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Don't We Just Love Emotions!!

They add spice, fleshing out the spectrum of feelings of living.
We love their ethos, their passion, their need for expression YET their power can be frightening, depressing, confusing.....and tricky by creating a hunger we think can be satisfied with food.


Six tips to help determine if hunger is physical or not.

Emotional Hunger

  • Comes on in an instant - with an overwhelming urgency. Physical hunger doesn't usually demand, "I need food right now!", it sneaks up on you.
  • Craves specific comfort foods, e.g. usually the refined sugars and refined grains kind - that provide an instant rush. It sends the message you NEED cheesecake or chips. Now. Physical hunger calls out, " I'm about to expire here, sure could use a spinach omelette, or loaded salad, or chicken & stir-fry - even granola & fruit sounds good!"
  • Often leads to eating a whole bag of chips or a pint of ice cream without so much as giving it a thought - and probably not really savouring it. You're usually more aware of what you're doing if you're eating in response to physical hunger. 
  • Wants you to eat - and keep eating - often until you're uncomfortable. Stuffed. Physical hunger usually is satisfied when you are comfortably full
  • Doesn't have a growling hunger pang gnawing in your stomach. It's more tuned in to things like crunchy, salty, other aspects of texture and smell. 
  • Often leads to regret, guilt or shame: negative emotions that tend to get stuck on the "repeat" button in our brain. Physical hunger is nutritionally satisfied..
Three Steps Towards "Eating for Healthy Happiness"  
#1 Start being aware,  recognizing it as emotional eating 

#2 Being mentally prepared for alternative non-food solutions to meet that hunger
  • phone your grandkids or kids and treat yourself with a "visit"
  • make yourself a cup of a special tea you've been saving for such a time
  • get outside for a walk or if you work in an office building, do a short stretching session and walk the stairs to the next level
  • pull out a handwork project or read a few chapters of a book (even in the middle of the day)
  • go to the florist and buy yourself one Gerber daisy
#3 As you gradually "read" the signs and meet the emotional hunger with ways that feed your emotions, you will be developing that habit and become stronger in determining between the two kinds of hunger. 
Embrace your discovery how you are emotionally wired.           xoxo
I don't think it's a good use of energy to be mad at our emotions! Review the tips above, and if they're really messing around with your eating habits, pop over to my website and connect for a chat towards supporting yourself through this. 

I would love to hear from you - see you next Tuesday!

Love and gratitude,

Holistic Health Coach 
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