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The CloudingSMEs support action is a joint effort of SME Associations, SMEs and clouding computing experts, which will act as a catalyst for the accelerated and successful adoption of cloud computing by European SMEs. The project will take a comprehensive approach to cloud computing by SMEs, which will consider both supply side (i.e. innovative ICT SMEs with expertise on cloud computing) and demand side (i.e. use of the cloud by SMEs) needs.

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Dear Community,

We wish you all the best for 2015 and a cloud computing success.

With kind regards
Your CloudingSMEs team


The Internet and cloud services - statistics on the use by individuals

ICT usage in enterprises in 2014

An interesting study carried out by the European Commission in the framework of the Digital Agenda for Europe, says that one in five individual stores files on internet servers. In 2014, 21 % of the EU population aged between 16-74 reported having used internet storage space to save documents, pictures, music, videos or other files. Internet storage space can also provide opportunities for sharing files with others. The percentage of individuals in the EU who additionally used internet storage space for sharing files was 15 %.

The study raises also the following issues:
  • About a third of young people in the EU saved files on internet storage space
  • Cloud services are used less than social media for sharing files
  • A large majority of cloud users saved or shared photos and used services free-of-charge
  • Ease of accessing files from several devices or locations was a main reason for using the cloud
  • Over a quarter of the population using the internet but is unaware of cloud services
  • Concerns about security and privacy are  a main barrier to the use of cloud services
  • One in ten individuals used software run over the internet for editing documents, spreadsheets or presentations
To read the entire article go to

Clouding SMES Meets CloudCatalyst!

On 5th December Lorenzo Accardo and Luc Hendrickx of UEAPME, as coordinator of the CloudingSME project and Sebastiano Tofaletti of PIN-SME met in Brussels with the coordinators of the CloudCatalyst Project. The meeting took place as part of CloudCatalyst’s Exploitation and Dissemination plan. Each project coordinator presented its project and toolboxes and experiences were exchanged. It appeared that both projects are very complementary to each other. Participants agreed to exchange as much as possible experience and data on their project and to interlink the websites. They also discussed further cooperation for the future.

Clouding SMES Meets UNIEP

At the last UNIEP Annual Policy Day, which took place in Brussels on the 14th November, Mr. Luc Hendrickx of UEAPME presented the CloudingSMEs project. UNIEP (Union International des Entrepreneurs de Peinture) represents the Painting Contractors of 12 European countries.  He explained to the audience of mainly SME-entrepreneurs the background of the project as well as the concept of cloud computing solutions and the possible benefits for SMEs of cloud-based software and data storage. He also presented them the web-based tools of the CloudingSME project.

The presentation was followed by a question and answer session and a round table discussion on the project and the use of cloud solutions in the painting sector. UNIEP members were also encouraged to fill in the project survey and to spread it among their constituency. They were also invited to comment on the already existing project tools.

Clouding SMES Meets UEAPME Enterprise Policy Committee.

On 20th November Luc Hendrickx (UEAPME) presented the CloudingSME project to the members of UEAPMEs Enterprise Policy Committee. This Committee is composed of representatives of national horizontal SME organiations as well as European sector organizations. Apart from a presentation of the aims and objectives of the project the already existing tools were presented. Participants were encouraged to increase the efforts of the UEAPME members to give input to the project and/or to organize national workshops on the topic.

ARTIST Launches Its First Release of the Open Source Software

In a hyper connected world, cloud computing offers new opportunities to software companies who want to release their applications as “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS). This decision will have technical, business and organisational implications. The migration can be challenging and costly without appropriate methods and tools. ARTIST was conceived to support companies in the process of analysing, evaluating, performing and verifying the modernisation of their applications and businesses into cloud-compliant solutions.

The open source package is listed at

Cloud for Europe Launches Tender for Public Sector Cloud Innovation

The Cloud for Europe project (FP7) announces the publication of a tender for the joint pre-commercial procurement (PCP) of research and development on cloud computing services. The purpose of the tender is to research and demonstrate solutions to overcome obstacles for the adoption of cloud computing by the public sector.

The Cloud for Europe PCP is inviting suppliers to bid for any or all of three services (lots), each of which provides a framework agreement for the realisation of research and development services.

For further information including the tender specifications, please refer to this Link and to the tender web page .

SME workshop in Germany, Aachen and Cologne

The German associations BITMi and EuroCloud Germany as part of the CloudingSMEs consortium performed two workshops before the end of the year 2014:
  1. Aachen, Nov 11th, hosted by the Chamber of Commerce Aachen
  2. Cologne, Dec 12th, hosted by the eco Association of the German Internet industry
In total the two workshops had 45 attendees out of the SME community with a balanced mixture of Cloud users, Cloud Provider and Consultant for the SME target groups, with a segmentation of 1 person up to 300 person enterprises.

Both workshops where held in the standard format, which is public available on the CloudingSMEs website.
In both sessions there where a very active discussion about the needs of SMEs to understand the value of Cloud Computing and relevant feedback about the necessary support, expected by this initiative, was given.
As a main conclusion, the following key statements are collected:
The attendees are seeing a strong need to
  • see real showcases which are showing the benefits and decision points to use Cloud Services
  • get support to identify relevant offerings for their business
  • guidance and checklist to identify business processes to be supported by cloud service
  • graduation of knowledge to get access to pre filtered information and prepared in a SME friendly way
  • support for cost benefit analysis
  • support for security and data privacy assessment
Beside this there is a general concern in terms of broadband infrastructure and resilience as well as uncertainty about legal questions which might occur if the provider is not offering the service according to local law of the user and the data are not processed and stored in the country of the data owner.

In terms of quality assessment the EuroCloud Star Audit  was well accepted, especially due to the graduated rating of stars in similarity to hotel categories. It would be valuable to combine such a rating with cloud marketplaces and vendor listings to identify appropriate services in compliance with local law and adequate security and SLA measurement.

Further information can be found at the CloudingSMEs WebSite

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