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First over the finish line!

First to 52, badkittyuno is a Cannonball Champ! Judging by the Leaderboard, she's not going to be a solo champion for long. (Don't forget to update your count in the Profile section to make sure the Leaderboard has your latest numbers.)

Fifty-two reviews in two and a half months is a lot of words. Let's see if badkittyuno has anything left to say about life, the universe, and everything. 

Q: You're at 52 reviews and it's only March. Is this your competitive Cannonball spirit, or have you always read so quickly and voraciously?

A: I have always read like this. In school, I was the kid getting yelled at for reading under her desk while the teacher was talking. I read while walking home, during car trips, at the dinner table, wherever I could. In college, I majored in history because my two favorites things were reading and writing reports. I am the world's biggest dork. Now, I listen to audiobooks during my lunch-time runs as well as during my hour-long commute, which adds up to a few a month. And I usually read for an hour or two before bedtime each night.

I will say that participating in the CBR has made me more likely to read new books -- I used to reread the same ones over and over (I have had to replace certain Stephen King and Neil Gaiman novels from wearing them out). But reading y'all's reviews and recommendations (plus my rediscovery of the magic of the library) has me seeking out new material as much as possible. Maybe one of these years I'll devote myself to rereading all those paperbacks that I've been planning to revisit one of these days.

Q: How many times have you participated in CBR?

A: I'm trying to remember...I think I started it in 2013. I read 101 books that year. Then 131 in 2014, then 260 last year. I started my new job with the new commute and time to run at lunch mid-way through 2014, so I guess we can see the increase there! I've also started reading a lot more memoirs over the last couple years (thanks to Caitlin_D) which can usually be consumed in one night.

Read the rest of her interview on the group blog.

Charming chatters

Cannonballers came together earlier this month for the year's first book club, reading the romance The Bollywood Bride by Sonali Dev. Thank you to all who participated, and we're looking forward to future clubbing through different genres. Keep an eye out next month to vote for the sci fi book club pick, which will be in June.

This month's formatting tip

Book titles, movie titles, newspapers, blog's hard to keep track of which gets what textual treatment. Since we're mostly writing about books in our little corner of the internet (The Internet? teh interwebz?), we'll only ask you to remember one: book titles get italicized. Harry Potter the character is a marvelous hero and also sometimes a teenage dumbass. Harry Potter the book series has brought delight to millions. Check out the rules for italicizing other types of works at Grammarly.

Forgot your password?

Having trouble keeping track of your 9,837,294.2 usernames and passwords? Here's a hint for your CBR username, if you've locked yourself out: your username is your email address, NOT your Cannonball name. We can't help you with the password, though. (Psst - it's probably love, sex, secret, or god.) Read the FAQs for other tips and info.


First (hopefully) book giveaway of the year

Holly Seddon, author of Try Not to Breathe, reached out to CBR and donated three autographed books. The lucky recipients were scootsa1000, DataAngel, and badkittyuno. We're looking forward to seeing what they thought, and hopefully to hearing from more authors looking for fair, unbiased, and brilliant reviews in the future.

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