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Who we are

The CloudingSMEs support action is a joint effort of SME Associations, SMEs and clouding computing experts, which will act as a catalyst for the accelerated and successful adoption of cloud computing by European SMEs. The project will take a comprehensive approach to cloud computing by SMEs, which will consider both supply side (i.e. innovative ICT SMEs with expertise on cloud computing) and demand side (i.e. use of the cloud by SMEs) needs.

CloudingSMES Meets UEAPME Cosmetic Forum.

ICT usage in enterprises in 2014

On 20th January Luc Hendrickx (UEAPME) presented the CloudingSME project in Brussels to the members of UEAPMEs Cosmetic Forum. This Forum brings together small and medium-sized manufacturers and professional users of cosmetic products. It is composed by the Conféderation Européenne des Professionelles de l’Esthetique Cosmetique (CEPEC), the European Association of Employers’ Organisations in Hairdressing, the Association de la Filière Cosmétique (COSMED) and the International Cosmetic and Detergents Association (ICADA).  Luc Hendrickx presented shortly what cloud computing services are about as well as the challenges for SMEs for using them. He explained the aims and objectives of the project as well as the already existing tools. Participants were encouraged to give input to the project by replying to the questionnaires.

CloudingSMES presented at IFAC SMP.

At the request of IFAC, the International Federation of Accountants, UEAPME was requested to present the CloudingSME project and findings to the IFAC Small and Medium Practices Committee that met on the 16th and 17th February  in Brussels.

IFAC is comprised of over 175 members and associates in 130 countries and jurisdictions, representing approximately 2.5 million accountants in public practice, education, government service, industry, and commerce. Around 35 representatives of Small and Medium Practioners in the accountant profession coming from all continents participated in the meeting.

Luc Hendrickx of UEAPME presented the aim and objectives of the project as well as the preliminary findings. He went on by explaining the barriers but also the potential benefits for SMEs to use Cloud solutions. He also presented the tools available on the CloudingSME website.

In the discussion that followed it appeared that the findings and recommendations developed by the CloudingSME project are quite universal. Especially the contractual issues are universal as they are imposed by global players. In general the access to internet as such is also a major problem in African countries. The value of the tools developed by the project for other jurisdictions has been recognized. Mr. Hendrickx stressed also the important role accountants can and should play in informing their SME clients about cloud solutions as well as the possibilities of cloud solutions for the profession itself. .

Meet the CloudingSMEs team @ Cloudscape VII – March, 9th 2015 in Brussels.

Although the usage of Cloud Services can bring major advancements for SMEs to be competitive in the international market, the adoption rate is still under expectation. The EU Project CloudingSMEs has conducted a series of workshops with SMEs to understand their needs and to build an action plan to overcome the key barriers and to identify opportunities. Cloud Computing as a term is too unspecific and in most cases does not address the SME needs in their key business. The consortium of CloudingSMEs, represented by Luc Hendrickx (UEAPME) and Andreas Weiss (EuroCloud Germany) are going to share some key findings during the Cloudscape Event.

During the lunch break on the Monday the 9th of March you can visit the live demo:
"PROMIS® - Open Innovation in the Practice with CloudingSMEs"
Presenter: Dr. Caterina Berbenni-Rehm

Further Information:

Cloud computing - statistics on the use by enterprises.

  • 19 % of EU enterprises used cloud computing in 2014, mostly for hosting their e-mail systems and storing files in electronic form.
  • 46 % of those firms used advanced cloud services relating to financial and accounting software applications, customer relationship management or to the use of computing power to run business applications.
  • In 2014, almost twice as many firms used public cloud servers (12 %) as private cloud servers (7 %), i.e. infrastructure for their exclusive use.
  • Four out of ten enterprises (39 %) using the cloud reported the risk of a security breach as the main limiting factor in the use of cloud computing services.
  • A similar proportion (42 %) of those not using the cloud reported insufficient knowledge of cloud computing as the main factor that prevented them from using it.
Read the full information:

Positioning Small and Medium Solution Providers in the Cloud Market.

IIn the scope of the CloudingSMEs project, SME associations and cloud experts are trying to produce some good practices for SME companies, including both SMEs considering cloud adoption and SMEs seeking to provide competitive cloud solutions. In the following, we outlined how ICT SMEs could best position themselves in the competitive cloud market.

ICT SMEs that provide cloud solutions and services need to survive in a very dynamic and competitive landscape, where they have to compete with large players. It is highly unlikely SMEs to be able to compete with large vendors in terms of the price and scalability of the provided services. ICT SMEs should rather provide differentiated or unique services in order to offer compelling added value to potential customers. In particular, ICT SMEs could focus on one or more of the following:
  1. The provision of custom managed services tailored to the needs of potential customers, especially SME customers. Prominent types of custom services included solutions customized/localized to certain countries or regions, as well as low-cost smaller scale solutions customized to the needs of small businesses (notably micro or small SMEs).
  2. The provision of services that enhance or complement the cloud services of large players (e.g., added-value services over popular mail, CRM or IaaS services).
  3. Increased (or excellent) flexibility and responsiveness as part of, or even beyond, their contracts/agreements with customers. ICT SMEs can be flexible and agile, thereby making a difference in these areas when compared to the less flexible giant vendors.
  4. The provision of radically innovative solutions/services, which could shift the competition to a market niche. Such solutions can be developed in conjunction with other leading edge technology developments (such as «BigData», «Internet-of-Things», «mobile cloud» and more).
As an essential part of their business strategy all ICT SMEs producing cloud products should position themselves in the cloud market. It is envisaged that micro SMEs (notably young start-ups) should seek niche markets, while medium ICT SMEs are likely to evolve as providers of agile and responsive services at regional or national level.
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CloudingSMES present in Italy.

Ecipa, together with CNA Lombardia (the National Confederation of the Craft Sector and Small and Medium Enterprises), has scheduled a series of newsletters (6 of them in total) in order to promote the CloudingSMEs project to all its associates in Lombardy (17.000 contacts).

The newsletters will focus on illustrating best practices useful for SMEs: they are directed on one side to SMEs, which intend to adopt cloud computing or want to maximize its results, providing standard ways for driving adoption decisions relating to planning, deploying and operating cloud services; moreover, the newsletters will also consider best practices for SMEs that develop and provide cloud-based products and services: the aim is to provide them with a set of guidelines for innovating using cloud computing, while at the same time sustaining the stiff competition in the cloud market, particularly from big vendors.

With these series of newsletters Ecipa aims at reaching a wide audience of entrepreneurs, making them aware of the opportunities offered by cloud computing and by the CloudingSMEs project.

The content of these newsletters will also be available on: (content available in Italian)”.
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Accelerating the adoption, deployment and use of Cloud Computing by SMEs

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