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When was the last time you had a really good conversation? What made it impactful for you? The ingredients of a good conversation are essentially the same to a good coaching conversation. Active listening, powerful questions and some type of insight or new discovery are key ingredients to both a regular conversation and a coaching conversation. While many of you are familiar with the COACH model we train in through Creative Results Management, I thought this might be a great time to review what coaching is and when and how it might be beneficial.

According to Keith Webb, coaching is simply an ongoing, intentional conversation that empowers a person or group to fully live out God's calling. We use this definition in our CRM training which helps distinguish coaching from just chatting with someone about life goals. It is something that happens repeatedly and has a focused agenda - an agenda that is set by you the client! In my personal experience, most people come with a foggy idea of how they can solve their problem but have not had an intentional conversation to help get them to the other side of "stuck."  Coaching helps an individual or a group figure out what things they need in order to do their best work; the work that God has called them to do.

Why would someone work with a coach? There are countless reasons, but here are some of the most frequent I've encountered:
  • Transition. Walking through transition is unsettling and using a coach during this time can help you process what God is doing in you internally as you transition.
  • Feeling stuck. Many people find a coach when they cannot figure out a life or ministry situation.
  • Accountability. People like knowing someone is going to ask them what progress they made and enjoy the affirmation when their goals are accomplished!
  • Achieving a goal. Often we do not know how to break down our big goal into reasonable chunks. Coaching helps you make progress.
What about you? Have you considered working with a coach but have not made the move? SEND U has a pool of coaches ready to have those meaningful conversations to empower you to do the work God has called you to do. Not sure if coaching is for you? Head over here for a blog post on this topic.

Looking for training in coaching? The Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders provides great opportunities both to experience coaching and to be trained in coaching skills. 

The IO Asia Team is hosing this three day workshop in Taiwan March 25-27, 2019. 

Join us for this interactive, fast paced training that will help you develop the leadership skills you need to solve problems, reach goals and develop others. The COACH model is a radically different approach to leading people. Rather than provide answers, leaders ask questions to draw out what God has already put into others. During this 3-day workshop we will work on coaching skills such as solving problems without having all the answers, asking powerful questions that stimulate creative thinking, empowering others with a less directive style, and supporting others to take forward-moving action. Questions? Contact
Beth or Abigail Jellel for information.

Personal Growth: God's Process of Developing a Leader
(and that includes you!)

An effective tool that many coaches use is helping clients map out their development journey. The Calling Journey by Tony Stoltzfus is a practical tool highlighted here that parallels the life of Joseph. Using his life as an example, Tony then shows you how to map your own life journey with a timeline builder. This wiki page also includes resources like book recommendations, websites and articles. Visit for these and other tools.
SEND U is still looking for a volunteer to help with our wiki administration. If you like details, a little technology, and administration and have 5-10 hours a month to give, this could be the perfect fit for you! Please email the SEND U Director if you are interested.
Keep learning,

Beth Eckstein
SEND U Interim Director based in Taichung, Taiwan

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