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Faculty of Forestr Co-op Newsletter

New Intakes

Each year we accept a select group of skilled and motivated students to join the Faculty of Forestry Co-op Program. Students in their second year are eligible to apply and this year we had 121 students submit their application. After careful review we have conditionally admitted 104 students from the following programs:
  • Conservation: 33
  • Forestry: 28
  • Forest Sciences: 9
  • Urban Forestry: 12
  • Wood Products Processing: 22
New intake students have already started the Co-op Workshops to help them with their cover letters, resumes and interview skills. Students' performance during the Co-op Workshops will be closely evaluated and they will be given a “PAR score” upon completion. Students who achieve a minimum of 64% on their PAR score and in their academics will be formally admitted to co-op in January. In the New Year Co-op Students will complete workshops on safety, professionalism, confidentiality and ethics to help them transition to the workplace.

Co-op Updates

Fall 2015 numbers: 
  • Hired: 22 (88% employment rate)
    •  Wood: 9
    •  Conservation: 8
    •  Forestry: 5
  • International work terms: 3
    • 1 China
    • 2 South Africa
Winter 2016 numbers: 
  • Scheduled for a work term: 51
  • Hired: 7  (14% employment rate)
    •  Wood: 5
    •  Conservation: 2
  • Available to be hired: 44
  • International work terms: 3
    • 1 China
    • 2 South Africa
International Co-op Work Terms
The Co-op Program has been working throughout the year to develop international opportunities that are only available to Co-op Students. This year’s international destinations include Chile, China, Finland, Germany, India, Japan, Nicaragua, South Africa and the United States of America. All those looking for international co-op work terms should let their Co-op Coordinator know as soon as possible. 
Brett joins our team!
Please join us in welcoming Brett Tripp, the newest member of our Student Services Team. Brett is a 4th year Co-op Student in the Natural Resources Conservation program, and is currently doing her 2nd, 3rd and 4th work term with us in the Student Services Office. For the next year she will be supporting the Student Services team with many tasks, including helping us with the Co-op program, assisting with events, as well as maintaining the Forestry Co-op Instagram page (@forestrycoop).
Co-op Presentation Night
Our recent Co-op Presentation Night was a huge success with Dean John Innes, several faculty members, more than 50 employers and over 180 students in attendance. Select students delivered presentations about their recent co-op work term and 37 posters were on display from students who recently completed their first work term. By combining all degree programs into one night our event mirrored industry realities and allowed employers and students to hear about the diverse range of jobs performed by our students. We have already received lots of feedback about the event – if you have any comments that you have not yet submitted please send them in to the Faculty of Forestry Co-op Program.
Career & Networking Evening
On Wednesday November 4, 2015, the UBC Faculty of Forestry will be holding our annual Career & Networking Evening.  We welcome back past participants and extend an invitation to those who were unable to attend last year. The intent of the evening is to provide an opportunity for companies and organizations to meet with our students to promote career opportunities. See schedule and registration form for further details. If you, your company or organization is interested in attending, please RSVP to Debbie McPherson at
Co-op featured in Branchlines
The fall 2015 issue of the Faculty of Forestry Branchlines newsletter features an article from one of our Natural Resources Conservation co-op students, Chloe Williams, currently on a co-op term with Stellenbosch University. In addition to showing us an ingenious forestry life hack using duct tape, Chloe shares with us her preliminary findings of the productivity of a pine saw timber cut-to-length system in that country. Read the full article on page 20.

Student Stories

Serena Soucy - Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area, BC
This past summer I was working with the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area and how the time flew! Initially it was the beautiful landscape - a bountiful wetland valley nestled between two mountain ranges - that made me love this place, but as time passed, the people I met and the experiences I had shaped this work term into one of the best summers I’ve ever had. I learned how to teach environmental programming to students ages 4-16, how to successfully catch turtles while out in the canoes, how to make bat boxes and identify the life stage of swallow chicks and so much more! I watched in wonder as two adult ospreys protected and raised three healthy chicks, a difficult feat and one that attests to the bounty our wetlands have to offer. I looked forward to every single day of work because there was always something exciting going or someone interesting who came in to talk to. I was welcomed wholeheartedly into the community and would definitely love to go back. This was my first co-op work term and it was amazing beyond words. I can’t wait to see where I find myself in my next four co-op work terms!
Vinayak Chabria – Strategic Natural Resource Consultants, Port McNeill, BC
For my summer co-op work term I worked for Strategic Natural Resource Consultants as a Forestry Engineer. Strategic is not a licensee itself and the better part of my work took place on lands operated by Western Forest Products. My primary duties included road and cutblock layout and stream traversing however there were also many opportunities for me to work for other departments such as timber cruising. This was my first time on Vancouver Island and I found the forests breathtakingly beautiful.  Cool temperatures (up until June arrived!) coupled with views of 800 year old hemlock and cedar stands always made for an exciting day at work.  Port McNeill seems to have more black bears than deer (or people really) and is a very welcoming town of approximately 2000 residents. I value the opportunities I was given to develop competencies with the many responsibilities of a Forestry Engineer and greatly enjoyed the process of constantly evaluating different harvesting opportunities.
Yilun (Lily) Zhang – Hexion Canada Inc., Edmonton, AB
Working as an Adhesive Wood Technologist in the research and development center at Hexion, I was provided many opportunities to do multiple tasks in the lab. I finished some Oriented Strand Board studies to explore how to save costs in the mill from resin perspective. In addition, I learned how to use the Automatic Bonding Evaluation System to check the bond strength of different plywood resins, and how to use the rheometer to check the cure speed of different resins. I really appreciate the support and encouragement provided by my supervisor and my coworkers. During my work term with Hexion I became more confident. Finally, I would also like to thank the Co-op Program which allowed me to gain this valuable work experience before graduation.  

Employer Testimonial

Dr. Shannon Hagerman - Assistant Professor, Social-Ecological Systems UBC
As a new faculty member at UBC, this was the first Natural Resources Conservation co-op student hired in my lab – the Social-Ecological Systems Research Group. Having a co-op student was invaluable for advancing new areas of biodiversity conservation research in our group where current projects include: the implementation of the Aichi biodiversity targets in Canada, commons governance in mountain societies, and climate adaptation in natural resource systems.
I was thoroughly impressed with the professional approach, and quality of work accomplished by the co-op student. So impressed, that I’ve since hired this student to continue working in my lab in the upcoming academic year. Co-op students within the Forestry program at UBC possess a wide range of knowledge and interests – including interests and expertise related to biodiversity and natural resources conservation. I very much look forward to working with more co-op students in our research group in the future!

Co-op Debriefings

Students reflect on their recent work term...
At the end of every work term, we meet in small groups to discuss the students' co-op work term. In these sessions we define the experience, ask questions about what the work term means for their career and where they would like to work next. These structured debriefing sessions allow students to get more out of their co-op experience. One question asked of all co-op students was “what word would you use to describe your recent work term?” Below is a selection of the most frequent responses:

Get Hired!

Meet employers - Get Hired!
Employers are on campus meeting our students and giving presentations about their company and/or organization as part of the “Get Hired” event series this fall. Every Tuesday a new employer will be in the main auditorium, FSC 1005 at 12:30 PM. Food will be served as students learn about the opportunities offered by our weekly guests.  RSVP today to reserve your spot!

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