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Dean's Message

Dr John Innes, Dean, UBC Faculty of Forestry
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all the new students that have entered the Co-op Program this year, and also to congratulate those of you who are at various stages of completion of the program. I believe that the opportunities presented by co-op are absolutely critical for every participant – it is a demonstration of your commitment to learning, but more importantly a demonstration of your interest in working in a particular area. It is an opportunity for potential employers to get to know you, and we have seen several students go on and get permanent jobs with organizations that they have worked with in co-op.

I’ll also take this opportunity to strongly encourage everyone to attend the Co-op Presentation Night on January 28th. This is a very important networking opportunity, as well as a chance to hear and read about the range of activities that students get involved with during their co-op work terms.

Co-op Updates

Co-op Presentation Night
Join us for the Faculty of Forestry Co-op Presentation Night! Select students from all degree programs will be presenting. Our senior and intermediate co-op students in the Conservation, Forestry, Forest Sciences, Urban Forestry and Wood Products Processing programs will deliver presentations on their recent co-op work terms. Also, select work term posters from junior co-op students will be on display. This is a great networking opportunity to meet our students, industry guests, and faculty members.

Please note that not all of the eligible students will be presenting at this event.  The final program confirming student presenters will be available prior to the event.

When: January 28, 2016, 6:00 - 9:00 PM
Where: Forest Sciences Centre - Room 1005
Map: Find your way
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New Co-op Students
The Forestry Co-op Program continues to grow with 114 new student applications this past fall. After completing a series of workshops to develop their resume, cover letter, interview, and communication skills new applicants received their Participant Assessment Review (PAR) scores. Students who obtain a minimum score of 64% on both the PAR and their academics grades will be formally admitted to Co-op. We are happy to announce that 98 students have been formally admitted to the Forestry Co-op Program for the 2015-16 academic year!
Work Term Forms 
As co-op students, it is your responsibility to ensure that all forms are submitted by the required deadline, for each work term that you undertake. Students are also expected to contact their employer and ensure that their employer completes their evaluation forms by the required deadlines. For a complete list of forms and due dates, visit the co-op website. Remember that deadlines will change, depending on whether you are completing a summer, fall, or winter work term. 
Work Permits 
International students going on a co-op work term need a Co-op Work Permit. To start your application (which may take up to 76 days to process) you will need a letter from your Co-op Coordinator confirming your acceptance in the program. If you have not already done so, speak to your Coordinator and begin your application today! Click here for more information.
Summer 2016 numbers (to date)
  • Scheduled for a work term: 213
  • Positions posted: 668
  • Applications sent: 466
  • Interviews: 104
  • Hired: 43 (20% employment rate)
    • Conservation: 12
    • Forestry: 17
    • Forest Sciences: 3
    • Urban Forestry: 2
    • Wood: 9
  • Seeking: 169
  • International work terms: 7
    • Germany: 1 
    • India: 4 (tentative)
    • Malawi: 1 (tentative)
    • South Africa: 1

Summer Work Term

Post a Job!
Employers looking to hire co-op students for a 4, 8 or 12 month work term beginning this summer are encouraged to send us their Conservation, Forestry, Forest Sciences, Urban Forestry, and Wood Products Processing job descriptions now. Co-op Coordinators will promote these opportunities to co-op students, send reviewed applications to employers and facilitate interview bookings. Send your job postings to Tony Loring (Conservation, Forestry, Forest Sciences and Urban Forestry) or Sanya Sivic (Wood Products Processing) to have your positions advertised to our co-op students.  
Find a Job!
Although Co-op Coordinators advertise as many jobs as possible, students can (and should) take the time to search for positions on their own. Conducting an independent job search is important for students wanting to secure a co-op work term, as employment opportunities are often found through personal connections, internet job boards, or attending career networking events. Remember to complete an Independent Job Search form when applying for positions on your own.
Job Search Tips
With summer approaching in a few month, here are a few tips for students who are looking to secure a position:

Start now: Although May seems like a long ways away, beginning the application process now will give you a much higher chance of securing a summer job.

Take a chance: Don’t let your limited qualifications steer you away from applying for a position. If you are at least 50% qualified for a job, apply!

Tailor your application: It’s easy to tell who has taken the time to research the employer and position before creating a cover letter and resume. Do not include information and qualifications that are irrelevant to the position you are applying for, and make sure to use accomplishment statements when describing your work history. 

Point of View

Carrie Huang – The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Corner Brook, NL
My first co-op work term was with the Forest Engineering and Industry Services (FEIS) Division with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. I had the opportunity to travel all over the island and see the many hidden gems of Newfoundland. My responsibilities included inspections of watercourse crossings, harvester productivity trials, writing technical guidelines and reports, and participating in an unmanned aerial vehicle operation. Working with the FEIS division has allowed me to gain tremendously valuable technical skills. This work term was incredibly educational, memorable and enjoyable. I would like to thank Sean Greene, the FEIS Division and the Forestry Co-op Program for this amazing opportunity and unforgettable experience.
Koki Fujiwara – Downie Timber Ltd, Revelstoke, BC
I was surprised by how much experience and knowledge I learned from just four months of Co-op work terms. After completing this work term, I felt like a lot of the things that I have learned in school are becoming useful, and are beginning to make more sense. As a quality control assistant at Downie Timber Ltd., I worked on a variety of different projects, including tracking lumber throughout the production line to determine how much value is lost, and improving the current data collection method by utilizing Microsoft Excel and Access, etc. I am lucky that my boss and co-workers were very friendly and supportive. I really liked working for this company because they provided me with a wide variety of tasks and left me with many challenges. I really appreciate both the Co-op Program and Downie Timber Ltd. for providing me with the practical skills and knowledge that I will never learn from the books.
Wenjie Fan – APP China, Yangpu, China
This picture was taken during a stand verification trip in July during my co-op work term with APP China. The trip aimed to inspect the rectification progress of disqualified items before formal verification. At this point, I was feeling the weight of the chain saw, but there was still a long way before I could really use it. Co-op gave me an excellent chance to gain experience, and I appreciate that so much. During this work term, I had the opportunity to learn about a lot of information related to forest certification and forestry policy, which will be useful in my future studies.

Employer Testimonial

Paul Botha – Urban Outreach Officer, Parks Canada
Our experience hiring UBC Forestry Co-op students from the Natural Resources Conservation Program has been very successful. The students we have been able to find through co-op has advanced our projects and received an amazing response from the public they work with. As ambassadors for Parks Canada, co-op students have the work ethic, professionalism and energy to make a meaningful contribution to our activities. One of the big benefits for us is that co-op students come in with high expectations for what they will learn and as an organization we can help them achieve these goals. UBC Forestry Co-op students are enthusiastic and we are confident in their ability to represent Parks Canada.

Call for Submissions!

Student Stories & Employer Testimonials
During the course of each work term, co-op students and employers are asked to submit a picture and paragraph that provides some insight into their co-op experience. These brief stories can describe what students have been working on, what you have learned, or what the Co-op Program means to you. These stories are only a paragraph long and should be accompanied by a high quality image of you at work. These images are often used on our Forestry Co-op Instagram account (@forestrycoop) and on our website, so be sure to check these sites to so see if you have been featured! For more information on the guidelines for submitting a student story, please refer to page 15 of the Forestry Co-op Handbook. We look forward to seeing what you've been up to! Send your stories and pictures to Tony Loring.
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