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There I Stood Thawing
Katie Hoogendam
I woke in fright last night
to what sounded like a chorus
of icicles breaking
all at once
over and over
outside my bedroom window.
And though I may be frozen lately--
hypothermic in the dark night
of the soul and all that--
there certainly are no actual icicles yet.
It's still mid-November, the hills surrounding
not yet white, still umber
maybe ochre.
In the dark colour is hard to remember.
Pushing aside leaden blankets, I got up.
And you know what?
It was the wind,
pushing a dried stalk of goldenrod
through the tines of a rusted windmill.
Lawn ornament, left by the last tenant.
Through shadows I observed
these itinerate artists
disguised as inanimate
making music for no audience
which did not lessen the thrill of
something mysterious and potent--
the energy of touch upon sound
in the midnight yard front
where I stood
miniaturized amidst thick emerald boughs
tremendous evergreens
tops scraping the indigo sky
where I stood
under a moon like an egg
my feet, naked and wet on the sleeping grass--
you'd think they'd be frozen, ice
but instead
there I stood,

About the Poet: Katie Hoogendam

Katie Hoogendam ("Merkat") is a local writer, poet, playwright, and interdisciplinary artist. After a creatively fecund year spent collaborating across genres with several fabulous local writers and musicians, Katie's second chapbook, Grief Forest, launches in spring/summer 2022 from Northumberland County's own Glentula press. Keep an eye out--with help from local musical and artistic collaborators, the launch of this next poetry collection promises to be a good time all around!

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