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Latest news

  • Pennant additions and adjustments
  • First Friday BBQ and drinks
  • Summer of Tennis

Upcoming events

  • Women's Handicap Singles
  • Handicap Singles Division 2 (h'caps 45-60)
  • Bartlett Cup (HRTC v BTC)
  • Retirees Tournament
  • Interstate and international events

Recent results

  • B-Grade Pennant Grand Final
  • HRTC Class 5 Doubles Club Championships
  • Clothier Cup & Limb Trophy
  • Victorian Amateur Championships
  • Tasmanian Amateur Championships

From the Committee

  • Doubles safety
  • Court attire
  • Court shoes

Latest news

Pennant additions and adjustments

B-Pennant was introduced last year and has rapidly become one of the most fiercely competitive and active, regular competitions at the club. Now the time has come to expand on that success and tidy up a few things at the same time.

We are going to make a concerted effort to bring consistency to, and simplify the naming structure of all tournaments throughout the year. The first step towards that is to revert to a single class structure, the obvious choice being our Club Championship C1-7 system. We will continue to adjust based on feedback and any issues we encounter.

The Tennis Subcommittee has taken the opportunity to take a broader look at how the member-base is catered for in competitive tennis. The result is that we are happy to announce the introduction of a C4-5 Pennant to fill the gap between Social Pennant and C3-4 Pennant.

Pennant list and distribution

Pennant Name Handicap range Days/week
C1-2 0-30 1
C3-4 30-45 1
C4-5 45-60 1
Social Unrestricted 2

C4-5 Pennant

  • 2-person teams
  • Singles: first-to-8
  • Doubles first-to-6
  • 3 hour bookings
  • Round-robin with finals series

Can I join?

We are looking for members who are:
  • Handicap range: 45 - 60
  • Able to play 7-10pm week nights, 1 match every 1-2 weeks
  • The first season is restricted to 5 teams. The top-10 applicants will be accepted based on singles-handicap ranking.
I'd like to play C4-5 Pennant

Join the First Friday fun

Drinks & BBQ

The last First Friday was another roaring success and a great example of using the night to introduce fresh faces to the game and club. If you haven't been to one yet, make sure you mark Friday 5 July in your calendar. The match and Happy Hour bar start at 6 pm, followed by gourmet sausage sizzle at 7.

To assist with catering, please let us know if you will be coming to the BBQ by either signing up at the pro's desk or clicking the button below.

I'm coming to the BBQ

King of the Hill

Hi Highness, Graham Hyland (17) vs Nick Rooke (29)

The King of the Hill is a handicap singles challenge event, run on the first Friday of each month. Members with handicaps of 30 and below are encouraged to challenge, and the challenger with the lowest handicap will be invited to compete. The event is designed to give members the chance to watch some highly competitive, top-class, handicap tennis, and it hasn't disappointed.

Graham took down Justin last month in an impressive display of patience and control. This month we've lined up a newcomer, Nick Rooke to see how patient and controlled he really is.

Don't miss it!

Summer of Tennis

Following hosting the enormously successful Australian Open in January 2018 and the equally successful World Doubles Championship in January 2019, the HRTC is planning another exciting "summer of tennis" for January 2020. Two new events will be run in the first week of January: the Tasman Cup and the Summer Cup.

The Tasman Cup (3–5 January) is an open singles event, providing the world's best players heading to the Australian Open (7–13 January) with a perfect opportunity to acclimatise and tune up their skills.

Application Form
The Summer Cup (1–5 January) is a handicap doubles event for teams of three to six players. The format of the Summer Cup is modelled on Melbourne's popular Boomerang Trophy (11–25 January), which runs parallel with the Australian Open.
Enter your team now!

The week kicks off with a New Year's Eve cocktail party at the club to welcome the visiting players and concludes with a tournament dinner on Saturday night and the finals for both events on the Sunday.

Details will be circulated shortly, but make sure you put the dates in your calendar now.

Upcoming events

Women's Handicap Singles

6-7 July

Open to all female members

I'd like to play

Handicap Singles Division 2 (h’caps 45-60)

13-14 July

Open to all members with handicaps 45-60

I'd like to play

Bartlett Cup (HRTC v BTC)

20-21 July

Open to all members

I'd like to play

Retirees' Tournament

28 July

Open to all retired members

I'd like to play

Boomerang 2020 expressions of interest

11-25 January 2020

RMTC is now accepting expressions of interest in the 2020 Boomerang Trophy on 11–25 January 2020. Go to the RMTC website (Major Tournaments) for more information. A Hobart team, The Fugitives, won the title in 2018 against a tough field of over 200 players from around the world. HRTC's new Summer Cup competition will give local members and visiting players the perfect opportunity to hone their doubles play in the run-up to the Boomerang.

Register my interest in the Boomerang 2020

Interstate and international events

Event Date Location
Victorian Open 2–4 August 2019 Melbourne
Australian Amateur Masters 26–27 October 2019 Melbourne
Boomerang Trophy 11–25 January 2020 Melbourne

Recent Results

B Grade Pennant Grand Final

HRTC’s B Grade Pennant season drew to a close recently with a much-awaited Grand Final between our top two B Grade teams. It was a great night of tennis with both teams proving worthy of their finishing places at the end of the round robin season. The night came down to the final doubles match – with John McCormack and David Gadsby coming out victorious. Congratulations boys!
John McCormack def Graham Flower 8/5
Mark Bell def David Gadsby 8/0
John McCormack/David Gadsby def Graham Flower/Mark Bell 6/3

HRTC Class 5 Doubles Club Championships

Our 2019 Class 5 Doubles Club Championships for players with handicaps 50+ was played on June 23, with some fabulous tennis being played throughout the day.
There were plenty of close matches, but at the end of the day it was Hans Drielsma and Bob Brewer that would take out our 2019 title. Well done boys!


Christine Stirling/Phil Bowe def John Moores/Tim Wigmore 6/4 2/6 6/3
P Newlinds def Tom Roberts/Xavier Herbert w/o
Hans Drielsma/Bob Brewer def Christine Stirling/Phil Bowe 6/2 6/0
Final: Hans Drielsma/Bob Brewer def Peter Newlinds/Bruce Halliday 6/2 5/6 6/3

Clothier Cup & Limb Trophy 2019

The Clothier Cup and Limb Trophy just wrapped up after a week of the best junior tennis the world has to offer. Our very own Oliver Pridmore and Alex Fahey were accompanied by 2 Melbourne juniors and Paul Rosedale halfway across the world to sunny Manchester.

Australia had a rough trot, losing both tournaments but played admirably versus some significant handicap mismatches. Oliver managed to come away with 2 wins but their pools were just too deep.

Congratulations to all the Australian juniors for representing our country and clubs so well. We look forward to seeing their progress after getting a taste of what the rest of the world has to offer.
Clothier Cup 2019    Australia v USA
Pete Dickinson (USA) def Ollie Pridmore (AUS) 6/5 1/6 6/5
Freddie Bristowe (USA) def Blake Hillebrand (AUS) 6/1 6/3
Henry Smith (USA) def Eli Kozma (AUS) 6/1 6/4
Noah Motz (USA) def Alex Fahey (AUS) 6/2 6/0
N Motz/P Dickinson (USA) def A Fahey/O Pridmore (AUS) 6/2 6/1
H Smith/P Dickinson (USA) def E Kozma/O Pridmore (AUS) 6/2 6/0
N Motz/E Barker (USA)def B Hillebrand/E Kozma (AUS) 6/2 6/0
F Bristowe/E Barker (USA)def B Hillebrand/A Fahey (AUS) 6/1 6/3
USA defeats AUS 8/0

Limb Trophy 2019    Australia v Great Britain
 Ollie Pridmore (Aus) def Henry Stevinson (GB) 6/3 1/6 6/2
Henry Mullan (GB) def Eli Kozma (Aus) 6/0 6/0
Alex Duncliffe-Vines (GB) def Alex Fahey (Aus 2) 6/2 6/2
Robert Shenkman (GB) def Blake Hillebrand (Aus) 6/0 6/0
Henry Mullan & Henry Stevinson (GB) def Eli Kozma & Ollie Pridmore (Aus) 6/0 6/1 
Robert Shenkman & Henry Mullan (GB) def Blake Hillebrand & Eli Kozma (Aus) 6/0 6/0
Robert Shenkman & Alex Duncliffe-Vines (GB) def Blake Hillebrand & Alex Fahey (Aus) 6/2 6/3
Alex Duncliffe-Vines & Henry Stevinson (GB 2+4) bt Alex Fahey & Jacob Davey (Aus 2+4) 6/1 6/1
Great Britain defeats Australia 7/1

Victorian Amateur Singles & Doubles 22/23 June (RMTC)

After many years the Victorian Amateur came back to RMTC where a host of exceptional tennis was on display. In the singles top seeds Kieran Booth and Michael Williams won their semi finals, Patrick Dunne pushing Booth in his first competitive match since January and Williams comfortably accounting for Al Ramsay. The final proved Booth was back near his best tennis with a flawless display until the third set where Williams was able to apply more pressure. 
The small crowd which gathered for the doubles final witnessed the easily the highest quality match of the weekend with the Williams brothers playing some fantastic tennis to push their fancied opponents, Booth and Ramsay, throughout.


Victorian Amateur Singles:
K Booth def M Williams                                         6/1 6/3 6/5
Victorian Amateur Doubles:
K Booth/A Ramsay def M Williams/D Williams     6/4 1/6 6/5 6/2
Victorian Amateur B Division Singles:
L Piccolo def J Hamer                                           6/3 6/5. 

2019 Tasmanian Amateur Singles & Doubles

HRTC hosted the 2019 Tasmanian Amateur Singles & Doubles on June 28-30, and those members that made it into the Club to check out the action enjoyed some incredible tennis over the three days of play.

After an exhausting five-person qualifier, it was Nick Rooke that would make it through to the main singles draw – but not before some thrilling matches were played.
The singles draw concluded with one of our Club’s more epic finals with Kieran Booth taking nearly 3 ½ hours to beat Michael Williams 6/5 in the fifth set!

The doubles draw was equally entertaining, with Kieran Booth and Bret Richardson winning in four close sets. It was an awesome weekend of tennis and congratulations go to all those that participated. 


Tasmanian Amateur Singles Qualifier:
Nick Stenning def Graham Flower                               4/6 6/2 6/3
Jeremy Rackham def Nick Stenning                            6/3 6/5
Nick Rooke def Tom McAuley                                      6/3 6/2
Nick Rooke def Jeremy Rackham                                6/4 1/6 6/5
Tasmanian Amateur Singles: 
Michael Williams def Al Ramsay                                  3/6 6/1 6/3 6/4
Kieran Booth def Nick Rooke                                       6/3 6/1 6/0
Kieran Booth def Michael Williams                               5/6 6/1 2/6 6/4 6/3
Tasmanian Amateur Doubles:
K Booth/B Richardson def T McAuley/N Rooke           6/0 6/0
M Williams/A Ramsay def J Rackham/W Priestley      6/1 6/0
K Booth/B Richardson def A Ramsay/M Williams        6/3 4/6 6/3 6/0

From the Committee

Doubles safety

The vast majority of reported on-court injuries come from players being hit by their own doubles partner.

We would like to remind all members to be careful when playing doubles. The Club offers doubles lessons and semi-regular doubles clinics to not only improve the quality of the tennis – but to also to make sure everybody walks off court in one piece.

If you would like to book a doubles lesson or have any questions about court positioning or doubles-play in general, please call the Pro Shop.

Court attire

A friendly reminder that our on-court dress code is predominantly white. "Predominantly" means each piece of clothing (shirt, shorts or skirt or pants, and socks) should be at least 70% white. The dress code applies to all matches, not just competitions and tournaments. Schools sports uniform (non-white) is acceptable for juniors.

Winter has come! 

With the cold and wet weather, members are reminded to:
  • Please change your shoes before entering the court.
  • Please ensure the heaters in the dedans and Butler Room are turned off when locking up.

HRTC Committee

President: Andrew Brough
Vice-President: Tim McAuley
Secretary: Al Ramsay
Treasurer: Hans Drielsma
Julianne Drewitt, Graham Flower, Jeremy Rackham
Graham Hyland, Justin Legg, Elle Davis

Subcommittees & Chairs
Finance & Risk: Hans Drielsma
Tennis: Jeremy Rackham
Building & Grounds: Justin Legg
Marketing & Membership: Graham Flower
Events & Hospitality: Julianne Drewitt
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