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Q&A with a Cannonballer: see what alwaysanswerb has to say

How many times have you participated in CBR?

CBR4 was my first year, making this my sixth!

Has being a participant changed the way you read? If so, how?

Yes -- I actually read now. It's a bit of an exaggeration, but allow me to set the stage for you: I hadn't properly read for pleasure since before high school, an idyllic time when I threw myself fully into extroversion and a high school boyfriend of questionable compatibility. Suddenly, upon breaking with that guy almost a decade later, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands and not enough Tumblr in the world to fill it. And then, there were books! They had been there all along, but I recalled, dimly, that I could read them. It was great! Less great is reviewing them, which I still approach with only tepid enthusiasm. I wouldn't have continued to do it if it weren't for the incomparable CBR community. Social reading! It's a thing!

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#CannonBookClub: Don't forget the June 14 meeting

The discussion topics are up for the June 14 meeting about Life Moves Pretty Fast: The Lessons We Learned from Eighties Movies by Hadley Freeman. Look for the book club post around 2 p.m. EST, but feel free to comment there or on the Facebook group throughout the day. If you're tweeting or instagramming along, don't forget to use #cannonbookclub. Read, ponder, participate - we'd love to know what you thought of our nonfiction book club selection.


The Pajiba Love timing shuffle


In case you hadn't noticed, Pajiba Love has been published later lately, usually around 10 p.m. EST. Cannonball Read is still a part of that, so if you miss an evening's post, you can always check their archive page



Freebie follow-up


Don't forget, if you got one of the free copies of the Lawless Lands giveaway, we'd love to know what you thought. Melanir didn't love all the stories, but liked the collection overall. And I think her review should get five stars just for the sentence "I have a soft spot for jackalopes." 


More Cannonballers joining the Published Author ranks


Cannonballer Alexis wrote a book! Check out Precious Little Sleep, The Complete Baby Sleep Guide for Modern Parents, which will be published July 10, but is available for preorder now. There's even a podcast and a website! Congratulations, Alexis!



Fan mail

Have you checked our Fan Mail page recently? It's always fun to get a response from an author, like when Fyrehaar made an author of erotica blush (!!!). There's usually lots going on at our Twitter hashtag, #cbr9, if you can't get enough of Cannonball. 

CBR Style Tips: make sure your links are complete


When you copy the link from Amazon to paste into your review, make sure you get the whole thing, https:// included. That surreptitious little s is important for security and things. 




Stuff We're Reading

That Night the bad thing happened: kfishgirl reviews That Night

Jun 12, 2017 01:38 pm
So my sister recommended this book to me.  Most of my friends and family know that I like to read, so I get many recommendations.  I just have a hard time remembering who recommended what book to me since I’m usually reading four books at a time.  Anyway, I remember my sister told me to read this one because she saw it on my counter and said “oh, you’re reading that book I recommended to you”.  Stunning intellect I’ve got 🙂 Anyway, for some reason it’s taken me two months to read this book.  It’s totally not because of the […]
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A great (imo) twist that I did not see coming: kfishgirl reviews A Criminal Defense

Jun 12, 2017 01:38 pm
Ok guys.  I consider myself to be pretty intelligent.  Like I totally know words, and even how to use them!  I can name all of the James Bond movies, and who played Bond in each of them.  Additionally, I’m a great Googler.  Now that I’ve laid out my case (ooh it’s a legal book – unintentional pun!) for my unparalleled wit, I want to say that I did not see the twist in this story coming.  And it wasn’t one of those out of left field twists for the sake of being twisty.  Once it happened (after I closed my […]
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Enlightenment Series: Lane reviews Provoked, Beguiled, Enlightened

Jun 12, 2017 01:28 pm
I decided to review the whole series on this one (because what is the point of reading a great first novel if the second book sucks?). This series takes place in 1820 and 1822 Edinburgh and London. David is the son of a tenant farmer that has moved to the big city to be a solicitor.  After watching the execution of two of his clients, he meets a wealthy man and has a quick but beautiful encounter in a back alley.  This begins a bittersweet affair that seems doomed from the start. I don’t want to give too much of […]
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Don’t break my rules, please.: vel veeter reviews If we were villains

Jun 12, 2017 07:18 am
So this book has a few problems that I will get to. Here’s what it does well: the scenes describing the experience of being on stage are good. The writing, in general, is quite good. The scenes describing the types of activities that happen at theater conservatory are good. These parts remind me a lot of My Dinner with Andre where Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory meet up and talk about among other things, experimental theater.  One of the things that is really neat is casting a performance of a play but not having any group rehearsals so that the actors […]
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Little Jordan, Little Jordan: vel veeter reviews Little Jordan

Jun 12, 2017 07:11 am
This is a quiet, ethereal little book written as a novel, but by a poet. And like a lot of novels written by poets, impression, effect, language, atmosphere, are privileged over plot. So at just over 100 pages (maybe less if I can remember which exact page it started on), this book is small in stature and impression. I think this book would have been a love it or leave it kind of thing, love it or hate it, but the story is so in offensive, it comes across as a series of small moments that don’t come across strong […]
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