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Latest news

  • 145th Annual General Meeting
  • First Friday and Class 1 singles final
  • Grant applications
  • Eye protection
  • Romsey investment opportunity
  • Washington's new home
  • A Real Tennis Bibliography
  • A matter of etiquette: the warm-up

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From the pro

Editor: Tom McAuley
Contributors: Tim McAuley, Al Ramsay, Mike Garnett, Rudi Michelson

Latest news

Notice of AGM & call for nominations

The 145th Annual General Meeting of the Hobart Real Tennis Club will be held at 45 Davey Street on Friday 4 December 2020, commencing 6 pm.

All positions of the HRTC Committee and Executive will be vacated at the AGM. Nominations for positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and the six Committee Members must be received by midnight Friday 13 November. To obtain nomination forms and further details, please contact

A Happy Hour Bar will open at 5 pm and light refreshments will be served.

First Friday & Class 1 singles final

5.30 pm 6 November

Join us this Friday to properly celebrate surviving COVID-19. There will be a few distancing and hygiene restrictions, but nothing that will dampen the fun. 

Happy Hour starts at 5.30 and BBQ at 6.30 (self-serve only to comply with COVID-19 restrictions). The Class 1 Singles Club Championship final also kicks off at 6 pm, which is sure to be a great match.

Club applies for over $260,000 in grants

The recently formed BFG (Bequests, Fundraising, and Grants) Subcommittee is off to a flying start, having already submitted grant applications totalling over $260,000 from the state government and Hobart City Council. The applications are for a variety of purposes, including converting the court lights to energy-saving LEDs, levelling the floor in the side gallery to improve safety and access, renovating the social spaces around the club, and upgrading the changerooms.

Our thanks to everyone in the BFG team who did all the hard work on the applications, with a special thanks to Melbourne's Wally Cockram for his input on the lights and Tim Hurburgh for his inspired designs. We don’t really know what our chances of success are just yet, but you have to be in it to win it!

Keep your eye on the ball!

Vice President, Tim McAuley, recently took that advice a bit too literally, taking a hard-struck ball off the frame in his right eye. The incident is a timely reminder to all members to consider wearing eye protection. Fortunately, Tim suffered no permanent damage and will be back on court soon, but says he’ll definitely be wearing a pair of goggles when he does.
While incidents like Tim’s are infrequent, they do occur and the consequences can be major. The club has two pairs of loaner safety glasses for members to try out courtside. If you would like to purchase your own, check out these suppliers:
  • iMask: Link
  • Eye Sports (prescription): Link

A unique investment opportunity

A group of real tennis enthusiasts is seeking expressions of interest from individuals interested in joining a syndicate to purchase the Romsey court, motel and conference facilities in central Victoria.
The 6.25 acre rural property [see brochure] is currently for sale at $1.6 million and comprises, in addition to the real tennis court, 21 room/cottage motel, dining rooms and commercial kitchen, conference and function centre, gatehouse, cricket oval and pavilion, and landscaped grounds.
Interested investors should contact Dick Friend at

Washington is heading for a new home

The lease for the Washington court ends in 2022 and is likely to be knocked down. So the club is partnering with Westwood Country Club, a premier golf and tennis club only three miles from their current
location, and is in the process of raising the funds needed to build a spectacular new court complex. 
Find out more

A Real Tennis Bibliography

by Mike Garnett

Mike Garnett has compiled a bibliography of real tennis, containing comprehensive lists of tennis rackets, trinquet and sticke courts, past and present; books on the game of tennis and rackets; newspaper reports; tennis songs and music; films, TV and radio; tennis portraits and illustrations; tennis racket makers; world champions; club emblems; and more.
This publication is an absolute must for all students of the game. Cost is just $75. Order your copy direct from the author via the link below.
Order the book

A matter of etiquette: the warm-up

In general, if both players approach the warm-up selflessly, then both players are more likely to get a fair warm-up. Gamesmanship in the warm-up is definitely not in the spirit of the game and frowned on.

During the warm-up, make every effort to feed your opponent with balls at a comfortable pace for their skill level, generally in the middle of the court, on both hands, and at a variety of lengths (off the floor and off the back wall). The occasional well-struck ball is fine, but the objective is to keep the rest going.

The player at the receiver's end usually gets more than their fair share of balls in a warm-up, so, to even things up, when you are at the receiver's end, take every opportunity to pick up balls and feed your opponent at the server's end with hittable balls.

Upcoming events

You can also view the full calendar on the website
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Class 1 Doubles

 31 Oct - 1 Nov 
Level doubles, open to all members


First Friday Drinks

 6 Nov 
Come down to the club for your Friday evening and watch the Class 1 Singles Club Championship grand final with a happy-hour drink and gourmet sausage in hand.

Finals Weekend

 6-8 Nov 
A full weekend packed with singles finals from the 2020 Club Championships. Make sure to pop your head in, there's going to be some great tennis.

Women's Champagne Doubles

 14 Nov 
A relaxed afternoon of champagne and maybe even a little tennis open to all female members.

Annual Dinner

 28 Nov 
A black-tie celebration of 2020 at HRTC, hosted by the Athenaeum Club. Unfortunately due to COVID restrictions, we are capped at 48 seats and have already sold out. Details and confirmations will be sent out shortly. There's a waiting list at the club in case of cancellations or if restrictions are relaxed.


First Friday Drinks & AGM

 4 Dec 
Wrap up 2020 and find out what's in store for 2021 at the club's AGM.

Toates Classic

 5-6 Dec 
Handicap doubles open to all members.

Medics Mug

 12-13 Nov 
Handicap singles open to members who are medical professionals.

Family Day Doubles

 19-20 Nov 
Handicap doubles open to related pairs of members.
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International events

We'll keep you up to date as soon as international events are rescheduled.

Recent results

Australian 40+ Handicap Singles

D Hook def. A Rackham

Handicap Singles Club Championship

A Rackham def. S Westlake

Rogers Vase

N Tenning & S Legg def. N Rooke & JS Tan

Class 7 Doubles

M Gadsby & E Wynhoven def. J Gradddon & R King
6/1 6/2

Class 6 Doubles

S Fishwick & C Hood def. J Moores & T Wigmore
5/6 6/4 6/4

Class 5 Doubles

D Gadsby & T Barrett def. H Drielsma & B Brewer
3/6 6/3 6/5

Class 4 Doubles

H Rackham & A Rackham def. D Hook & M Kelleher
6/3 4/6 6/4

Class 3 Doubles

N Stenning & S Legg def. O Pridmore & A Rackham
6/2 6/5

Class 2 Doubles

G Bradfield & W Priestley def. M Bell & T McAuley
6/1 6/2


Class 1-2

 Pending restart 

Class 3-4




N Rooke & N Stenning 20
M Bell & S Mitchell 19
J McCormack & S Legg 12
T McAuley & N Youl 11
J Legg & J Greenwood 6

Class 4-5

Champions: A Brough & S Pinkus





Gadsby, Burnett & Gadsby 29
Drielsma, Kent-Fahey & Oxley 21
Bowe, McLean & Middleton 19
Barrett, McLean & Eden 14
Dunne, Moores & Moores 8
Fishwick, Graddon & Davis 8
Tabor, McLean & Ritchard 7

From the pro

Tennis options at the club

Many members may not be aware of the complete range of tennis options available to them. A quick list is below. If there is anything not listed that you would be interested in, please contact the club.
  • Singles matches
  • Doubles matches
  • Solo practice
  • Group practice
  • Solo or group lessons
  • Doubles lessons
  • Coached matches

HRTC Committee

President: Andrew Brough
Vice-President: Tim McAuley
Secretary: Al Ramsay
Treasurer: Hans Drielsma
Julianne Drewitt, Justin Legg, Becca Lunnon, Nick Rooke and Christine Stirling.

Subcommittees & chairs

Building & Grounds: Justin Legg
Bequests, Fundraising & Grants: Tim McAuley
Events & Hospitality: Julianne Drewitt
Finance & Risk: Hans Drielsma
Tennis: Nick Rooke
Suggestions & feedback
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