CAFCE Co-op Week winners, NEW interactive map, Japan work term, student stories and employer testimonial. 
Faculty of Forestr Co-op Newsletter

Contest Winners

CAFCE Co-op Week
Congratulations to all students and employers who participated in (and followed) our #coopweek Social Media Contest this past month! In addition to prizes awarded by CAFCE, the UBC Faculty of Forestry awarded 5 prizes of $25 UBC Bookstore gift cards to the following pics posted on Instagram by our students :   For daily updates on the adventures and experiences of other co-op students, follow us on Instagram

Co-op Updates

Summer 2016 numbers (to date)
  • Scheduled for a work term: 196
  • Positions posted: 995
  • Applications sent: 1869
  • Interviews: 275
  • Hired: 97 (50% employment rate)
    • Conservation: 36
    • Forestry: 27
    • Forest Sciences: 8
    • Urban Forestry: 2
    • Wood: 24
  • Seeking: 109
  • International work terms: 11
    • China: 2
    • Germany: 1 
    • Finland: 1
    • India: 3 
    • Malawi: 2 
    • South Africa: 1
    • United Kingdom: 1
Interactive Map
Our co-op students travel the globe in search of rewarding work experiences to help them develop the professional skills they will need in their career. This year we have an interactive map to show exactly where each of our co-op students will be working this summer. You can click on each point in the map to see which co-op student and employer is represented. Co-op students may also find this helpful when considering shared accommodations! Click the picture to the right to access the summer 2016 map or download the employer list.
Ring Ceremony
The Canadian Institute of Forestry (CIF) Silver Ring Ceremony is a long standing tradition within the Faculty of Forestry, where program graduates are awarded a silver ring as a way to welcome new forestry professionals. Co-op student, Chloe Williams, won the CIF Gold Medal for being the top student in this year's graduating class. Congratulations to the graduating class of 2016, who received their rings on March 19th. The celebration was a huge success this year, with over 100 students being recognized and receiving their rings.
Hire a Co-op Student
The Co-op Program has 111 students available for a summer work term beginning in May and June. Co-op students are pre-screened for academics, communication skills (verbal and written) and professionalism, so hiring a co-op student is a great way to staff term positions during peak periods or for special projects. If you are interested in posting a job advertisement, please send your job description to (Conservation, Forestry, Forest Sciences and Urban Forestry) or (Wood Products Processing).
Work Term in Japan 
We are happy to announce that Okayama University is currently seeking 2 Faculty of Forestry co-op students to join them in Japan this September! This is an exciting opportunity to learn more about the forest industry from an international perspective. Co-op students in the Wood Products Processing program went to Okayama last year and this year Forestry students will also take part. This position is being offered exclusively to students registered in the Faculty of Forestry Co-op Program. Be sure to apply for the Okayama work term by the end of March! 
Work Permits
All international students going on a co-op work term need a co-op work permit – even if you have a Study Permit that allows you to work in Canada. To start your application (which may take 76 days to process) you will need a letter from your Co-op Coordinator confirming your acceptance in the program. If you have not already done so, speak to your Coordinator and begin your application immediately! Click here for more information.
Co-op Course Registration  
Students who are scheduled to work this summer will be registered in the corresponding co-op course. Students must pay the $100 course registration deposit on the Student Services Centre (SSC) before the registration process can begin. Students in the WPP program will register themselves in the co-op course while all other co-op students will be automatically registered in the appropriate course by their Co-op Coordinator.

Student Stories

Yu Chen – Forsite, Fort St. John, BC
I recently completed three consecutive 4 month work terms as a Forest Technician with Forsite Consultants Ltd. in Fort St. John. Working for 12 months at the same employer provided me with a unique opportunity to have my responsibilities progressively increase throughout the year while allowing me a variety of opportunities to improve my technical skills. More importantly, I really enjoyed the experience of working in the field during all four seasons! My job focused on multiphase timber development projects directed by BCTS and CANFOR. My responsibilities included harvesting, road layout, timber cruising, riparian and ecological assessments, timber reconnaissance, GPS traversing, data management, and much more. I was also given extensive field engineering experience which will benefit both my academic and forestry career plans in the future. My co-op work terms allowed me to enhance my field-based work experience and gain a much greater understanding of the forest industry in BC. I really want to thank the Co-op Program for helping me explore career options and build networks for my future employment.
James Fan - Western Forest Products, Cowichan Bay, BC
My time with Western Forest Products was an invaluable experience and allowed me to learn the importance of safety standards, optimizing machines, and building simulations. Over the course of my work term, I was involved with tasks from analyzing lumber products to building product margin based spreadsheets (Return to Sawn and Size, and Net Current Value) for my simulations, which were sent to mill management and marketing prior to an upcoming run. Every week consisted of new challenging projects, including lumber grading inspections, machine optimization, in-depth analysis of specific production runs, managing production runs and quality control reports. Aside from work, living on Vancouver Island increased my appreciation for the natural beauty of BC. This co-op term was a significant stepping stone for my career development in the industry.
Rebecca Wort - City of Pickering, Pickering, ON
For my first co-op work term I worked with the City of Pickering in the Horticulture department.  During that term I worked on the maintenance and creation of gardens as well as identification of invasive species.  Most days I was involved in planting, tilling, weeding, watering and edging gardens.  Often I was sent out to gardens and forests where there have been complaints to remedy the situation at hand.  During this term I learned how to use many machines that I have never worked with before (such as ride on mowers, tillers and trimmers).  I even had to learn more about driving bigger vehicles including a one ton truck.  After a few weeks, under the guidance of my supervisors, I was sent to work alone during peak periods.  I applied for this position in the past when I was not a co-op student and did not get hired. Co-op helped me to rework my cover letter and resume and I believe this is one of the main reasons why I was able to get hired for this job this year.

Employer Testimonial

Patience Rakochy, Assistant Manager, Forsite Consultants Ltd. - Prince George
Over the years, Forsite has hired a notable number of UBC Co-op students. They have joined our teams in offices throughout the province to be mentored in silviculture as well as all aspects of multiphase timber development which includes timber reconnaissance, field engineering, riparian and ecological assessments, and GPS traversing. Longer work terms have proven to be more beneficial to both our company and the students we hire. Longer work terms allow students time to not just learn new aspects of the job and industry, but to have time to gain the much needed confidence necessary to implement their knowledge and skills. Longer work terms also permit time to train Co-op students on more intricate tasks that better suit their interests and abilities. We always look forward to the Co-op students joining our team and will continue to seek them out in the future.

Work Term Checklist

Stay on top of things!
As a co-op student scheduled to begin a work term in May, you will be required to submit various forms at different times. To make your life easier we have assembled everything you need to know on the Work Term Checklist. Students should enter the checklist deadlines in their calendar or smart phone. Once you have completed each required form (using the fillable PDF document) please save your results and email it to your Co-op Coordinator.
To submit before your work term begins: Due: April 22, 2016 at 9:00 AM or as soon as hired!
The Work Term Checklist is also available online and will be updated with the summer term deadlines in May, when the current term is complete.

Co-op Allocation

Co-op gets a boost!
On March 14 Andrew Wilkinson, the Minister of Advanced Education, held a meeting in Victoria to discuss the future of co-operative education in BC. During this meeting, it was announced that a onetime funding allocation of $75,000 would be awarded to each of the 16 BC co-op institutions, to assist in marketing and promoting the co-op program to employers. In addition to the 16 institutional awards, Minister Wilkinson also advised that the Association of Co-operative Education would be awarded $100,000 to promote co-op to industry in the Province. We are looking forward to using this funding to better represent the 6 faculty co-op programs at UBC.

Photo (left to right): Jenny Reilly, Director of UBC Engineering Co-op, Andrew Wilkinson, Minister of Advanced Education, and Chiara Longhi, Director of Student Services - UBC Faculty of Forestry.

In addition to the funding announcement, co-op student Anne Day was featured on the BC Gov News website as part of Co-op Week!

Thank You!

Thank you to our co-op employers to date for the upcoming summer work term: 

Cover photo taken by co-op student Winy Vasquez while on a work term in Chile
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