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AFMG Newsletter - Issue 27, December 2014

Dear customers, colleagues, and friends,

Welcome to a new issue of the AFMG Newsletter. We would like to inform you about new products, software updates, trainings, and interesting downloads related to our products.

AFMG Company Newsletter Reaches 20,000 Subscribers

At the beginning, dear readers, regarding this quarterly newsletter, we have a big reason to
In 2014 we have been sending this newsletter to 20,000 email recipients regularly. We are proud and honored that so many of you are following our news on a steady basis and get involved actively with questions and feedback. Since June this year, we have also migrated the newsletter to a mailing platform called MailChimp. This was an important step to help us balance our server load and, more importantly, to offer many different, customizable subscription options to you as our readers. – If you are not familiar with these options yet, the link at the bottom of this email leads you to your subscription page where you can set your individual preferences.

Leading Japanese Acousticians Meet with TOA and AFMG

On the 12th of December approximately 70 of Japan’s leading acousticians and sound system engineers gathered at the sola city Conference Center in Tokyo upon invitation of TOA.

The company hosted an in-depth session of lectures and discussions on the latest trends in simulation and measurement of sound systems. 
AFMG’s managing director Stefan Feistel had the honor of speaking to the auditorium on the concepts of AFMG, our most recent developments and the possibilities of the future. Many questions from the audience showed great interest in the topics and underlined the high-tech background of Japan.

First FIRmaker Purpose-Designed Loudspeaker System

Last year, AFMG’s ground-breaking beam steering and coverage control technology FIRmaker has induced a shift in how loudspeaker manufacturers think about system design, beam steering and coverage optimization. Now, the Italian loudspeaker company K-array has launched the KH8, a new product that fully utilizes the digital powers of FIRmaker optimization. Eight built-in DSP channels per enclosure drive separate sections of, in total, 20 HF, MF, and LMF transducers, resulting in exceptional coverage control and a rated maximum SPL of 145 dB.


EASE Focus 1:  10 Years of Line Array Simulation

Released at the beginning of 2005, EASE Focus 1 has been a premiere to the world of line array acoustic simulation. 
Based on AFMG’s profound experience in the field of accurate sound system modeling, EASE Focus 1 provided exactly what the pro-audio market demanded at that time: A universal, fast, precise and easy to use tool to predict coverage and throw of a complex line array.

In comparison to some existing aiming software solutions, EASE Focus 1 established an open platform that could incorporate data from any manufacturer interested in supporting the program. This unique approach provided several important benefits that quickly convinced over 60 leading loudspeaker manufacturers.
In 2010 EASE Focus 2 followed in the footsteps of its successful predecessor, adding 3D simulation, support for AFMG's award winning GLL loudspeaker data format and many useful other features. – Now, after this successful 10-year history, AFMG announces the seizure of support for EASE Focus 1. All development, OS adaptations, and support will end March 31, 2015.


New DSP Platforms Approved for FIRmaker

Recently, AFMG verified the following DSP platforms to operate as intended when used together with FIRmaker optimizations:
NE Series

New Loudspeaker Data

For the EASE, EASE Evac, EASE Focus, and EASE Address simulation software packages, the following new data files are now available or have been updated:











HK Audio















Announced Seminars

In this section we provide updates on our announced and upcoming seminars and trainings. Please use the links below to access detailed information for each class and to reserve your seat

2015          Feb 02-06

EASE Level 1+2


2015          Apr 20‍-‍24

EASE Level 1+2


More classes for 2015 are in preparation. Make sure to subscribe to local updates on classes and trainings to regularly receive the latest announcements.

AFMG classes are not only educational but participants also appreciate the new contacts to other professionals in the field and the broad exchange of knowledge.
Freshman or expert - we would be very happy to see you soon!
Classes are regularly updated in our Events Calendar.
As 2014 is now slowly reaching its end we hope that you will stay faithful as our readers for four new editions in 2015.

The entire AFMG team sends greetings to all of you out there wherever you live or stay. We wish you a peaceful season around the turn of the year. May 2015 bring many in­te­res­ting jobs and successful projects to you!
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