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Latest news

  • First Friday BBQ and drinks
  • Summer of Tennis

Upcoming events

  • Victorian Open Championships (RMTC)
  • Friend Rose Bowl
  • Family Day Doubles
  • Veterans (65+) Handicap Singles
  • Class 4 Doubles Club Championship
  • Interstate and international events

Recent results

  • Retirees Tournament
  • Bartlett Cup
  • Pennant ladders

From the committee

  • Car park use
  • Dress code
  • Do you have an RSA?

Latest news

Join the First Friday fun

Drinks & BBQ

The last First Friday was another packed house with over 40 members and guests enjoying a great evening at the club. If you haven't been to one yet, make sure you mark Friday 2 August in your calendar. The match and Happy Hour bar start at 6 pm, followed by gourmet sausage sizzle at 7.

To assist with catering, please let us know if you will be coming to the BBQ by either signing up at the pro's desk or clicking the button below.

I'm coming to the BBQ

King of the Hill

Rackham (K)  vs Rooke

With the late withdrawal of Nick Rooke due to injury, Jeremy Rackham took on Graham Hyland last month in a fresh bid for the crown and came away victorious in an impressive display of control and fitness.

This month we've pried Nick Rooke out of his wheelchair to challenge Jeremy. It should be some great tennis, don't miss it!

Summer of Tennis news

The Tasman Cup is now the Governor's Cup

We're excited to announce the return of the Governor's Cup. After a 20-year absence, the Governor of Tasmania and HRTC felt the Summer of Tennis was the perfect opportunity to reinstate this prestigous open tournament. Last won by Rob Fahey in 1999, we are delighted to have the opportunity to put a new name on the board in 2020.

The Governor has generously invited all SOT participants (players in both the Governor's Cup and Summer Cup) and their partners to a reception at Government House on 3 January and will present the trophies on the final day.

Visit the our website for details of all SOT events and registration forms.

Upcoming events

Victorian Open Championships (RMTC)

2-4 August

Elite and B-division, singles and doubles in Melbourne.

I'd like to play

Friend Rose Bowl

4 August

Handicap singles for members with handicaps 40 and above.

I'd like to play

Family Day Doubles

11 August

A fun day of handicap doubles and the perfect opportunity to get your family members back on court. Open to any pairs related by blood or marriage.

I'd like to play

Veterans (65+) Singles

17 August

Handicap singles, open to member 65 years and older.

I'd like to play

Class 4 Doubles Club Championship

24 August

Open to members with doubles handicaps 40 and above.

I'd like to play

Australian Amateur Championships (RMTC)

6-8 September

Elite and B-division, singles and doubles in Melbourne.

I'd like to play

Class 3 Doubles Club Championship

22 September

Open to members with doubles handicaps 30 and above.

I'd like to play

Annual Dinner & Presentation Night

30 November

It's nearly that time of year again and we've been busy planning something special. Lock away the date now, we'll have more details shortly.

Boomerang 2020 expressions of interest

11-25 January 2020

RMTC is now accepting expressions of interest in the 2020 Boomerang Trophy on 11–25 January 2020. Go to the RMTC website (Major tournaments) for more information. A Hobart team, The Fugitives, won the title in 2018 against a tough field of over 200 players from around the world.

HRTC's new Summer Cup will give local members and visiting players the perfect opportunity to hone their doubles play in the run-up to the Boomerang.

Register my interest in the Boomerang 2020

Interstate and international events

Event Date Location
Victorian Open 2–4 August Melbourne
Australian Amateurs 6–8 September Melbourne
Australian Masters 26–27 October Melbourne
Australian Open 7-13 January 2020 Melbourne
Boomerang Trophy 11–25 January 2020 Melbourne

Recent results

Bartlett Cup

The annual HRTC v BTC interclub event, the Bartlett Cup was played in Hobart recently over an action packed two days of tennis and festivities.

There were plenty of close matches over the course of the event but the home team came away victorious,  13 matches to 5.

Many thanks go to our Ballarat friends for heading down for this year’s competition and to our Events & Hospitality committee who put on a spectacular dinner on the Saturday night.

See you back here in 2020 BTC!


M Bell/B Lunnon def B Christie/G Henderson 9/7
G Flower/H Rackham def P Dunn/T Lamont 9/6
M Bell/J Legg def R Unmack/B Christie 9/8
G Henderson/P Dunn def B Lunnon/G Flower 9/2
A Rackham/J Greenwood def T Lamont/R Unmack 9/5
N Rooke/J Legg def B Christie/P Dunn 9/5
T Lamont/J Drewitt def G Henderson/T Lamont 9/4
R Unmack/P Dunn def N Rooke/Tom McAuley 9/5
J Drewitt/J Greenwood def B Christie/T Lamont 9/6
A Brough/H Rackham def R Unmack/T Lamont 8/4
N Rooke/J Legg def G Henderson/P Dunn 9/8
A Brough/P Dunne def B Christie/T Lamont 9/8
N Rooke/Tom McAuley def R Unmack/G Henderson 9/3
S Pinkus/P Dunne def P Dunn/T Lamont 9/4
B Christie/G Henderson def J Legg/TomMcAuley  9/4
R Unmack/T Lamont def J Drewitt/Tim McAuley 9/8
N Rooke/J Legg def P Dunn/B Christie 9/4
R Unmack def Sam Legg 9/8

Retirees Tournament

The annual Retirees Tournament got underway last weekend, with a small group of retirees going head-to-head in a handicap singles round-robin. There were some great matches throughout the morning but it was Paul Dunne that took the 2019 title.

Congratulations Paul and well played to all who attended.


Paul Dunne def John Moores 5/4
Peter Burnett def Ray Lowenthal 9/6
Paul Dunne def Peter Burnett 8/4
Ray Lowenthal def John Moores 7/6
John Moores def Peter Burnett 7/5
Ray Lowenthal def Paul Dunne 5/4


Pennant ladders

Class 1-3 Doubles Pennant

Pos Team Pts
1. Al Ramsay / Jonathan Isles 5
Graham Hyland / Justin Legg
3. Jeremy Rackham / Will Priestley 3
4. Tony Blom / Nick Stenning 1
5. Brett McFarlane / Graham Flower 1

Class 3-4 Pennant

Pos Team Pts
1. Mark Bell / Stuart Mitchell 6
2. Becca Lunnon / Graham Flower 5
3. Tom McAuley / John McCormack 2
4. Oliver Pridmore / Nick Stenning 0
Justin Legg / Sam Legg

Class 4-5 Pennant

Starts 16 August!
Pos Team Pts
1. Tim McAuley / Julianne Drewitt / Jesse Greenwood 0
2. Alex Rackham / Bob Brewer 0
3. Nick Youll / Andrew Brough 0
4. Paul Dunne / John Davis 0
5. Hans Drielsma / Phil Bowe 0

Social Pennant

Pos Team Pts
1. Nicholas Youl / Alex Crellin / Jonty Oxley 38
2. Philip Bowe / Edward Furst / Chris Middleton 35
3. Robert Brewer / Duncan Hamilton / Dave Graddon / Jo Graddon 30
4. David Gadsby / Dan O'Toole / Matthew Gadsby 29
5. Rod Tabor / Hans Drielsma / Peter Burnett / Zac Davis 28
6. Paul Dunne / Stuart McLean / Lee McLean / Ian Ritchard 16
7. Jesse Greenwood / Lindsay Kent-Fahey / Esther Wynhoven 14

From the committee

Car park

The Committee would like to remind members that the car park is for the use of members playing tennis and using the club facilities. Spaces are limited and there is considerable demand during office hours. On weekends there is considerably less pressure, but please be mindful of the needs of major events.

A reminder on whites

Despite repeated requests, a small number of members are still failing to observe the Club's on-court dress code. Please be aware that members who fail to comply with the dress code may be penalised in a competition.

Our on-court dress code is predominantly white. "Predominantly" means each piece of clothing (shirt, shorts or skirt or pants, and socks) should be at least 70% white. Coloured shoes and other coloured gear (e.g. sweat bands) are permitted. The dress code applies to all matches, not just competitions and tournaments.

Juniors are permitted to wear their official schools sports uniform (non-white) for non-competition matches but must wear predominantly white for all club competitions and tournaments.

Players can wear a non-white tracksuit or sweater over their tennis clothes. In competitions, players are expected to remove over-garments at the end of the warm-up period.

Do you have an RSA?

The club is putting together a list of members with RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certificates. If you have an RSA, please let us know. You're not committing to or volunteering for anything, it's just useful for licensing purposes.

I have an RSA

HRTC Committee

President: Andrew Brough
Vice-President: Tim McAuley
Secretary: Al Ramsay
Treasurer: Hans Drielsma
Julianne Drewitt, Graham Flower, Jeremy Rackham
Graham Hyland, Justin Legg, Elle Davis

Subcommittees & Chairs
Finance & Risk: Hans Drielsma
Tennis: Jeremy Rackham
Building & Grounds: Justin Legg
Marketing & Membership: Graham Flower
Events & Hospitality: Julianne Drewitt
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