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CloudingSMEs Newsletter

Who we are

The CloudingSMEs support action is a joint effort of SME Associations, SMEs and clouding computing experts, which will act as a catalyst for the accelerated and successful adoption of cloud computing by European SMEs. The project will take a comprehensive approach to cloud computing by SMEs, which will consider both supply side (i.e. innovative ICT SMEs with expertise on cloud computing) and demand side (i.e. use of the cloud by SMEs) needs.

Message by the project coordinator

It is a true please to present the first Newsletter issue for the CloudingSME project, of which UEAPME is the coordinator. Indeed, UEAPME and its project partners have, from the start, understood the importance of clouding for our small and medium size enterprises and the advantages it can bring to them. The choice of a cloud computing provider is, and will become even more in the future, one of the most strategic decisions for any SME. Cloud computing will impact any SME, from a start-up to a globally active exporting SME, from a small retailer to a liberal profession. The tools this project will develop should allow our SMEs to take advantage of the growing cloud computing market in order to better compete with larger enterprises. Our challenge is to enable as many SMEs as possible as well as their SME organisations to benefit from it. We also count on you to give us feedback, comments and advice.

Lorenzo Accardo, UEAPME


CloudingSMEs Objectives

The primary objective of CloudingSMEs is to create, develop and sustain a community of European SMEs with interest in  adopting and/or developing cloud computing solutions. The project will offer a range of cost free, interactive services to this community in terms of:
  1. Online Training and support services on the key issues that inhibit the penetration of cloud computing within SMEs. These services will be offered as part of the project's toolbox.
  2. Best practices associated with the adoption, deployment and use of cloud-computing by SMEs
  3. Policy guidelines addressing  technical, technological, socioeconomic and legal issues that associated with the deployment of cloud computing solutions by SMEs
These services will be offered to European SMEs through a multilingual single access point, and in an SME-friendly way, which is based upon the outcome of the PROMISLingua project.

Another main objective of CloudingSMEs is to raise awareness about cloud computing within SMEs in Europe, with a view to encouraging them to join the CloudingSME's community. To this end the project will also organize a number of SME-focused workshops across several EU countries.

CloudingSMEs Web Site Launch

Actually we launched the the web site

CloudingSMEs is a pathfinder for SMEs in the Cloud Sector:
  • Categorize, point out priority, criteria, risk and guidelines
  • Not only lower hurdles - but lower risks
  • Find or initiate the development of sectoral cloud applications
You can expect knowledge and support to decision:
  • Sophisticated Wizards for Assessment and Cost Analysis
  • Knowledge Pyramids: pre-structured by expert’s Packages for all related Cloud aspects e.g. Cloud Compliance and Security
  • Comprehensive decision support for a clear Cloud Strategy
The Information, tools and services will grow with the progress of the project. We will actively support you with interactive services, consultancy and we will keep you informed by this newsletter.

Tools and Services

Get the most from Cloud Computing

CloudingSMEs intends to deliver practical answers to your questions and tailored advice concerning your cloud computing needs. We provide Tools, and services with pre-structured knowledge and expertise, as well as Guidelines, and Information for SME Cloud Users and SME Cloud Providers to support them getting the most from Cloud Computing:
  • Cloud Security Scorecard, a service facilitating SMEs in understanding, auditing and comparing different cloud security offerings.
  • TCO/ROI Calculator, a service enabling SMEs to calculate the Total Cost of Ownership of cloud solutions, but also to compare the TCO of cloud solutions with the TCO of conventional data center solutions.
  • Strategic Considerations Scorecard, a service indicating whether a cloud-based model is strategically in-line with the SMEs business strategy.
  • Contents of Contracts and SLAs, a service highlighting key terms of cloud contracts and drawing the attention of SMEs to them.
  • Cloud Services, like online advice from experts, and Solutions Providers Searchable Catalogue, which will provide a facility for locating providers of different cloud services across various EU countries and regions.
  • Multilingual online Questionnaires to support the assessment of SME user needs, market analysis and online tests.
  • Community of qualified Cloud experts supporting SMEs with online advice.

CLOUDZONE - 4th to 6th February 2014

4th Trade Fair for Cloud Computing - IT solutions for the future.

The aim of the CLOUDZONE is to lead companies into the future of the Internet. The exhibitors present on the basis of reference models newest applications that simplify the business processes of various industries and their customers, reduce costs and comply with current safety standards. An extensive competency network of cloud specialists shows how existing business processes through software as a service can be shifted to the Internet and accessed by all devices and all places which are possible.
Klick here for further Information.

Upcoming Events

  • CeBIT 2014: TV live broadcast around PROMIS®, CloudingSMEs

Events Organized by CloudingSMEs


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Accelerating the adoption, deployment and use of Cloud Computing by SMEs

EU funded Project by 7th FRAME WORK PROGRAMM
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Project Coordinator:
Lorenzo Accardo, UEAPME

Luc Hendrickx, UEAPME

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