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Latest news

  • Tennis in Antarctica
  • Introduce a New Member
  • Friday Night Drinks and Book Launch
  • Court Maintenance Working Bee
  • February First Friday Drinks 
  • New Tennis Book for Sale

Upcoming events

  • Class 5 Handicap Singles Club Championships
  • Class 7 Doubles Club Championships
  • Hobart v MCC Inter-club Event
  • Class 4 Handicap Singles Club Championships
  • Friends' Rose Bowl
  • Class 3 Handicap Singles Club Championships
  • Class 6 Doubles Club Championships
  • Cone Cup (HRTC v BTC in Ballarat)

Recent results

  • Tasmanian Amateur Championships
  • Hobart v Sydney Inter Club Event
  • Class 7 Handicap Singles Club Championships
  • Class 6 Handicap Singles Club Championships
  • Judith Clarke Cup - Hobart v Melbourne Ladies


  • Class 4-5
  • Social Night Pennant

From the committee

  • HRTC Bar Restructure
  • Strategic Plan 
Editor: Esther Wynhoven
Contributors: Brett McFarlane, Mark Kelleher, Ray Brown

Latest news

Tennis in Antarctica

Who says Club member Rob King is not committed to his tennis? About as far south as you can get in a boat, facing 12 metre swell and Antarctic squalls did not deter Rob from keeping his tennis eye in. Great stuff Rob!

Introduce a New Member

HRTC is keen to continue to attract new players to our club and HRTC members are encouraged to participate in this initiative should the opportunity arise. With a plan to increase our overall membership base and develop our junior and women’s membership numbers we welcome each of you to contact the club if you have a business acquaintance, family member or friend that might enjoy the game. Simply contact staff at the club to get the ball rolling.

Friday Night Drinks and Book Launch 

16th April 2021 

Our Friday Drinks this month will be held on Friday April 16th. Richard Travers, a great great grandson of a brother of our court founder, Samuel Smith Travers has published a book on the early history of the tennis court and Richard will be in Hobart on this date. The book launch will be held in the Trophy Room at 5.30pm followed by an exhibition match at 6pm. 

Richard has published a number of books and articles on Real Tennis and you may recall that some months ago (pre Covid) he gave a talk in the Trophy Room on the early history of the court, its building and tennis. 

It would assist if you could let Brett know or enter your name on the list at reception that you will be attending.  

Court Maintenance Working Bee  

February 12 & 14

Our court plasterwork has been in desperate need of some maintenance and thanks to the great help of our working bee volunteers the court is now looking top notch once again. Our members put in two huge nights with plasterwork, sanding and painting – so the court should be playing beautifully again for the months ahead.

February First Friday Drinks 

February 26

Our first First Friday Drinks of the year was one of our biggest ever, with more than 50 members enjoying an end of week drink, some exhibition doubles and welcoming our Sydney visitors for a weekend of interclub festivities. It was a great evening, our events crew put up some fantastic food and it was a grand way to kick the year off. Many thanks to all that made it possible and that came along to enjoy the night.

New Tennis Book for Sale


The first and most sought-after book on tennis was written in 1555 by Antonio Scaino da Salo.   He was prompted to write following a dispute during a game of tennis.  He established rules, scoring system, standard court sizes, and the principal of etiquette to be observed by players.
I know of three copies of this book held by collectors in Australia.  
A copy was sold recently in New York by Christies for $US16,250.    
An English translation was published in U.K. in 1984 by the late Tony Negretti.  The print run was small and only a few copies found their way to Australia.  His version included both the original Italian and the translation.  The Negretti family has kindly given me their encouragement and support to re-publish the book utilising Tony’s English translation.  
Some specific details:

  • Scaino dedicated his book to Il Signor Alfonso da Este, Prencipe di Ferrara (Prince of Ferrara).  It was printed in Venice in 1555.
  • The reprint will include all 12 original woodcuts; total pages 370. 
  • The shape of the racket has changed slightly, and the image in Scaino’s book will be replicated in gold block onto the front cover of this case-bound volume. 

This reprint is a complex process, however procedures are in place to enable Historical Publications to publish the English translation by third quarter 2021.  
The cost per copy will be in the region of $125.  This is not a book for bedside reading; it is for collectors and those who wish to understand how our game evolved from medieval times.

If you are interested in the book please let me know so that I have an idea of numbers.  
Please advise Michael Garnett if you are interested:

Expression of Interest

Upcoming events

Class 5 Handicap Singles Club Championships

April 10-11

Open to all members with Handicaps 50-59
I'd Like to Play

Class 7 Doubles Club Championship

April 17-18

Open to all members with Handicaps 70+
I'd Like to Play

Hobart v MCC Inter-club Event

April 24-25

Open to all members
I'd Like to Play

Class 4 Handicap Singles Club Championships

May 1-2

Open to all members with Handicaps 40-49
I'd Like to Play

Friends’ Rose Bowl

May 8-9

Open to all members with Handicaps 40+
I'd Like to Play

Class 3 Handicap Singles Club Championships

May 15-16

Open to all members with Handicaps 30-39
I'd Like to Play

Class 6 Doubles Club Championships

May 22-23

Open to all members with Handicaps 60+
I'd Like to Play

Cone Trophy (HRTC v BTC in Ballarat)

May 22-23

Open to all members 
I'd Like to Play

Recent results

2021 Tasmanian Amateur Championships  

January 2-3

The Tasmanian Amateur Singles and Doubles Championships were run in early January and despite our Covid19 affected field, members that came along to watch were treated to some fantastic tennis! It was great to see our juniors moving up the ranks as well and they managed to put on a great show. Congratulations got to Al Ramsay on his singles win and to Al Ramsay and Will Priestly who were victorious in the doubles event.
Singles:        Al Ramsay def Will Priestley                                              3/6 6/0 6/3 6/3
Doubles:    Al Ramsay/Will Priestley def Pete Boyles/Sam Legg           6/4 6/2 6/1

Hobart v Sydney Inter Club Event 

February 27-28

The Sydney inter-club weekend is always much anticipated and this year’s event was a ripper! It kicked off with Friday night drinks, matches were very close all weekend, we had a great tournament dinner at Muirs Upperdeck on Saturday evening and the final result went down to the last match of the weekend! Hobart snuck through by the barest of margins winning the 2021 event 9 matches to 8. Manty thanks to the Sydney-siders that headed down – it was a great weekend and we always love having you here!

Class 7 Handicap Singles Club Championships 

March 6-7

Our first Club Championship event of the year kicked off in March – with our Class 7 Handicap Singles players heading on court for 2021 honours. There were some most competitive matches throughout the weekend and congratulations go to Chris Middleton who beat Charlotte Toates in the final 6/4 6/2

Class 6 Handicap Singles Club Championships 

March 20-21

Our second handicap singles club championship event for the year was held on March 20/21 with our Class 6 players doing battle. Matthew Gadsby came out victorious, beating Beth Schiwy in the final 6/5 6/3. Congratulations Matthew!

Judith Clarke Cup - Hobart v Melbourne Ladies 

March 27-28

Hobart sent a group of our ladies northward to Melbourne recently for our annual Hobart v Melbourne ladies inter-club match. The girls had sorted some practice sessions in the lead-up to the event that must have paid off – because they won the event 8 matches to 4! Well done to Helen Rackham, Esther Wynhoven, Beth Schiwy, Mary McArthur, Michelle Moores and Annie Strange for representing our club and coming home with the goods!

Pennant Ladders

Our Social Night Pennant & Class 4-5 Pennant kicked off in February, with the first of our season’s matches now being played. Good luck to everyone involved for the rest of the season.

Class 1-2

Pending restart

Class 3-4

Pending restart

Class 4-5

Pos Team Pts
1. R Tabor/P Bowe 11
2. P Dunne/H Drielsma 9
3. X Herbert/B McTaggart 7
4. W Joscelyne/A Brough 3
5. D Gadsby/T Barrett 2

Social Night Pennant

Pos Team Pts
1. W Joscelyne/A Brough/D Poon 23
2. C Houston/J Moores/M Moores 22
3. S Fishwick/D Graddon/I Ritchard 19
4. P Bowe/D O’Toole/L Eden 16
5. T Wigmore/P Burnett/M McArthur 16
6. D Gadsby/M Gadsby/Z Davis 12
7. T Barrett/S McLean/M Reed  11

From the committee

Bar Restructure

HRTC will soon be commencing a bar stock restructure with a rethink on price structuring and the type of stock held. There has been considerable member feedback on this issue, so hopefully this should resolve many of the queries raised. In summary: 

1. A reduction in the number of high-end bar items offered 
2. An increase in the number of mid-range and lower range items offered 
3. The availability of wine by the glass 
4. A zero alcohol beer available 
5. A beer of the month 
6. A wine of the month 

The process is already in full swing – so members will be able to enjoy our new selection shortly. 

Strategic Plan 

As requested by members to better understand the overall fit and purpose of the decisions being taken, the Committee has endorsed a draft Strategic Plan that is now available for all club members to review and if desired to provide comment. This draft Strategic Plan which can be found on the Club Website click here, includes the Club’s vision as “Tasmania’s world-renowned Real Tennis Club” and outlines the key objectives and priorities for the near term, covering such aspects as the tennis experience for members, membership, finances, our facilities, social activities and our history and heritage. 

More information

HRTC Committee

President: Ray Brown
Vice-President: Mary McArthur
Secretary: Mark Kelleher
Treasurer: Hans Drielsma
Committee Members:
Janet Thorp, Will Priestley, Nic Rooke
Becca Lunnon, Stuart Mitchell, David Hook

Subcommittees & Chairs
Finance & Risk: Hans Drielsma
Tennis: Nic Rooke
Building & Grounds: David Hook
Marketing & Membership: TBC
Events & Hospitality: Janet Thorp
Suggestions & feedback
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