2015 - the year of beauty
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Platinum. As worn by Gingerface Model (make up by Samantha Gardner) and photographed by InaGlo Photography.

Is Sparklewren abandoning corsetry?

Hello everyone, I hope I find you all well.

I am writing to you today from my narrowboat, Earl Grey in hand, contemplating some DIY... It has been an intense and lovely week in the studio, finishing up a glorious bridal commission and welcoming our first intern from France, talented Pauline.

Recently, a client asked if we were moving away from corsetry in order to focus on couture. Well, the answer is no, as the two things are not mutually exclusive. But I thought I might make that clear here, since perhaps I had not adequately done so before.
Biscuits & Champagne underbust, worn over the Cloud gown from our 2013 catwalk collection. Modeled by Gingerface (make up by Samantha Gardner) and photographed by Jenni Hampshire.
For me, corsetry remains the most appealing garment to make and is an integral part of my interpretation of couture. Certainly, it is the unusual and decorative side of corsetry (and indeed, any sewing) that captures my attention the most, and so this is what we focus on.
AVAILABILITY NOTICE: We schedule orders at least 6 months in advance, but due to a couple of cancellations we now have some space this summer. We are open for both corsetry and bridal, just hit "reply" to talk to us.
Corsetry treads that line between sculpture and clothing, due to its self-sustaining shape and structure if nothing else. When I think of the artists I love best, Klimt, Beardsley and the like, it is the marriage of line, proportion, and surface decoration that draws me in. In focusing on the couture side of corsetry, we explore those elements in real detail. Every tiny flourish of lace matters, the placement of every pearl or crystal likewise. When expanding outwards from the corset, such as in bridal, we get to explore these ideas on a larger scale, thinking about proportion and line beyond the corset alone.

This couture, embellished, involved, bespoke side of our work is an absolute joy.
One of my secret projects. I am utterly obsessed with "fool's gold" at the moment (well, and in general) and the corset to the left involves a construction method that I have been considering/planning for the last two years (a method which may once again transform and refine how I make many of my corsets!). More on that another time...
With a couple of cancellations we suddenly have a bit of space this summer for new orders, so do get in touch if 2015 is your year for couture corsetry or bridal. I'm rather heartbroken about one of the cancellations in particular as I do get excited at the prospect of making something beautiful for someone nice and her design was going to be extraordinary... But one's loss is another's gain, so act now, get in touch, and we'll make something stunning together :-)

Best wishes,

Jenni x

A pretty little bespoke underbust corset, in progress. We hand-painted the lace as per our client's request, giving beautiful pink and grey tones. What colours would your Sparklewren have?
P.S.: Please don't think you need to have a design all figured out before contacting us... A huge part of our work is in interpreting the things you tell us, transforming discussions of colour, texture, comfort, purpose and so on into delicious, bespoke designs. There is no obligation to order when discussing a design, and you can truly trust us to turn your ideas into a stunning Sparklewren reality.
T&Cs: Do please note, bespoke pieces are subject to long production times. If you have a firm deadline closer than 6 months from date-of-purchase, do discuss with Jenni first:
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