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CloudingSMEs Newsletter

Who we are

The CloudingSMEs support action is a joint effort of SME Associations, SMEs and clouding computing experts, which will act as a catalyst for the accelerated and successful adoption of cloud computing by European SMEs. The project will take a comprehensive approach to cloud computing by SMEs, which will consider both supply side (i.e. innovative ICT SMEs with expertise on cloud computing) and demand side (i.e. use of the cloud by SMEs) needs.

Clouding SMEs News

Dear Community,

With no doubt Cloud Computing has reached a strong maturity level and is a key part of the ICT strategy for companies of any size. We all understand that the adoption of Cloud based services is quite challenging, especially for SME. It has been justified that some of the expectations like
  • fast scalability of IT-Performance,
  • less IT-Administration effort
  • easy access on geographically allocated IT resources
are fully addressed by various cloud service offerings but the concerns in terms of
  • fear of data loss
  • difficulties with integration into in-house solutions
  • uncertainties with respect to existing legal and regulatory provisions
are still seen as major hurdle for cloud adoption.

CloudingSMEs will help you to pass over these hurdles and to provide you a set of tools and guides to build your individual cloud strategy. Beside this CloudingSMEs will build up a competence network which will allow you to get in touch with experts for specific questions.

For further improvements it is very important to get your opinion about various aspects around Cloud Computing and IT modernization. So we would kindly ask you to participate by registering to CloudingSMEs and to provide your feedback via our surveys.

With kind regards
Your CloudingSMEs team


Tools and Highlights to support SMEs decisions

Toolbox for SMEs

As part of the CloudingSMEs toolbox, our project has implemented a range of interactive tools, in particular:
  • The “Cloud Security Scorecardtool, which allows SMEs to audit/score the level of security offered by their cloud providers.
  • The “Privacy and Data Protection Guide” tool, which provides information to SMEs about data protection issues in the cloud, including pointers to applicable legislation.
  • The “Guide to an effective SLA” tool, which should support SMEs in effectively understanding and negotiating their SLAs with cloud providers.
  • The “TCO Calculator” tool, which facilitates SMEs in calculating the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of their cloud solutions, but also in comparing this TCO with a data center solutions.
  • The “Strategic Considerations Scorecard”, which provides the means to assess whether the SMEs should adopt a cloud solution or not.
  • The “Cloud Solutions Catalogue” tool, which is a searchable catalogue of cloud solutions, including the purpose/functionality of its solution, the target groups, the target industry, as well as the region(s)/countries where these services are offered.
  • The “Cloud Standards Catalogue” tool, which is a searchable catalogue of cloud standards and their purpose/usefulness for SMEs.
The tools will be presented to the coming SMEs workshops of the project in order to solicit feedback, which will be accordingly exploited for their improvement. Early (alpha) versions of the tools will gradually become accessible through the project’s website: and under the Toolbox section.

Highlights and Outlook:

  1. Surveys questionnaires tool, for ICT SMEs and SME End-Users
    Outlook: To prepare 15-20 questionnaires
  2. Pyramids tool, to structure Cloud specific Knowledge and build ‘Communities of Cloud Knowledge’.
    Outlook: The consortium’s partners started to invite experts (lawyers, ICT security, economists) to structure many pyramids to be offered online.
  3. Expert’s Qualification tool (CV DataBase), to register expert’s curriculum vitae (CV) to qualify as CloudingSME’s expert/auditor and build the Community
    Outlook: To invite Cloud experts and auditors to register their CV in CloudingSMEs, which will allow SMEs to select their advisors
  4. Communication tool, online advise on legal, security, economic topics and to allow SMEs and experts/auditors to communicate in their own language
    Outlook: to be improved to offer online support and advise in real time
  5. Online multilingual communication, with English as peer/main language.
    Outlook: CloudingSMEs’ peer language is English and the content implemented in the toolbox is translated in other languages according to the machine translation selected by the users.
Additional modules and features will be activated during the project upon request e.g. template of ISO 27000 integrated in the integrated management system.


CloudingSMEs invites innovative SMEs companies to share their experiences and success stories associated with the adoption and use of cloud computing technologies. The scope of experiences and success stories includes (but is not limited to) the following areas:
  • Novel products and services based on cloud computing technologies.
  • Case Studies regarding cloud adoption.
  • Difficulties and problems in the adoption of cloud computing.
The call is addressed to SME end-users of cloud computing technologies, but also to ICT SMEs that offer innovative cloud-based solutions and services.

CloudingSMEs will publish a batch of success stories in October 2014. The publication will be disseminated to the business networks of the partners, thereby ensuring the visibility of your company, but also of your experience or success story. The sharing of experiences and success stories within broad communities of SMEs, will facilitate companies that are considering cloud adoption and use to benefits from the experience of other SMEs.

Interested enterprises could fill-in the relevant template with the success story description, which is available here.
Please return the description and address any questions at:

CloudingSMEs Presentations

UEAPME/EuroCloud: ELAC Meeting – Chile

Enterprise Policy Director Luc Hendrickx participated beginning of February in Santiago de Chile in an international seminar – organised by the European Commission and the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) – on “Fostering Cloud Computing in Europe and Latin America”. The event aimed to promote the exchange of experiences in the development of cloud computing in Latin America and Europe and included the participation of policymakers from both regions as well as renowned experts and representatives from international organisations.

Mr Hendrickx’s panel dealt with the key challenges and opportunities of cloud computing for Europe and Latin America. He stressed the need for awareness raising and training in the area for SMEs, toolboxes (as provided by the CloudingSMEs project), trust and transparency. Ahead of this meeting, he also participated in the High Level Meeting on the same topic between the European Commission, ECLAC and Member States having adopted a declaration on the further collaboration between Europe and Latin America on Cloud Computing with a strong emphasis on SMEs.

UEAPME: Cloudwatchhub Concertation Meeting

Lorenzo Accardo participated in Software and Services, Cloud Computing Concertation Meeting -Towards an interoperable European Ecosystem of services, a two day workshop for all active FP7 projects of DG CONNECT Unit E2.

The aim of this concertation meeting is to promote collaboration and exchange among the projects to:
  • Learn about the latest activities of all active projects of Unit E2 (calls 5, 8 & 10, CIP and EU-Japan).
  • Network and discover partners from different consortia.
  • Present your ideas, discuss them with others.
  • Understand the fundamental changes from FP7 to H2020 and explore new opportunities arising from it.
During this workshop, he presented  aim and objectives of the CloudingSME project, where UEAPME is the project coordinator. He also shared the break out session on Cloud Computing during which he stressed that R&D should begin more from market ideas and needs than from a pure research agenda.

Upcomimg Workshops

We collect SMEs Feedback



Open Cloud Collaboration Workshop for Call 8 and Call 10 Projects - Brussels, 15. May 2014

The Cloud Collaboration Workshop took place in Brussel on the 15/05/2014 and aimed at helping FP7 projects to find and develop inter-project synergies in the following areas: Service Management, Data Management, and APIs and Standards, thus to deliver on their collaboration and exploitation commitments.

PROMIS@Service, represented by Caterina Berbenni-Rehm, made a short PPT presentation and deliberated about the relevance of CloudingSMEs for all 4 areas: Service Management, Data Management, and APIs & Standards.

The workshop organised in the frame of the OCEAN project and was split in 2 tracks: (i) The Architecture track, focused on use cases organised together with the CloudWatch project and (ii) The Code track, dedicated to the ETICS service on how to validate the quality of the software code. The sessions were followed by an open discussion aimed at identifying project touchpoints and synergies, and at developing collaboration opportunities and commitments.

The workshop collected all types of Cloud projects and solutions existing at present. Representatives from 16 ongoing and finished projects attended the event.

Link to the event announcement:
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Accelerating the adoption, deployment and use of Cloud Computing by SMEs

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