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March 2019

MsWas's Message Corner

Greetings Cannonballers,

I hope you’ve seen all of the great Good Omens promo material out there, like the official trailer, Tori Preston’s article on Pajiba about the revelations from the SXSW panel, not to mention the other promos at SXSW like the choir of nuns,  adorable hellhounds, and the riders of the apocalypse. And if you haven’t already, you can follow Neil Gaiman on Twitter and Instagram for more Good Omens goodies. I'm so psyched for our first #CannonBookClub of the year! And faintingviolet has great things planned for our clubs later this year. Find out more and cast your vote!

I got a great question recently asking whether it’s ok to review a book you did not finish, and I’ll tell you the answer: yes! Yes, you can review something you didn’t finish. Be up front in the review that you haven’t finished it, and tell us why (make sure it’s 250+ words). For CBR we trust that you’re going to write a good faith review. And honestly, telling people why you ditched it, and warning them away, can sometimes make the best reviews.

Keep those questions coming, so I can keep adding to the FAQ. I love to hear from you; and if there are any problems with the site or otherwise, I want to know.

Take care and Happy Reading!


Q&A with a Cannonballer: xoxoxo e 


Has CBR changed the way you read?

It's made me feel part of a community - and I love the idea of so many of us reading, reading, reading for such a great cause - and sharing opinions. I'm all about opinions. I also like reading other Cannonballer reviews - of books or genres I might not have considered reading before.


See what else xoxoxo e has to say »



Upcoming first quarter donation

Talking about quarterly donations sounds so corporate, doesn't it? Due to the fiduciary stability of the aforementioned nonprofit organization and the enthusiastic participation and support of its content creators and users, we are on track to make a $150 donation to the American Cancer Society for the first quarter of 2019.

There's still time to increase that number, if you donate before Sunday, March 31!



Good Omens 


The first #CannonBookClub of the year will be May 17-18, and we are reading Good Omens, the masterpiece by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. And bonus! We're going to follow that up with a Facebook Live event in the group chat June 14-15, discussing the hotly anticipated TV adaptation, which premieres on Amazon on May 31. If you're not already part of the Facebook group, join us!


Coming soon for #CannonBookClub


Good Omens has inspired us, with its beloved book and soon-to-be-beloved show. For the fall book club, we'll read a classic WITH its adaptation/retelling. So this one will have two books and two discussions, the first (classic) on August 16-17 and the second (retelling) on September 20-21. Find out more and cast your vote! The survey closes Monday, April 1, so be sure to share your thoughts this week. 


Survey results

Thank you to everyone who completed our recent newsletter survey! You don't have to wait for a survey to let us know what you think; contact us any time if you have questions or suggestions. It sounds like some people are still having occasional trouble with newsletters going to spam folders, so make sure and are in your address book, so you never miss any of the excitement!

Style Tip: uncategorized


If you're one of those who saves a review as a draft and then has to wait and publish until your brat cat mascot is feeling photogenic (hypothetically), and you forget to select a category when you go in and publish, Wordpress automatically checks "uncategorized" as the category. Or if you've got all your ducks in a row and publish immediately, but still forget to check a category, you get uncategorized. 

Even if you go back in and correct it later with the appropriate category, you still have to deselect "uncategorized." Remember your categories and tags! That helps people find your reviews, and helps with interesting analytics and stats later on. 


Stuff We're Reading

Blonde Assassin: Jake's review of The Blonde

Nov 27, 2022 07:46 pm
The fun thing about this book is that few of the individual subplots work and yet, Anna Godbersen creates such a vivid re-imagination of Marilyn Monroe as a person that I really didn’t care. Monroe is often depicted—mostly by but not limited to men (looking at you, Joyce Carol Oates)—as a wide-eyed naifish mentally damaged sex doll. I have to imagine there is more to her life than going around speaking in innuendo and substance-induced rage but rarely have I seen this depicted. Blonde is the latest […]
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I feel like a Jerk, but I didn’t like it: KimMiE"'s review of The Pleasure of My Company

Nov 27, 2022 04:53 pm
Steve Martin is a talented guy. He’s had a successful stand-up comedy and acting career since the 1970s; he’s written/co-written funny screenplays like The Jerk, Three Amigos, and L.A. Story; he’s published novels and written a Broadway musical; he’s an avid art collector and he plays a mean banjo; he’s won five Grammys, an Emmy, and a host of other awards. Throw in that stint performing magic on Main Street in Disneyland and you can say he’s lived a highly successful life. So, I feel kind […]
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Greek Myths: A Retelling: Classic's review of Greek Myths: A Retelling

Nov 27, 2022 02:02 pm
I thought this was so good. The cover was fantastic and I loved that as I read this one (I bought this in hardcover yesterday at a local bookstore) the cover sparkled. Higgins does a great job of following Greek myths through many of its famous women, but they are all linked by the loom and their weave depicting some of the terrible things the gods and goddesses have done. We start off with Gaia and Uranus and how their offspring where the Titans. And […]
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Six of Crows (Six of Crows #1): Classic's review of Six of Crows

Nov 27, 2022 01:29 pm
Original short review: DNF at 14 percent. After the first few pages there was just too much info dumping and names for me to even focus. I loved the idea behind some people who have special abilities, but think that there wasn’t a good build up and I still can’t tell you who anyone is after Anya. Longer review: Did Not Finish at 14 percent. I feel bad about this one. So many people recommended this book to me since they thought it be right […]
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The Haunting of Alejandra: Classic's review of The Haunting of Alejandra

Nov 27, 2022 01:23 pm
Please note that I received this book via NetGalley. This did not affect my rating or review. Well this book packed a punch. We follow 30 something year old Alejandra. Recently moved from Texas to Philadelphia with her husband and three children, she feels adrift. You initially think that maybe Alejandra is suffering from post-partum depression. However, the book quickly moves that something seems to be haunting Alejandra. Telling her that she’s a bad mother, that her children would be better off with her, and […]
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