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We are totally huge on Twitter, y'all


The authors are noticing our reviews in ever-increasing numbers (all catalogued on our Fan Mail page). We've gotten so many lately, for this issue of Cannon Fodder, each section is going to spotlight a Tweet from an author (or illustrator, or even publisher!), just as a reminder about how great the work you're doing is (until we run out). One of them even got two comments (an author and an illustrator). Stay tuned at our Twitter hashtag, #cbr9, for surely continued awesomeness. 

Q&A with a Cannonballer: Lollygagger A's the Q's


How many times have you participated in CBR?

I started with CBR 5; that year I read 53 books. This year I’m hoping to hit the double cannonball for the first time.

Has being a participant changed the way you read? If so, how?

Oh for sure. It’s changed the way I read but I think it’s changed me as person a bit, too. It’s gotten me to try out genres and books that I probably would have overlooked, and I’ve learned from those. The sheer volume of books I’m reading has helped me learn about topics that interest me. It’s made me become a regular (like, at least weekly if not more often) patron of our local indie bookstore.

Here’s how I think about CBR: When I was a kid I read ALL THE TIME. I lost that during college; joining CBR and this community felt like rediscovering part of myself.

Lollygagger, continued »

#CannonBookClub: Recap and reminder

Cannonballers discussed Life Moves Pretty Fast: The Lessons We Learned from Eighties Movies by Hadley Freeman last month, and were, as always, thoughtful and respectful. The discussions are always thought-provoking even for those of us who may not have read the book. Next up, Non-Western Literary Fiction on September 13. Voting for the next selection will be soon, so keep tabs on Facebook group or #cannonbookclub to see what our options will be. 



Rumble in the stats

If I'm reading this right, ingres77 has discovered that vel veeter has hit reviewing robot badkittyuno's record of 263 posts in a year.  Except, you know, it's JULY. So who knows what the rest of the year will bring! Will there be resting on laurels for veeter? I'm guessing no. Congratulations, and keep up the good work! 



Donation time

Heads up, American Cancer Society! One hundred and fifty Cannonball Bucks comin' atcha from our lovely and devoted community, bringing the total this year to $300. Thank you, everyone!


We're going to have to make this a recurring feature

Cannonballers writing books! Is there anything better? Cannonballer xoxoxoe (aka Elizabeth Periale), a participant since Cannonball Read 3, has just published Unfinished: A Graphic Novel of Marilyn Monroe. The reviews are already coming in (don't forget yours, if you were a lucky recipient.) Congratulations, Elizabeth! 


CBR Style Tips: a couple of things about tagging from MsWas

After you type in the first few letters of the tag you want to add, you should see a list below the field of tags that other Cannonballers have already used. Look at that list and if the one you want is there, click that tag and then select Add. It's better to use the same tags that others have used, for organizational purposes and to optimize our site in search engines.

This came up during Pride month, when I was looking for books to honor that month. There are quite a few tag variations for LGBT topics, so I'd like to have everyone try to tag with "LGBTQ" when publishing related posts. Of course you can add other tags, but as long as LGBTQ is in there, then all of our posts should come up in that category.

As always, check out our FAQs for some good tips. Thanks and Happy Reading -- Mswas



Stuff We're Reading

Superhero Renaissance Faire: emmalita reviews 1602

Jul 11, 2017 11:53 pm
Someone at Marvel overindulged in mead and thought what if the whole Marvel Universe were set in Elizabethan times and what if we got Neil Gaiman to write it? Wouldn’t that be great? Oh fine, that’s not what happened. The whole idea came to Gaiman while he was wandering around Venice. It’s an interesting curiosity with some good stuff and at least one hugely problematic thing. It is 1602. Queen Elizabeth is near the end of her reign, the Inquisition is active in Spain, James is in Scotland waiting to take the English throne, and the weather is very strange. […]
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That’s about it: I knew what I was doing-it’s really what being a professional means.: vel veeter reviews A Month in the Country

Jul 11, 2017 07:57 pm
This is a perfect little novel. It’s about a recently returned Great War vet whose wife left him when he got back taking a job restoring a mural in a small North Country Vicarage. It was written in the 1970s by an older writer and so it has that nice flavor of remembering a time long past and being able to write about it in the frank, stark honest terms not always available at the time. Birkin shows up in the North during a torrential downpour without a place to stay, being constantly reminded (without prompting) that he’s paid by […]
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Second CBR9 Donation to the American Cancer Society

Jul 11, 2017 07:28 pm
I’m happy to announce our second CBR9 donation to  The American Cancer Society for Cannonball Read 9, in the amount of $150! That brings our total for the year so far to $300. Find out what else you can do to help our mission to fight cancer.  
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Meta Mystery!: ElCicco reviews The Magpie Murders

Jul 11, 2017 06:45 pm
Here’s your 2017 beach read. It’s a murder mystery set within a murder mystery, a meta-mystery, if you will, that peers with a gimlet eye at both the process of writing and the publishing industry. This book is great fun to read and stocked full of characters who draw you in and/or repulse you. Both mysteries will keep the reader firmly planted in his/her seat until all whodunnits have been revealed in a most satisfactory way. The novel opens with Susan Ryeland just home from a business trip and ready to dive into the latest installment of the Atticus Pund […]
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The night may be dark and full of terrors, I thought, but I’ve got a big stick.: borisanne reviews Foxglove Summer

Jul 11, 2017 06:20 pm
Ben Aaronovitch did a really smart thing with Foxglove Summer, which was to de-escalate, take it down a few notches, and bring us back to basics. I complained after Broken Homes that things were getting too complicated and also sort of repetitive. Foxglove Summer is a breath of wonderfully Peter Grant-laden fresh air. When you study Shakespeare, at some point or another, you get to the idea of the Green World. My college advisor was deeply in favor of Northrup Frye’s theory, and I have been indoctrinated for life, it would seem, because I can’t help but apply this concept […]
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