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CloudingSMEs Newsletter

Who we are

The CloudingSMEs support action is a joint effort of SME Associations, SMEs and clouding computing experts, which will act as a catalyst for the accelerated and successful adoption of cloud computing by European SMEs. The project will take a comprehensive approach to cloud computing by SMEs, which will consider both supply side (i.e. innovative ICT SMEs with expertise on cloud computing) and demand side (i.e. use of the cloud by SMEs) needs.

CloudingSMEs discussed in Dublin

UEAPME Irish member ISME organised on 12th May in Dublin in the framework of the CloudingSMEs project a workshop on

“Cloud Computing for SMEs – Benefits and savings. Costs and Pitfalls. A must for SMEs”.

Around 40 participants, SME users as well as ITC providers took part in this workshop and discussions. Luc Hendrickx presented the CloudingSME project, the aims and objectives of it as well as the preliminary outcomes of it. He also presented to the participants the different tools developed for the projects, such a as the TCO/ROI calculator, the Cloud Security Scorecard, strategic considerations scorecard, content and contracts of SLA, … His presentation was followed by discussions with the audience which will feed in the results of the project.

SMEs Workshop, Bayreuth Germany, May 20th, 2015

The event was held as a joint event of the EuroCloud Association, the Chamber of Commerce for Upper Franconia Bayreuth and the eBusiness pilot Upper Franconia. It highlights both the technical aspects of the new technology as well as application examples of a company.
The Focus of the event:
New Digital Worlds: Opportunities for Upper Franconian companies
The Clouding SMEs workshop was embedded within two other key Items of the agenda:
  • Flexible IT support for adaptive businesses
    Prof. Dr. René Peinl, Institute of Information Systems of the University of Hof
  • Interview with Markus Mühle, owner of a horticultural company and users of an online timesheet cloud solution
There were 18 participants both from ICT SMEs and User side. Within the Clouding SMES presentation we asked all the users the key questions to tell about their
  • Business and sector
  • Cloud knowledge
  • Questions and expectations
Here are the Results of 14 very active participants:

The sectors:
  • 6 of 14 were from the IT environment
  • 8 of 14 were from other industries like horticulture, marketing, logistics, automation technology and technical planning and stakeholder (IHK HWK)
Their knowledge:
  • 2 said they have no idea
  • 3 had moderate knowledge
  • 4 were experts
  • 5 had advanced knowledge
Their general demands and requirements:
  • 1 said more enterprises should use the cloud
  • 2 ask for more Best Practice Examples
  • 2 said central access of cloud solutions is beneficial
  • 3 claimed that processes and interfaces are important
  • 4 demand more Privacy and Security in cloud solutions itself and as a focus of promotion of the provider companies
All of them were open minded and focused on solutions for their own business and what may be usefully for a general enlargement for cloud solutions. A discussion between the horticultural company, the Stakeholder of HWK and EuroCloud started how to use the Best Practice Example for further Workshops for other Craftsmen and micro Companies to ease a direct adoption.

The Success Story you can find here

EuroCloud Roadshow

“Innovation, mobility, agility – The challenge of the middle class”


Addressing the audience:
Medium-sized businesses have to face the challenge of changes in the working world and to develop their own strategies for the modernization of work processes. The related keywords such as cloud computing, Big Data, Industry 4.0, Digital transformation make it hard to take an appropriate decision for their own needs.
Certainly you have dealt already with some of the following questions:
  • Do your employees want a flexible work environment?
  • Are departments urging on the use of advanced applications?
  • If they lose valuable time every day because your business communication is made only by mail and phone?
  • Do you feel that your competitor is acting faster and cheaper?
  • Are the costs of IT systems and their maintenance still acceptable longterm
Experts and solution providers offer practical solutions to answer specific questions and provide the necessary background knowledge for further implementation in the company.
  • June 18, 2015 in Stuttgart
  • July 02, 2015 in Frankfurt
Ahead of the event participants can change the focus through participation in the following survey : Target group:
Interested decision-makers from the management of SMEs and representatives of departments and individuals that are driving the topic of cloud computing in their own company.

June 18, 2015 in Stuttgart

This Event is held in German in by EuroCloud Germany in partnership with bwcon (As a leading economic initiative for the promotion of innovation and high-tech location Baden-Württemberg) and Karlsruher Messe- und Kongress-GmbH and smart businessIT (regional Initative for innovation).
Also smart businessIT support this roadshow dates. The countywide initiative "smart businessIT: Strengthen IT. Link the country" aims here to strengthen the IT hub of Baden-Wuerttemberg and specifically the segment of the enterprise software furthermore ensure a high pace of innovation for providers and users in this sector.

Approximately 30 participants used the opportunity that different experts demonstrated the benefits of cloud computing.


July 02, 2015 in Frankfurt

This Event is held in German in by EuroCloud Germany in partnership with the GI-Rhein-Main which is a regional group of the society for computer science, the IEEE Computer Society and the German Chapter of the ACM, the German department of the Association of Computing Machinery.
The roadshow is part of the Event "Cloud Computing 2015 - Science Meets Practice" which is organized together with the GI Regional Group Rhine Main. Parallel there will be a lecture program. The entire agenda can be downloaded as a pdf file at the following location: Program „Cloud Computing 2015 – Wissenschaft trifft Praxis!“

Approximately 25 participants used the opportunity that different experts demonstrated the benefits of cloud computing.


CloudingSMEs on IM.TOP of Ingram Micro, June 25th 2015.

Ingram Micro is organizing one of the largest in-house exhibitions as ICT wholesalers at the MOC Munich. On 11,000 square meters 170 exhibitors presented their products and services. 4,500 visitors experienced a thoroughly successful day.
The target groups for this fair are regional and national ICT resellers who are increasingly active in the SME field. Thus, we achieve exactly the target groups that are on the pulse of the interests of CloudingSMEs. EuroCloud presented the project by an own CloudingSMEs stand.
As part of the CLOUD UNIVERSITY entitled as "Once in progress - insight into the current SME cloud market" there were 3 times lectures by EuroCloud together with Experton on the agenda. We were able to present the project CloudingSMEs, promote the active participation in this project via the contacts to the resellers and capture interesting opinions on SME issues.
Summary of conversations
Micro ICT- SMEs
Part of the very small ICT-Servicemen are afraid that cloud computing will damage their business because their main activity now is hardware support, help with licensing and backup service - all issues that SME customers may reduce and save by cloud services. These persons mainly highlight security issues as argument against the cloud.
Midsize SMEs and group of companies
These companies and CIOs as Stakeholder of groups of companies are looking for solutions to find rules, standards and criteria of measure trusted Cloud Solutions.

They were eager to receive information about the tools of Clouding SMEs, the Guidelines for Law, Data Security and Compliance as well as the Cloud Study about Cloud Acceptance from EuroCloud.
Another I point of Interest was the presented platform of Ingram Micro were German ICT-SMEs can register. ICT-SMEs will be categorized, approved to fulfill some standards and be presented to the customers of Ingram Micro and their resellers.


Cloud Computing: Interactive Services for SMEs, June 25th 2015

„Cloud Computing: Interaktive Dienstleistungen für KMUs“ - Workshop held in Villach on 25. June 2015

The frame of a series of events organised by “Das Forum Technik” of the FH Kärnten, PROMIS@Service represented by Caterina Berbenni-Rehm was invited to held workshop on “Cloud Computing: Interactive Dienstleistungen für KMUs”.

The workshop was structured in a short presentation and a live demo of the CloudingSMEs interactive services.

The need to increase eSkills in Europe was emphasized and also how CloudingSMEs can support a change in behaviour and the fast take up of the Cloud, closed the evening in a successful way.

The high interest shown by representatives of SMEs, students and also some institutions, prolongued the duration of the workshop which lasted almost 2 hours.

An interview with Dr. Caterina Berbenni-Rehm was published in the newspaper and can be found in:
or view PDF File

Accountants informed on CloudingSMEs.

FEE (Federation of European Accountants) held on 1st July its SMP Forum (Small and medium-sized practices) in Brussels with one of the main topics being Clouding SMEs.

Valentina Cilli, Senior Consultant Public Sector Policy of Deloitte Consulting presented the first results of the study done on behalf of the European Commission on the barriers and economic impact of the cloud. UEAPME Enterprise Policy Director Luc Hendrickx spoke about the barriers and opportunities of cloud computing for SMEs as well as for the accounting profession. He presented the tools available through the CloudingSMEs project in order to raise awareness among SMEs and help them making the right choices.

Moreover, Mr Hendrickx stressed that accountants – as most trusted advisers of SME owners – have an important role to play in raising awareness among SMEs on cloud solutions and that the available tools are fitted for this. Last but not least, he highlighted the fact that Cloud solutions can offer tremendous opportunities for the profession in itself. The participants at the meeting coming from the different EU member states had been requested to participate in both the surveys of the two projects.

CloudingSMEs workshop hold in Paris.

UEAPME French member organisation CGPME organised on 3 July in Paris a workshop in the framework of the CloudingSMEs project on “Le Cloud, un outil stratégique pour les PME?” (“Is the Cloud a strategic tool for SMEs?”). The workshop was opened by Ms Prat, Vice-President of the Innovation and Digital Economy Committee of CGPME, reflecting on this topic.

The INSEE, the French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, presented a study on the emergence of Cloud Computing and Luc Hendrickx, representing CloudingSMEs, spoke about how to facilitate the adoption of and the use of the cloud by SMEs. He presented also the different tools toolbox to the audience. These tools were evaluated very positively and considered as very useful by the around 20 participants /entrepreneurs present.  Further presentations came from the CNIL, the National Commission for IT and Liberties, on the recommendations of this commission in the field of privacy for enterprises who want to use the cloud.

The workshop was concluded by a round table discussion with SME cloud providers and SME cloud users on “how to improve the performance of your enterprise in the cloud”

Luxemburgian Craft enterprises discover CloudingSMEs.

In the framework of the “Les Journées eHandwierk” on “Le Cloud computing dans les PME artisanales” which took place in Luxemburg from 8-9 July, the Chambre de Métiers organised different workshops with the aim to inform craft enterprises on the cloud and exchange best practices.

The event  was organized  in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, the “Commission Nationale pour la protection des données (CNDP), Luxinnovation, UEAPME, the Fédération des Intégrateurs and Enterprise Europe Network. The event started with a general presentation on the Cloud, its flexibility, possibility to reduce costs and risks. Further were the rules on data protection highlighted by a representative of the nation Commission for Dataprotection. Luc Hendrickx presented in the workshop “Facilitate the adoption and use of the cloud by SMEs” the CloudingSME project. He showed the functioning of the different tools of it as well as the many barriers and loopholes SMEs can encounter. Around 60 craft enterprises participated in the event.
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