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AFMG Newsletter - Issue 30, September 2015

Dear customers, colleagues, and friends,

Welcome to a new edition of the AFMG Newsletter. These quarterly issues inform you about software updates, trainings, and interesting downloads related to our products.

Congratulations to Dr. Wolfgang Ahnert and ADA - Acoustic Design Ahnert

2015 is the year of big anniversaries and AFMG is both happy and honored to have such a rich and unique history.
Our cofounder Dr. Wolfgang Ahnert turned 70 in May this year. Dr. Ahnert is well-known around the world for being a pioneer of sound reinforcement engineering and the designer of the EASE® acoustic simulation software. Through his numerous articles and books, next to German published also in English, Russian and Chinese, as well as his membership in various societies as the DEGA, AES, ASA, and IOA, Wolfgang Ahnert made landmark contributions to the growing field of electro- and room acoustics until today.
25 years ago in September 1990, only shortly after the reunification of Germany, Dr. Ahnert founded the engineering office ADA. EASE, the "Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers", which had been developed under Dr. Ahnert's guidance since 1981, quickly grew from an academic research project into a commercial product fostered by ADA. EASE benefited greatly from the profound experience that was gained by ADA in many high-ranking projects around the globe.
The team of AFMG sends its
best wishes and sincerest congratulations
to Dr. Ahnert and ADA.

Creating High-Resolution Modeling Data for Loudspeakers and Line Arrays

Saturday, October 31, 2:45 pm — 4:15 pm

Dr. Stefan Feistel, AFMG's managing director, lectures on the importance of high-resolution loudspeaker modeling data for electro-acoustic simulation and project planning - and how to create it.
This tutorial is part of the Product Development Track and aims at loudspeaker manufacturers and measurement facilities.

View the event entry on the AFMG website.

Patent granted for SysTune's SSA Filter

With the SSA Filter, AFMG has come up with a unique tool to help users achieve reliable, stable measurements even in noisy environments and when using a measurement signal like speech or music which does not continuously provide sufficient signal content on all frequencies. The SSA Filter makes sure that no irrelevant information (e.g. noises from truss hammering, a starting fork lift or a screaming audience) contaminates continuous measurements.

AFMG's sophisticated algorithms for the SSA Filter have now been patented.

Read the full article here.

AFMG Celebrates One Year of Cloud-Based Technical Support

Many AFMG customers might not have noticed the changes made to our support infrastructure a year ago. Today, it is time to celebrate! The cloud-based help system that has been introduced by our support team in September 2014 has passed all tests.
Established to promote streamlined cooperation between members of the AFMG support team located in different countries and time zones, the system that goes by the name of "Help Scout" allows everybody of the team to access the same tickets and see the full history of each case. This way, customers receive informed answers to their questions even outside office hours in their respective time zones.

Read the full article here.

New Distribution Partners

To ensure professional support for our customers, AFMG relies on its international distribution partners. During the last months, we have been able to welcome: 
Boutique Pro Audio
Andrés Millán

New Loudspeaker Data

For the EASE, EASE Evac, EASE Focus, and EASE Address simulation software packages, the following new data files are now available or have been updated:






Active Audio















Announced Seminars

In this section we provide updates on our announced and upcoming seminars and trainings. Please use the links below to access detailed information for each class and to reserve your seat.

2015          September 21-25
                  (fully booked)

EASE Level 1+2


2015          October 05-09

EASE Level 1,  2,  2+


2015          October 12-13



2015          November 16-20

EASE Level 1+2

Saint Petersburg,

AFMG classes are not only educational but participants also appreciate the new contacts to other professionals in the field and the broad exchange of knowledge.
Freshman or expert - we would be very happy to see you soon!
Classes are regularly updated in our Events Calendar. If you subscribed to receive local training announcements you will also be informed. You can update your subscription preferences if you follow the link at the end of this newsletter.

Latest Updates & Current Program Versions

In this section we provide you with an up-to-date overview of the current release versions of all AFMG programs.
We hope this will make it easy for you to check the status of your programs. Remember, the latest version can always be downloaded from your account in the Download Portal.

New: September 2015  >>  


Version 4.4.11

New: September 2015  >>  

EASE SpeakerLab

Version 1.1.18



Version 1.1.5


AFMG SoundFlow

Version 1.0.11


AFMG Reflex

Version 1.0.8


EASE Address

Version 1.1.21


EASE Focus 2

Version 2.5.10



Version 1.2.13


AFMG SysTune

Version 1.3.7

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