Musical Freestyle Dog Training Class
Tricks, Fun, & Doggie Dancing!
Guest Trainer – Nacina Dawn

Join Us in the Fun for Another
Musical Freestyle Class...
"Dancing with Your Paws"

Musical Freestyle Begins:
Musical Freestyle...
With Guest Trainer, Nacina Dawn
"I love the happiness that learning Freestyle brings to dogs and people and would love to share that with you."
For more info on Nacina,
click here!

Class Location:
1st Christian Church
2590 Placer St., West Redding

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Have FUN learning tricks and how to dance with your fur-partner. No dance knowledge is required or necessary. Explore the possibilities and Explode the boundaries, unleashing the beautiful joy within your own unique dog.

You will learn and demonstrate a positive, reward-based training method of teaching your dog without force, pain, or intimidation. You will be taught many Freestyle (tricks and dance) moves and ways of moving in order to showcase the beauty of your dogs motion, and the beauty of the bond you two share.

Using fun, games, and rewards, you will create a “dance” with your furry partner that others will be in awe of.

The class will progress according to the abilities of the participants. Freestyle is an individual and personal thing for everyone, so you will be provided personalized instruction on how to proceed at your own pace while keeping your dog happy and engaged.

Please be sure to download the registration packet as it contains important information.

(Even if you decide to register online, be sure to download the registration packet as it contains important information.)

FYI: Watch Your Email for Additional Classes Coming Soon...
Intermediate/Advanced/Canine Good Citizen Classes.
Beginning Wednesday, July 16th, 2014
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