up to a poll, or MsWas and I will be tyrannical and declare a favorite. Winner gets bragging rights and possibly even a clapping gif.

Vote! Read! Discuss!

Image result for edna mode go fight winLast year's Station Eleven book club was such a success, we decided to do it again (Romance!)...and again (Sci-Fi!) and again (Young Adult!) and again (Classics!). But we need your help! What would you like to read? I was going to vote for Fish and Ghosts, just for the title, but then I saw Her Majesty Georgette Heyer on the list, and now I'm conflicted. Faintingviolet has the juicy details, and don't forget to vote.

Deadline extended

It seems an unavoidable byproduct of being rabid readers and reviewers that we tend to be pushers ("you MUST read this!!"). If you have someone you're still working on who hasn't succumbed to the lure of the Cannonball Read yet, good news! The deadline to sign up has been extended to the end of January. If you know someone who's waffling, or procrastinating, or resisting your rhythmic chanting (one of us! one of us!), there's still time.

By the numbers

In case you didn't see how awesome we are, check out last year's CBR stats over on the mothership. We are reading/reviewing/commenting machines, and I can't wait to see how we do this year.

You never know who's listening...

Sometimes we say nice things (or mean things...gulp) and the authors actually pay attention! There's a fan mail page on the blog where you can keep track of who's Tweeting back at us. (Including Judy Blume! Swoon.)

Don't forget to update your profile

To get full credit for your reviews, remember to go to your Profile tab to manually update the number of reviews you've posted. Be honest! If we all suddenly jump to 847 reviews in the first month, MsWas might get suspicious.

The Latest Posts

Mar 05, 2021 06:30 pm | Jake

The Yiddish Policemen’s Union is fairly easy to describe: an alternate history mystery tale set in a Jewish colony in Alaska that’s about to be handed over to the United States. But it’s so much more. This book pays homage to the great hardboiled traditions of the past but has a big beating heart in the middle. And it also functions as a hilarious and sad commentary on Jewish life post-World War II. I’m aware of how acclaimed Michael Chabon is but I’ve not had much […]

Mar 05, 2021 03:47 pm | Bothari43

Sharon Shinn is always dependable. I know that doesn’t sound like high praise, but sometimes you just need something solid that you know you’ll enjoy, and this fit the bill. She’s got good characters, interesting (if sometimes a little unoriginal) plots, and happy endings (and terrible covers, good god!). Zoe lives with her father in a tiny town far from the capital city. Her father used to be advisor to the king, but after a disagreement and falling out, he was exiled and ran away […]

Mar 05, 2021 03:23 pm | BlackRaven

Aster and the Mixed-Up Magic is a cute and fun graphic novel. However, it is definitely the sequel to Aster and the Accidental Magic. To help you understanding the pieces of this puzzle, you really should read the first book to understand the twists and turns of this section one. Thom Pico is continuing the misadventures of one gal named Aster. Forced to move to the middle of nowhere for her mother’s work, Aster learns that there is magic in dem darn hills…and dogs and […]

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