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Dear <<First Name>>,

My husband Jon has been working on an MBA for the past year. While this has meant few Saturdays to just relax and weeknights dedicated to homework, it has also meant lots of new ideas for us and our kids to chat about. While they aren't really into systems thinking or financial analysis, we were all intrigued as he was telling us about his recent group project for strategic management where they analyzed aspects of Frito Lays (they globally sell chips and salty snacks products). He explained that one thing that gives Frito Lay an advantage (besides having the ubiquitous Cheetos brand) is that they are owned by PepsiCo. They have a built in advantage of sugary soft drink + salty snack. This can help them in marketing, pricing, and creating a unique marketshare. 

I then asked him "So what do you think is SEND's unique market position?" Without hesitation his response was "a diverse workforce." Plenty of other organizations talk about this, but SEND is one of the few that has continued to move forward and make significant headway in the framework of "From everywhere to everywhere." Having caught on to the value of international mobilization decades ago, our membership includes people sent from at least 10 different countries and even more ethnic backgrounds.

His response encouraged me in many ways, but especially since one of our SEND U goals for 2019 is to revamp our Multicultural Teaming Curriculum. How do we leverage our multicultural organization to maximize the benefits? We have made great strides at understanding our own culture, our host culture and our teammates' various cultural backgrounds. But sadly increased awareness often only leads to stereotypes (see David Livermore's article Why You Need to Stop Teaching Cultural Differences.) How do we stay curious and humble and not let our cursory awareness fool us into thinking we understand more than we do? We want to move the conversation from awareness to strategies. How do we apply what we know to our specific circumstances? And most importantly how do we leverage our unique make-up to achieve our ultimate goal of reaching the unreached? Email Beth with suggestions or ideas you would like to see utilized in this area.

A new home for the SEND U wiki

As of April 15, 2019, the new home for the SEND U wiki. Please bookmark it in your browser. You can still find the wiki by typing in, but if you've saved a bookmark to the Crosswired wiki, you'll want to replace it with this new location.

All the content on the new wiki is the same as the old wiki or has been updated. About 90% of the content of the wiki is available to everyone, even without a login and password. Anyone from SEND International can have full access to all wiki pages, files, and editing at no cost. If you would like to have full access, please contact the wiki administrator.

Check out the newly updated page on podcasts for something new to listen to. Christian Bender has a few new recommendations on that page, including a search engine for podcasts. Do you have a favorite podcast you would like to add to this list? Send your favorites to the wiki administrator or type in your suggestion in the discussion box at the bottom of the page.

We have just added a new "Spiritual Formation" page to the wiki. SEND U invites you to share your suggestions for good books or other resources that have helped you in your daily communion with Christ.

Canadians in Missions
And speaking of our international work force, check out the latest edition of Evangelical Missions Quarterly (EMQ) as it focuses exclusively on Canadians doing missions. In the editor's words,  "With this edition, it is our hope that Canadians will be encouraged by current missiological thinking in their particular circle, and non-Canadians will gain a deeper appreciation for the contributions Canadians are making to global missions." It includes articles by two of our esteemed colleagues. Mags shares "Improving Traction: 20 Questions to Advance Mobilization Based on the Canadian Evangelical Missions Engagement Study (CEMS) Research and we get a sneak peek at some of Warren's sabbatical work in his article on Communicating Effectively Across the Distance Divide. You will need to login to Missio Nexus to access EMQ, but it is free for all SEND members. Contact Marcie Williamson if you are having trouble logging in to the Missio Nexus website.
SEND U is busy planning for the second Muslim Consultation December 9-14 in Manila. If you are working in a Muslim context, we want to see you there. Contact Ken or Beth for additional information and invitation criteria.
Keep learning,

Ken Guenther                                                                                      SEND U Director based in Kiev, Ukraine

Beth Eckstein
SEND U Assistant Director based in Taichung, Taiwan


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