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Church Bulletin 
Sunday, September 5th

Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost

This Sunday, we're going to be having a Eucharistic Service, with Father Raja Zabaneh, live and in person, at St. Paul's, beginning at 10 am.  Our altar server this week will be Keith Satterwhite, and the acolyte is Gabriel Gonzalez.

Music for the Sunday Service  

  • Processional Hymn: For the Beauty of the Earth v.1,2,3 [H #416]
  • Sequence Hymn: There’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy v.1,2 then 3 [H #470]
  • Offertory:  Ready the Way
  • Communion Hymn: Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here [SB #98]
  • Recessional Hymn: I Know Not Where The Road Will Lead [H #647]
Download this week's service booklet (Large Print) HERE

Readings for the Sunday Service

  • The Reading: Proverbs 22:1-2, 8-9, 22-23 (Sue Bush)
  • The Response: Psalm 125 (Keith Satterwhite)
  • The Epistle: James 2:1-10, 14-17 (Mary Luque)
  • The Holy Gospel: Mark 7:24-37 (Fr. Raja Zabaneh)
Download this week's service booklet (Standard Print) HERE

September Birthdays and Anniversaries

Blessings, Felicitations, and Many Happy Returns!
  • Karen Caine Sep 2
  • Mary Reynolds Sep 3
  • Sandra Nelson Rogers Sep 8
  • Charles Baity Sep 13
  • Shirley Hall Sep 14
  • Dyzell Joseph Sep 20
  • Harriet Wilson Sep 22
  • Dottie Bostick Sep 25
We might not have your birthday or anniversary:  Reply to this email with your name, your birth date, your marriage date, and your confirmation date, and we'll update our records!
Choir:  Why do we sing? God created us with voices. He created music. He commands us to praise him with singing. He created the music of the spheres. There are harmonics. Vibrations can heal living things and move inanimate objects. Music is an active miracle. When people join together in singing, their heartbeats sync into the same rhythm. There are more reasons than this. Not everyone wants to sing, because it takes effort and practice. But for those who are called, it is a ministry that fills your heart. 
There will be a meeting of people who want to help this ministry on September 2nd, at 7 pm in the Sanctuary. Please bring your mask, and remember to socially distance!

General Announcements

Gladys Adams, aunt to Forrest and friend of St. Paul's, has passed away.  A funeral is being planned at St. Paul's on September 11th.  More information to follow.

November 13 is Garage Sale Day at St. Paul's. Jill will return to assist us getting set up at this writing!  A Committee of Three will chair the event. Please do not bring any items to the church yet... are in the early stages of planning.  Watch this email for further announcements, and when and where to bring your knick-knacks,  trinkets, and what-nots!   Thanks!

Father Raja will continue his Bible Study on The Book of Revelation, every Wednesday at 10 AM in Bocher Hall.  All are welcome to attend, and please bring your favorite Bible, too.

The Altar Guild is looking for new volunteers to help out dressing out the altar. Respond to this email if you're interested.

We are also looking for at least 2 new Readers to join us at the lectern.  We have changed to a six-week rotation, and are several readers short!  Come join us in reading Scripture on Sunday Morning.  Email Capability Required.

Church Bulletin Submissions

Anyone wishing to submit content for the Church Bulletin, update information, make corrections, and so on, please note that the reply email for our Church Bulletins has changed:  Please direct all replies to:
This separate mailbox will allow us to keep track of announcements, updates, and changes in one place!
In a real sense, we'll be starting over, especially with the parts of the service that we all participate in.  Ushers, Readers, Cleaners, and so on.  We need to start rebuilding the volunteer lists and schedules going forward, and this is a first call for helpers, for all of these volunteer activities, and others as well.  So, please reply back to this email to offer your labor to reactivate St. Paul's.
We are asking that families can sit together, but please otherwise lets keep social distancing going.  Please consider sitting in alternating pews, to help with this.  If you have a mask to wear, please bring it, although we have a small supply of masks for those that need them.  Masks are not to protect you, they are to protect those around you.  The collection plate will be set up in the back of the sanctuary, for those that make weekly donations or want to make a special offering. 

Prayer for the Election of Our Bishop

The Diocese of Florida Nominating Committee is asking for the prayers of everyone at St. Pauls:

Almighty God, giver of every good gift, we pray that you would look graciously upon the Diocese of Florida, and so guide the minds and hearts of the Nominating Committee as they prayerfully select candidates for the election of the next bishop of this diocese, that we may receive a faithful pastor who will care for your people and equip us for our ministries: Guide also the minds and hearts of the candidates who will come before the Nominating Committee, that this process will be a time of discernment and growth in their lives and ministries; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Media Ministry

We have completely replaced the sanctuary sound system, and we are striving to make it better every week.  Please subscribe to the channel, and click the bell for notifications, in order to be notified when new videos are uploaded, or live-streams begin.

Be sure to tune in via YouTube (CLICK HERE)
if you are unable to attend.

We've launched a Facebook Page, in order to expand our presence on the internet.  We will be including pictures, articles, stories, posts, links to videos, and links to our website.  There's even a signup page to receive this email!  So become a Facebook Fan, and spread the word. Like, Follow, Share! Let's Grow the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Prayer List

We're re-starting an old church program with a new post-covid twist.  Our prayer list will now be sent out via email!. 
Send Prayer Requests to 
to have a name added to the prayer list. 
We will keep a name on the list for 8 weeks, unless a different length is required.  Just let us know.

New Artwork in the Sanctuary

Our Sister in Christ, and esteemed artist, Harriet Wilson, has graced us with a new piece of art in the Sanctuary.  The piece, of a seagull at the beach, is a clever Florida twist on the dove of Pentecost.  Stop by the lectern and take a moment to contemplate the image and meditate of the message of anticipation.

Can A Week

We're still doing our Can-A-Week campaign to support the Arlington Food Bank.  So many have been negatively affected by the economic upheaval from the response to the CoronaVirus pandemic.  More than ever, those least able to cope with these changes need our help.  Bring an extra can Sunday morning, or drop one by during the week, and we'll make sure it makes it to those who need it.
Note that in August, 88 pounds of food
was delivered to the Arlington Food Bank!
We've been told that Personal items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper and laundry powder are most in need at this time. We will be expanding on this list of needed specialty items going forward. 

Supporting St. Pauls

The Mission of the Church remains unchanged:  We are still feeding the hungry, healing the sick, and working for the Kingdom of God.  We still need your financial support, as always.  Follow THIS LINK to make "on-line" contributions to the ministry of St. Paul's. Contributions sent in by US Mail are always welcome, and you can still drop off your pledge offering in your envelope in the mail slot at the church.
This newsletter is continuously improving as we go forward. 
Reply back to this email for suggestions and content contributions.
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