"The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house." Audre Lorde 

..sudden movements (which I attribute to NYC rats), unexpected loud noises, writing titles and blurbs for retreats, and planning my future. 

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, we haven't connected in a while, Dear Ones! Part of that, is because I've been busy in the garden: planting a bunch of seeds, tending to them, and now that they are in full bloom, they are ready to be harvested and gifted to you!  (Okay, that was an incredibly long metaphor about gardening, but we're growing our first tomato babies, so....)

This last year and a half has exacerbated the mental health of some, as the tools and techniques that we've used for years seem no match to a global pandemic.  For others,  the experiences of anxiety, fear, and grief have become unwelcome guests that keeps putting their feet on the coffee table!  And for those of us whose ancestors went through heroic efforts for us to exist, we are feeling into our first chakra and our limbic brain that are wired to fight for our survival. 


How have you been supporting your mental health over these last 15 months? Would love to hear from you on the socials where you can find me on IG @TheRealBookerProject or follow me on my new Facebook page....I'll be taking down my personal FB page soon. 
Many of us face social anxiety, worry about our careers, or our loved ones, money, the environment, politics…you name it, someone is anxious about it. I’ve sat with Dan Harris and the awesome folks at @tenpercenthappier to talk about ways we tame anxiety by understanding what it is, how we experience it, and ways we can work with it in meditation practice. The brilliant Dr. Luana Marques, an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, rounds out this team. 

Join the FREE 10-day Taming Anxiety Challenge on the Ten Percent Happier app, which begins on Monday, June 21!!!
The thing about anxiety, is that we all experience it, but we think that we are the only ones and therefore something must be broken inside of us. We might interpret our feelings of fear, anxiety, grief, sadness as a personal failing, but it's actually the failing of our society that keeps creating these false narratives, that we need to go it alone. Check out a few words I wrote for 10% Happier's newsletter.  
And if the newsletter and 10 Day Taming Anxiety Challenge aren't enough, you can listen to Dan and I chatting it up on the 10% Happier Podcast! Just a couple of buddies hanging out and talking about collective liberation, my radical hysterectomy, and the relationship between systemic racism and anxiety!  This drops (I believe!) on June 21. 

***Need a bit more?  You can always go back to my first podcast with Dan back in 2017, or read my piece The Grief Inside from last June. 
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