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Greetings BOOSTers,

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. The weather is warming up, birds are chirping, and flowers are blooming. The BOOST Leadership Team has been working hard to create an inspiring experience for you at this year’s BOOST Conference and can’t wait to see you in sunny Palm Springs! We hope you plan to join us to learn, grow, and network.
Thank you for all that you do to support the children, youth, families, and communities that you serve.
Together we make a difference.

Tia Quinn, CEO
BOOST Collaborative

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Adventures in Wisdom

Use stories to develop the “whole child” with Adventures in Wisdom™

Summer camp and after school are the perfect times to help kids build skills that develop “the whole child”. 

With Adventures in Wisdom™, you can use stories and activities to help kids learn how to develop resilience, create happiness, build confidence, and create success skills to thrive in life.

If you’re looking for a proven program that is flexible, easy-to-use, and being used by professionals on 5 continents to empower kids then visit and check out a free story. 

Save the Dates: BOOST Conference 2014, 2015 and 2016

Join the nation's largest, most recognized and comprehensive conference for after school and out-of-school time professionals. Set in a retreat-like atmosphere, this extraordinary event will rejuvenate your passion and boost your direction for quality programming. Make sure not to miss BOOST Conference 2014!

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Welcome our new staff!

Sasha Cherry, Exhibit Sales Manager

Brittany Dargis, Executive Coordinator

Ann Pullido, Program Assistant

Amber Whiteside, Communications Coordinator

Read more about our staff here.

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OST Highlight

Check out the first edition of JELO, The Journal of Expanded Learning Opportunities by clicking the logo below.

This issue includes: Researcher and Practitioner Dialogue, The Building Intentional Communities Program, and Bringing families into out-of-school time learning.

Staff Highlight

Andrew Cuffel, Mission Valley YMCA

For the past 9 years, Andrew Cuffel has been the back bone of the Mission Valley YMCA’s ASES funded PrimeTime programs. Starting his journey as a line staff member, Andrew quickly advances through the YMCA and currently holds the position of Program Director II over ASES and YMCA funded intervention programs. Andrew has a passion for youth development and recounts the impact that the YMCA had on him as a young child.

In his own words, “I absolutely believe in the YMCA and it's mission to help people realize their fullest potential! I am a Y success story myself, as I had the YMCA to depend on through some of the toughest times in my life. The Y is a place to belong and be a part of a community.”

Today Andrew works to build contributing members of society based on the values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. The YMCA is dedicated to improving the quality of human life and to helping all people realize their fullest potential through the development of the spirit, mind and body. Andrew works tirelessly to provide his students with new experiences. These include art enrichment, physical fitness, literacy intervention, character education, outdoor education, summer and supplemental programs and much more.

Andy realizes that each child deserves to have a champion and an advocate. The YMCA is lucky to have Andrew!

Submitted by:
Richard Gijon
Mission Valley YMCA
San Diego, CA

Do you have a staff member or colleague that goes above and beyond every day? Let us know about them! Email us at

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Matt Price
Photo Taken: Julian, CA at the Julian Pie Company

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Funding Opportunities

AASA's Educational Administration Scholarships

Deadline: April 15, 2014
AASA's Educational Administration Scholarships were created in 1949 to provide incentive, honor and financial assistance to outstanding graduate students in school administration who intend to make the school superintendency a career. Seven scholarships are awarded each year in honor of the seven AASA's former executive directors.

Ruddle Memorial Youth Foundation
Deadline:  April 30, 2014

Innovative programs or services are defined as "uncommon, untested or otherwise unconventional." In other words, RMYF funds programs or services that are outside of current customary practices. We support especially innovative programs or services that are designed to help underprivileged youth reach their full potential in new and different ways.

American Honda Foundation
Deadline: May 1, 2014
The American Honda Foundation supports youth education with a specific focus on the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects in addition to the environment. 

Free App of the Month

GeoGebra is a mathematics software application for all levels of education that brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package.

Looking for more educational apps? Visit our Resource Center!

Career Corner

Looking for quality staff? 

Check out the BOOST Career Corner to post job listings or browse available job listings for free. 

Program Supervisor
Los Angeles, CA

CPO/Executive Director
Boys & Girls Club
Menard, TX

After School Program Director
Boys & Girls Club
Redwood City, CA

Program Coordinator
After School Care
Monroe, NC

BOOST Speakers Corner

The BOOST Speakers Corner provides out-of-school time professionals access to a wide variety of speakers, consultants, coaches, and trainer that can help you enhance your programs. Browse through the Speakers Corner to learn more about services that can take your program to the next level. It is absolutely FREE to browse!

Gabriela Baeza
Project Specialist II
San Diego County Office of Education

View her profile here.

Youth Activity

Cooperation Squares

Erika Petrelli, The Leadership Program

At The Leadership Program, we love Cooperation Squares, for both students and adults! In this fun challenge, students are grouped together in clusters of six to eight and have to figure out how to get themselves to fit entirely on an ever-shrinking stack of papers.

Prep Time: Minimal

Activity Time: 30 minutes

Grade Level: 5th-12th

Group Size: Small group, Large group

Environment: This activity works well indoors in an open room. It can also be done outside on a non-windy day.

Objective: The objective of this activity is for students to use creative problem solving to find solutions for an increasingly difficult task-- what starts as a game where students can practically just stand on the paper to be successful turns into an exercise in creativity-- do they form a pyramid? Do they use chairs? Do they rip the paper? Students can come up with limitless ways to be successful.

Materials Needed: A large stack of paper/card stock (enough for each group to have four to six pieces, with some extra in case they rip).

Directions: Divide the class into groups of six to eight.
Place four to six pieces of paper on the floor next to each group. Explain the goal: every group member must be touching the paper. Explain the one rule: no one can be touching the floor. Note: In order to encourage group problem solving, if a student asks a question, for example, “Can we move the paper?” simply respond, “There is only one rule…no one can be touching the floor.” Have groups begin the activity by trying to achieve the goal. When a group thinks they have achieved the goal, they must call you over to inspect their “position,” making sure that no one is touching the floor. These positions must be held for a quick count of 10. Once the group achieves the goal, continue to increase the challenge by removing sheets of paper. Be sure to congratulate each group each time they have had a success. The exercise ends when it is apparent that another successful round may not be possible.

Adaptations: As appropriate, a student can be situated on a chair or the floor and the other students can try to achieve the task surrounding that student.

Variations: Students can "compete" with each small group demonstrating their success to the larger group, with the group that is ultimately successful using the smallest amount of paper declared the winner.

Safety: It is important to stress to students to be respectful of each other's space, as the group tends to get pretty tied up with each other as the challenge increases. Make sure students ask each other what they are comfortable with, in terms of physical contact. All students must ask permission before touching another student or creating any sort of pyramid or other physical structure.

Student Leadership: This activity provides a great opportunity for leaders to emerge in the group-- one or more students can begin to make suggestions on how the group can be successful, and offer instructions for what each team member should do.

Do you have a youth activity that is fun, engaging, and easy to implement? Let us know about it and we may feature it here! Email:

OST Research

Advancement Project released a guide for educators that will "help improve school climate and reduce racial disparities in school discipline."

More than 700 students participated in a research measuring writing growth in grade 4 and 7 students. Click here for a summary of the results.

BOOST Vendor Fair

The BOOST Vendor Fair provides out-of-school time professionals access to a wide variety of products and services to enhance their programs. Browse through the Vendor Fair to learn more about the latest products and services for out-of-school time. It is absolutely FREE to use!

Vendor Fair Highlight



Fact of the Month

Did You Know?

Autism is the fastest-growing serious developmental disability in the U.S.

Learn more about Autism Awareness Month.

Free Webinars

Out-of-School Time Webinars
Activating Youth Advocates:
Presenters: Alberto Cruz, Patrick Pinchinat, Marlena Starace, Alexis Steines, Afterschool Alliance

In this archive, hear about after school programming from the best critics – the youth that are experiencing it. Afterschool Alliance presents “a panelist of Afterschool leaders to share how they prepare students to be effective program advocates through hands-on training and other youth initiatives.”

Engaging Parents as Program Advocates:
Presenters: Esther Grant-Walker, Alexis Steines

In this archive, guest speakers will explain how they engage parents in their after school programming and how it helps for parents to be involved in their children’s out-of-school time. The passion, care, and testimonials that parents have the ability to provide can create more opportunities for funding these programs.

April Poll

Question: How much time do you think the average youth spends watching TV per week?

BOOST Breakfast Club

Click on the logo above to read more Breakfast Club blogs.

Hope Circle: An Opportunity for Using Creative Movement
Blog Written By: Julia Crawford, BuildaBridge
Philadelphia, PA

Snack It Up: Give your snacks an upgrade for less with a grocery store partnership.
Blog Written By: Molly Newman, Healthy Kids Out of School
Boston, MA 

Kindergarten: First Time for Everything
Blog Written By: ElizaBeth Parker Philips, Child Development, Inc. 
Sacramento, CA

Feel Like a Child
Blog Written By: Lera Main, Discount School Supply


April Contest

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OST News

Safe Space, Inc
Safe Space, Inc has created a video to help spread awareness about teen violence in relationships. Their website is also a source for information about how to deal with these relationships and help for teens dealing with abusive relationships. They discuss the role of technology and power in teen dating abuse and have suggestions on how to stop it and get teens out of their situations.

Tomorrow's Innovators Need Challenges And Opportunities Today
February 3, 2014

State Unveils New Standards for After School Programs
February 26, 2014

Creating Healthier Out-of-School Environments for Kids Across the Country
The White House Blog
February 26, 2014

YMCA Program Provides After-School Meals
Cumberland Times-News
March 25, 2014

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