URSTRONG Newsletter - October 2016
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Our evolution to URSTRONG

As an organization, our mission is simple – we want to positively impact the next generation with the gift of friendship skills. We believe strongly that enhancing the social-emotional wellbeing of children is a cornerstone of their future success and our goal is to reach as many children around the world as possible.

 As a business, we are always trying to avoid the “because we’ve always done it that way! trap and this past year we came to a surprising conclusion – if we were starting our company today, we would focus on the development of co-educational programming.

QuickTip: Don't Get Caught in a Friendship Sandwich

Sometimes, middles are awesome!

Group hugs.
Movie theaters.


But, some middles are NOT awesome…like being in a situation where someone says something unkind about a friend of yours. We call that a Friendship Sandwich!

How do you get out of THAT kind of middle? Want to know the secret?


Helping Kids in Central Canada

We are so excited to announce that URSTRONG has finally come to Canada's Prairie Provinces. Meaghen Johnston, Ph.D., is a strengths-based counsellor, social worker, and educator in the field of child and adolescent wellbeing.
With over 16 years of practice as a clinical social worker and assistant professor, Meaghen has extensive experience in strengthening the resiliency of children and family systems.
As an educator & mother, Meaghen is committed to enhancing capacities in children, youth, & adults to promote optimal growth and development of social-emotional skills through her role as a Licensed Presenter.
Learn our Language of Friendship at Triple Flip in St Vital Centre
Girls in Grades 3 to 6 + Parents
Saturday, November 13th
To book workshops with Meaghen in Manitoba or Saskatchewan, please email Check out these pics of Meaghen presenting workshops at schools in Los Angeles, California just last week!

#F101Summit Professional Development

We are very excited to be releasing URSTRONG’s new Friendology 101 curriculum! This skills-based SEL (social-emotional learning) programming teaches girls and boys a new “language” that they can connect with; giving them a voice that allows them to articulate their experiences and get the help they need to foster healthy friendships.

Friendology 101 now includes:

  • A brand-new co-educational curriculum, for students in grades 3 through 6, that has been extended to 8 sessions packed with new activities and lesson plans;
  • A new program consisting of 4 sessions specifically designed for students in grades 1 and 2;
  • A new professional development model, the Friendology 101 Summit, that provides educators with a full day of training from URSTRONG founder, Dana Kerford.

If you're an educator who's passionate about wellbeing, SEL, and Positive Education, then you won't want to miss these professional development opportunities to be trained in our Friendology 101 curriculum.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Friday, November 4th
Click here to learn more
*Deadline to Register is Friday, October 28*

Sydney, NSW, Australia
Friday, March 24th
Click here to learn more
Registration Now Open!



GELORUP, WA, Australia


PERTH, WA, Australia

SYDNEY, NSW, Australia



Check out this beautiful note we received from a parent after attending a Language of Friendship workshop with her daughter: 

She said, "It obviously sank in as my daughter had an issue over the weekend with what I would call a very toxic "friend" who is hanging out with one of her besties. The bestie asked if she wanted to walk around together with her and the toxic friend (who the bestie knows hates my daughter). My daughter kindly refused the invitation stating that she didn't feel comfortable putting herself in that situation and walked away feeling very proud of herself. I'm sure the words "Friendship Ninja" came out of her mouth! Amazing that such a short seminar can have such a profound affect. I'm sure she'll be using her new skills at school this week and now feels equipped to deal with anything!"
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