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  • WC challenge postponed

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  • World Championship Eliminators
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From the pro

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Editor: Tom McAuley
Contributors: Brett McFarlane, Tim McAuley

Latest news

Club bar stock sale

Having just restocked, we have ended up with plenty of wine, beer, soft drinks and snacks waiting for the club to restart. That still might be for sometime yet, and some items have use by dates, so we're offering current stock at very attractive prices to members. Sale prices have been set at or below bottle shop and supermarket prices.

You can order one or more of each item, with a minimum of 12 items per order. Simply use the link below to open the order form and fill in your details. Your purchases will be added to your club account. Brett will bag up your order and place on the table in the Butler Room and send you a message when it's ready for collection. You can then pick it up anytime using your club key. 

Make an order

World Championship Challenge postponed

Due to the challenging and exceptional circumstances of the Corona virus (Covid-19) and its spread, the World Championship Executive have discussed with the IWCC members the unprecedented decision of a postponement of the 2020 World Championship. 

This action has not been taken lightly but the Executive believes that it is the most prudent course of action and this is supported by the National Associations on the IWCC.  Our first priority has to be for the health and safety of every person involved in the Challenge, spectators, organisers, and players alike.

The Challenge will now be held in October 2020 in the week commencing 19th October, with the match days being the 20th, 22nd and 24th October. 

Source: IRTPA website

More information

Upcoming events

All club events are on hold until further notice. We will keep you up to date with any changes as they occur.

International events

Tournois des Trois Tripots

8-13 October, Bayonne, France.

 Under review 
In these highly uncertain times, the majority of sporting events have been abandoned or postponed until later in 2020. We obviously don't yet know when sport and travel bans will be lifted, but the organising committee want you to know that the Trois Tripots will go ahead if at all possible.
Talk to the organisers

Cherry Blossom

Dear Cherry Blossom Entrants and Enthusiasts,

To ensure the health and safety of everyone involved, we are going to postpone the 2020 Cherry Blossom Doubles.  Our hope is to reschedule for later in the year.  Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to welcoming you back to Prince's Court when it is safe to do so.  

Ryan Carey
Tournament Director
Cherry Blossom website

Recent results

World Championship Eliminators

The World Championship Eliminators have all wrapped up with Camden Riviere earning his place to take on our very own rob Fahey for the World Championship.

 Note  The World Championship Challenge has been postponed until late October.

Chapman def Taylor-Matthews
5 sets to 3 (6/4 1/6 6/4 4/6 6/4 4/6 6/4 6/3)
2. Oratory
Riviere def Howell
5 sets to 0 (6/3 6/1 6/1 6/4 6/2)
3. Final Eliminator - Boston
Riviere def Chapman
7 sets to 1 (6/3 6/0 6/1 6/5 6/4 1/6 6/1 6/1)

Cartledge Doubles

The annual Cartledge Doubles tournament was very well attended, with two large round-robin groups on Saturday and Sunday. Both round-robins were closely contested, with Darren Poon and Nathan Imber winning the Saturday group and David Gadsby and Matthew Gadsby winning the Sunday group. In the final, Darren & Nathan proved too strong, taking the final impressively 8 games to 1.
On Saturday night, players and guests were treated to a superb dinner prepared by Jim Cartledge’s son and accomplished chef, Rob Cartledge, ably assisted by sous chefs Ian & Biz Ritchard. Rob also played in the tennis tournament and impressed everyone with how quickly he picked up the game and his natural talent. At the dinner, two signed rackets generously donated by Camden Riviere and Tim Chisholm to support junior tennis at HRTC, which they used their 2019 World Doubles Championship final win, were auctioned. The auction raised $1750, which will be used to send our juniors to the Junior Academy and Junior World Championship in Tuxedo in the US. Our thanks to everyone who supported the event, with a special thanks to Rob Cartledge, the Ritchards and auction bidders for their generosity.

Poon & Imber def D & M Gadsby

Percy Finch Trophy

The Percy Finch Trophy was played between Hobart and RMTC over the Labour Day long-weekend. It was our turn to host it this year and after a series of play-offs we came out optimistic with a strong team. Our optimism proved to be well-founded with Hobart taking a clean sweep against the travellers.

As always, thank you to RMTC for making the trip down for a great weekend. We're sure you will come back swinging next year in Melbourne.

Hobart def RMTC 9 sets to 0
Booth def M Williams
6/4 6/2
Richardson def Rosedale
6/4 6/4
Ramsay def Guest
6/2 6/2
Blom def Hamer
6/0 6/2
Rackham def McAuley
6/1 6/0
Priestley def Scopelliti
6/0 6/0
Booth/Richardson def M Williams/Rosedale
6/3 6/4
Ramsay/Blom def Guest/Hamer
6/0 6/3
Rackham/Priestley def McAuley/Scopelliti
6/2 6/1

Australian Amateur Doubles Championship

The Australian Amateur Doubles was played along-side the Percy Finch in a packed weekend of top-quality tennis. Will Priestley and Jeremy Rackham battled their way through the qualifier to make it to the main event. Kieran Booth and Bret Richardson came out victorious in the end, adding to an impressively long list of previous titles.

Thank you to all that participated and congratulations to the winners.

Priestley/Rackham def S Legg/Pridmore
6/0 6/5
Hamer/Rooke def McAuley/J Legg
6/4 6/2
Priestley/Rackham def Hamer/Rooke
6/0 6/4

Main Draw
Ramsay/M Williams def Priestley/Rackham
6/4 6/1 6/0
Booth/Richardson def Ramsay/M Williams
6/0 6/0 6/3

Social Pennant Final

The latest season of Social Pennant wrapped up recently with a final showdown between to two finalists.
Congratulations both finalists and the eventual winners, and thank you to all who played over the past months for making another great season.

Fishwick, D & J Graddon & Z Davis def Burnett, Hamilton & Ritchard
Fishwick def Burnett
J Graddon def Ritchard
Zac Davis lost Duncan Hamilton
Fishwick/J Graddon def Burnett/Ritchard
Fishwick/Z Davis def Burnett/Hamilton
J Graddon/Z Davis def Ritchard/Hamilton

Quentin McDougall Singles

The Quentin McDougall, a handicap singles tournament for players aged 55 years and above was played over the weekend across two groups.

Saturday saw an in-form Ray Brown dominate, with a convincing win in his group. Convincing victories over the current President and Vice President should result in a swift handicap adjustment. The Sunday group came down to the wire with Peter Burnett edging out Phil Bowe to take the group win in a 7-all advantage-all thriller.

In the end Ray couldn't be stopped, taking Peter down 8-2 and deservedly taking the title. Thank you to all those that participated and made it such a great tournament.

R Brown def P Burnett


Class 1-2

Pending restart

Class 3-4

 On hold 
Pos Team Pts
1 Rooke & Stenning 14
2. Bell & Mitchell 13
3. McAuley & Youl 12
4. McCormack & S Legg 8
5. J Legg & Greenwood 6
6. Lunnon & Flower 4

Class 4-5

 On hold 
Pos Team Pts
1. Pinkus & Brough 11
2. Youl & Bowe 10
3. A Rackham & J Herbert 8
4. H Rackham & Drielsma 7
5. D Gadsby & Brewer 1
6. Tabor & J Davis 0


Pending restart

From the pro

What's a bisque?

Many players are confused by bisques, and rightfully so. They are a little complicated and rarely seen but can be a useful addition to the handicap structure of some tournaments. A simple explanation of bisques and half-bisques is below. If you're still confused, feel free to ask the pro next time you're at the club.

A bisque

The player receiving a bisque may take it to win one point at any time subject to the following:
  • It cannot be taken during a rest.
  • The server cannot take it after serving one fault.
  • A bisque can be taken to win a chase or hazard before the ball is served.
  • If there is one chase, players do not change ends if it is taken before the player taking the bisque passes the net.
  • If there are two chases, the players must change ends first, and can then be taken to win or defend either chase.

A half-bisque

The player receiving a half-bisque may take it before the ball is served to:
  • Call off a chase about to be played.
  • Annul their own first fault.
  • Add a second fault to one served by their opponent.
A full description can be found on the T&RA website.

From the committee

Keeping you informed during the closure

We'll continue to send update emails as things develop to keep you informed of what is happening at the club. If you missed the last two updates, check out the links below:

Update 1
Update 2

Graham Flower

The committee wishes to give special recognition to Graham Flower's contribution to the club as both a member and a committee member. Graham was a passionate supporter of junior and women's tennis and worked tirelessly as chair of the Membership and Marketing Committee to attract new members to the club in recent years. His diligence, frankness and good humour will be greatly missed in the committee room.

HRTC Committee

President: Andrew Brough
Vice-President: Tim McAuley
Secretary: Al Ramsay
Treasurer: Hans Drielsma
Julianne Drewitt, Graham Flower, Jeremy Rackham
Graham Hyland, Justin Legg, Elle Davis

Subcommittees & chairs
Finance & Risk: Hans Drielsma
Tennis: Jeremy Rackham
Building & Grounds: Justin Legg
Marketing & Membership: Graham Flower
Events & Hospitality: Julianne Drewitt
Suggestions & feedback
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