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My mentions went mental late on Saturday evening and that carried on into Sunday. Namely because of my involvement with a new website called Partner Fan. The site and the platform isn’t launched yet. I think it actually goes live next month. So anything on there isn’t completely accurate, yet. I think some people had an issue that I was charging to meet a legend. Again, site isn’t live yet and the ‘fee’ of £1k to meet a legend wasn’t any fee, it was meant to say £CALL. The money for that goes to the legend doing the meeting. Ex-footballers do a lot of meet and greet like this all the time. They don’t do for free. I had a couple of people tell me they met legends for £30 at a Sportsman’s dinner, yeh you did. But he’d be getting a couple of grand overall that night. 


Partner Fan is like AirBnB, or Uber, or - all services you can absolutely do for free, let people stay in your house, give them a lift, show the sights of your city, but all services people are happy to pay for. The money is there as an incentive to get people to sign up and share local experiences and services with people who don’t know the area, or just want those services. Tourists are coming to the game and standing around taking photos because they don’t know what else to do. They’re happy to pay someone for their time to show them around while they’re here, it makes their trip better. No one is forced to take on what’s being offered so no one is being taken advantage of. If someone wants to be taken to the museum, even a free one like the National Football museum, they’re paying for me (and others) to leave work and go meet them, give them a more personal experience and take on stuff. I’m not charging people entry to a free museum.Just for my time. If you don’t want that, fine. But some do. If you follow me on Twitter you'll know I've just been to California for my honeymoon. While I was there I caught a San Francisco Giants game and a UCLA College Football game. For the baseball we didn't know where to go, what to do or anything. We'd have looked a right pair of dopes, I'm sure. For the UCLA game, I knew someone. He picked us up at 7am and shown us what 'tailgating' is all about at American Football games. It was a brilliant experience and possibly the best part of our whole honeymoon, we met a great of locals, friends of our host, we ate with them, got drunk with them and then went and watched the game with them. It gave us an entirely different perspective of the sport and the culture (and their weird chants). I want to go check out a Dortmund game, eat a bratty and have a beer on the Yellow wall. Partner Fan have got a Dortmund fan and I'll absolutely be paying him to show me around. 


I’ve taken a few groups of foreign fans around Old Trafford and Manchester, I’ve never hid that, my twitter bio has said for months I am a partner fan host. I’ve really enjoyed meeting people and talking to them about United and about why they ended up supporting us. If that’s something you have a problem with, that’s your problem. Because I’ve no issue with it at all. 


Fanzines charge fans, pubs charge fans, scarf sellers and badge makers are charging fans - for time, products or services. If you’ve got the time to show people around for free, sign up. You’ll get plenty of people wanting to be shown around the city. 


Apart from the chaos of that - yesterday was a belting performance. Goodison hasn’t been happy hunting for United for a long time. I don’t think we signed the players, certainly not first choice, that we wanted in the summer, not entirely, anyway. I think we’d have performed a little better this year, if we had got those players. Muller is one I am certain we went for. But what yesterday shown me is that with a solid XI, eleven good footballing players, which is what we had yesterday, we can play the way LVG wants and we can go to a very tough ground and we can look invincible. Four defenders in defence. A mobile, energetic and high level midfield. A potent attacking force. The best keeper in the world. The issue is a couple of injuries and we have to bring in players not of that level. Our first choice first team squad is essentially 14 or 15 players then a load of ‘well I hope he can do a job’ types. We’ll need to add to what we’ve got if we’re to be able to mount a challenge this season. 


But nothing bar positives from yesterday. I was particularly impressed with our midfield three. They all took up a slightly different role, occupied a slightly different area of the pitch and completely dominated Everton. Chris Smalling is playing out of his skin. The last 8-10 weeks he’s been essentially flawless. Yesterday’s result proves Arsenal was a collective bad day at the office and we look to Moscow and the derby with anticipation and expectation. I’ll take a draw in Moscow and a couple of the fringe players getting game time, especially Lingard after his cameo yesterday - HE CROSSED THE BALL!! (Thought we’d forgotten how to do that). Then we host City next weekend. A city team without it’s best two players. If we line up and play like we did yesterday it’ll be a similar scoreline.

Speaking of the derby, you've got until Thursday to sign up for the MUFCLatest forum and win yourself some tickets to the derby, courtesy of United Direct!

Until next week...
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