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September 2019

MsWas's Message Corner

Greetings Cannonballers,

Hope everyone's surviving through back to school and end of summer goings on. We've got #CannonBookClub at the end of this week - did you read a Sherlock Holmes adaptation? I shared a great adaptation last month, but if you're looking for a short but weird adaptation, check out the short story parody by John Lennon (yes, the Beatle), "The Singularge Experience of Miss Anne Duffield", available online at The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia. Lennon read a bunch of Holmes stories over a few weeks in Tahiti and then came up with the parody. You can catch him speaking about it briefly in this clip from a 1968 BBC interview.

I'm also working on a new look for the website for next year, so if you have any suggestions or comments on the current site, drop me a line!

Take care and Happy Reading!

Q&A with a Cannonballer: Fiat.Luxury

When you're feeling stressed or sad, what author, series, or genre helps you feel better? Why? 

This is hard -- I think just reading in general makes me feel better. If I had to choose, I'd say sci-fi, something that gets off this planet and far away from whatever my current situation is. I come back to reality feeling a little removed and refreshed, with a better perspective. In my last funk, I read The Freeze Frame Revolution, and it was a great tonic for my ills.


See what else Fiat.Luxury has to say »


CBR Bingo


The Bingoers are almost to 500 reviews already! You guys are amazing. Be sure to tag your posts with cbr11bingo (no quotes, no hashtags, no spaces) to make sure you get the credit, and check the September check-in post to make sure your numbers match. You can always email or jump into the comments on a recap post if you have questions.



The A Study in Scarlet #CannonBookClub was a lot of fun, and the Remix #CannonBookClub is shaping up to be a hoot as well. Read any adaptation of a Sherlock Holmes story, then join us this Friday and Saturday, September 20-21. Discussion topics and questions are up, so you can start your pondering early!


National Library Card Sign-up Month

Happy National Library Card Sign-up Month! Since 99.9% of Cannonballers likely already have a library card (or two or three), take this month to peer pressure your friends, neighbors, co-workers, children, and relatives to patronize their local library! Remember, libraries can be so much more than books (although that's the best part). I recently learned that my local library lets you check out passes to national parks! 

Banned Books Week

Celebrate your freedom to read during Banned Books Week (and all the time, really!) September 22-28. You can read one of 2018's 10 most challenged books, or go retro like Tennessee and read a wholesome classic like Harry Potter. Perfect Bingo fodder!


Pajiban Authors

The Pajiba writers aren’t the only writers in these parts. Debcapsfan enjoyed fellow Pajiban, Peter Vonder Haar’s debut novel, Lucky Town. A brother and sister P.I. team investigate their brother’s disappearance. It's listed as his first novel and the first in a series, so we can continue to support Peter for many moons. Congratulations, Peter! 

Uncategorized option getting demoted


Small update to the review process: if you don't select one of the categories, it will now default to Fiction rather than Uncategorized. This will help clean up our more than 1,000 uncategorized reviews, and hopefully make searching easier for those looking for something specific. You can always go back in and edit a category, if it shouldn't be listed as Uncategorized, or Fiction. And always remember to tag, categorize, and rate your reviews! 


Did you know we're on Pinterest now? We're at with Library Love, Book Club, Reading and CBR Review Boards and more. If you're interested in helping out the CBR volunteers as we pin our heart on our sleeves, please contact Mswas.


It's time for another donation to the American Cancer Society. Thanks for all your clicks, donations, and good vibes. We have now raised $325 to kick cancer's butt in 2019!

Stuff We're Reading

Shocking: Caesar's Wife's review of The Power

Jun 08, 2023 10:26 pm
The Power is actually about the reversal of power. What if the raw, physical power held within the bodies of men was overshadowed by the raw, electrical power generated within the bodies of women? Would this changing of the guards of power cause the scales to rebalance? Would it usher in world peace? Would women, the mothers of all, take on a caring and nurturing role and reset the world to be a functioning matriarchy? Or would power redistribute to bring untold instability? Would this […]
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You Can Call Me Fred, If You’re Nasty: elderberrywine's review of Chéri and The End of Chéri

Jun 08, 2023 06:57 pm
Talk about your groomers.  Fin du siècle France, and the world of the grandes horizontales.  Léa, the epitome of her genre, has taken on the son of one of her compatriots, to tutor him to please a future wife.  She is in her fifties, and he is but fifteen, but that is as it should be.  He is devastatingly beautiful, and his mother trusts her friend to bring him up to par for the matrimonial market, shall we say.  Alas. after six years, he is […]
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Putting color back in the world: BlackRaven's review of Sasha & the City of Whispers

Jun 07, 2023 04:48 pm
Back in February 2023 a book called Sasha & the City of Whispers came out. I did not learn of it until May 2023 when a customer ordered a copy. Finding a readable copy, I read this picture book by Sara Van Horn. Now, the surface story is okay. A girl called Sasha, learns she is not good at doing the tasks her community are tasked with doing. You must always work, work and work. No time for anything else. Their town is loud, no […]
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Read them book!: BlackRaven's review of Tzimmes for Tzipporah, Just One Little Light

Jun 07, 2023 04:31 pm
It’s time for another picture book round up review. This time there are two books I enjoyed reading, but did not feel I could honestly do a full review of. Both stories are sweet, but are not necessarily for everyone.  Are you looking for a new book about getting out and about on the farm? Well Tzimmes for Tzipporah is a new book (or will be in September 2023) dealing with a farm during harvest time. It is written by Megan Hoyt and Christine Battuz […]
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Welcome to OZ: BlackRaven's review of Tin Man

Jun 07, 2023 04:05 pm
I was looking at some online reader copies the other day. I found one by Justin Madson. And I then saw they had a first book, Tin Man. Or maybe it started another way.  I am not sure, because I do not remember even seeing the book that made me want to request this book from my library.  But regardless of how it happened to be found, I found myself with a copy of the Tin Man graphic novel. When reading about it, I was […]
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