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Welcome to the 10th edition of Novy News!

This is our final issue of 2017! It's been an amazing year for indie game PR and marketing ... and that's an understatement. Here are just a few highlights from the past few months alone – from game events, eSports, VR and charity campaigns to streaming and meme-ing ... and even a visit from Hello Kitty!

We wish you all a prosperous new year :)

- Jeannie Novak & Luis Levy (Co-Conspirators)
. . . and the Novy team

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Take a look at our website for new blog posts, clients, and team membersWe are continuing services such as custom online press kits, expanded community management, social media, and our stream team! We have four distinct service divisions: PR, Marketing, Creative Services, and Consulting. To learn more about what we do, feel free to request a meeting or fill out our contact form
Vanessa & Brad
Team Updates
Congratulations to Vanessa Marie and Brad Crespo – who have been promoted to PR Manager and PR Coordinator, respectively. Julie Morley's title is now Marketing Manager, and Aaron Goldman's title is now Playthrough Manager. We'd also like to give a "shout out" to Marcos Montanez, Summer Nguyen, and Todd Black for keeping everything running smoothly! And a special thanks to our Friends of Novy: Pete Markiewicz, Emmy Jonassen, Drew Utterback, Jay Egger, Stephen Vulpitta, Alan Katana, Adam Godoi, Charlie Skinner, M. Joshua Cauller, Aaron "Heatbox" Heaton, Rob LeFebvre, Evan Killham, Jennifer Allen, Nina Klymenko, George Menjin, David Ladyman, Chris Parsons, Elizabeth Wood, Brandy Berthelson – including our newest FoNs Yuriy Golikov, Tim Engstrom, Richard James Cook, Ryan Byl, Anthony Hansen, and Brianna Taeuber.
Bryan, Kat, Nile & Cody
New Arrivals
Since our last newsletter, Novy has welcomed several new members to the team: Bryan Heraghty, Nile Koegel, Kat De Shields, and Cody Lavelle!

Bryan's journey into video game writing began with the NES and Game Boy – burning endless hours in his grandmother’s basement playing Super Mario Bros. and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. During college, Bryan became a freelance writer – focusing on Kickstarter projects, indie games, and industry news. As managing editor for Fusion Magazine at Kent State University, he also wrote and edited feature pieces on the LGBT community. Bryan now volunteers in his local community tackling issues ranging from poverty to low graduation rates.

Nile grew up in the 16-bit era and spent perhaps too many of his formative years playing retro games. He loves to make sentences shorter, but he doesn’t mind adding a preposition here and an adjective there. When he’s not busy dropping combos in fighting games, he’s writing, sleeping, reading manga — or out searching for the next great hole-in-the-wall restaurant.

Kat was first introduced to the wonderful world of gaming while watching her parents play Rocketeer, Myst, and Riven as a kid. Her own passion was ignited by titles like Sonic, Orly’s Draw a Story, Curse of Monkey Island, Disney platformers, and JSRF. If there’s anything she loves more than a good book and the Baltimore Ravens, it’s indie games. Kat is an editor at GameSkinny and a freelance writer for Buzzfeed

Cody has his hand in social media, graphic design, and community management. He helped launch a food delivery app in Cincinnati that was later acquired by Groupon and Grubhub. His favorite game franchises are Splinter Cell and Ninja Gaiden – both of which he hopes will be rebooted one day. Cody enjoys staying active and working out, making art, catching up on movies and shows – and getting lost in the rabbit hole of random YouTube videos for hours on end. His life stays on Autoplay.
Novy Stream Team
Novy Stream Team: "It's-a-Me, Marcos!"
The Novy Stream Team continues to regularly stream client and non-client games on the Novy Twitch channel – hosted by Marcos Montanez and Vanessa Marie, and produced by Aaron Goldman and Vanessa Marie. Past streams have featured LawBreakers, Geneshift, MidBoss, The Silent Age, Hell Warders, Tangledeep, ECHOPLEX, Cyber Chicken, The Spatials: Galactology, Paladins, HEKTOR, Outbreak, Layers of Fear, The Evil Within 2, Shift Happens, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, The Flame in the Flood, Bob Was Hungry, Call of Duty: WWII, Super Mario Odyssey, Overwatch, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (and "Not a Hero" DLC), Destiny 2, and PUBG. Check the Novy Twitch channel for live streams on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. To catch up on the fun, view archived streams on our YouTube channel.
Super Phantom Cat
The Purrfect Post!
The Novy social media team continues to knock it out of the park – creating fun, engaging images and meme GIFs for sharing on client social media pages. At the end of each week, we choose the "meme" or "comp" of the week and  and credit concept, research, and creation to the associated team members. The social media team is managed by Julie Morley and includes core team members Summer Nguyen, Brad Crespo, Bryan Heraghty, Nile, Koegel, Kat De Shields, and Cody Lavelle – along with "Friends of Novy" graphic designers Arthur Zdrinc, Nina Klymenko, and George Menjin. Recent campaigns include Super Phantom Cat, Susurrus: Season of Tides, Numantia, Dynasty Feud, XPO Game Festival, and ADOM (Ancient Domains of Mystery). 
Dynasty Feud
Super Phantom Cat
Super Phantom Cat 2
Two Kitties for the Price of Fun!
Veewo Games, the developer of Super Phantom Cat, is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Hello Kitty – who will soon be available as a playable character in the Super Phantom Cat 2 Christmas Update. Hello Kitty was born in the suburbs of London and lives with her parents and her twin sister Mimmy, who is also her best friend. Her hobbies include baking cookies and making new friends – or as Hello Kitty likes to say, “You can never have too many friends!” Being the helpful girl that she is, Hello Kitty will join Ari in the Phantom World as they take on an evil gang of robots in search of Ari’s missing sister, Ina.... (read more)
Dynasty Feud

Novy Joins Forces with ICEX to Launch Spanish Games in the US!
We’re proud to announce that the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX - España Exportación e Inversiones) has retained Novy Unlimited as the agency of record for Spanish game developers entering the United States marketplace. ICEX is a public entity whose mission is to promote the growth of Spanish companies overseas. (read more)

World of Tanks Blitz
Historically Accurate Battles of Destruction
Novy was thrilled to work with Wargaming on two eSports events:
  • Amazon’s Mobile Masters took center stage in October with Mobile Masters Las Vegas (MMLV). Bringing together some of the best teams and players in North America to compete in popular mobile titles, the Las Vegas incarnation of Amazon’s Mobile Masters included Wargaming’s free-to-play action game World of Tanks Blitz, which has been by downloaded millions of users since its debut in 2014. (read more)
  • At the Blitz Twister Cup, four elite teams representing Russia, Europe, Asia, and North America engaged in fierce, no-holds-barred tank warfare at Minsk’s Prime Hall – requiring teamwork, skill, and strategy above all in order to take 1st place. (read more)
Global Adventures - Reddit Charity Contest

Exploring the World – One Image at a Time
Military video game charity and Suba Games have teamed up to promote a special
 Reddit contest where participants place characters from upcoming MMO Global Adventures in real-world locations using Photoshop! A multiplayer epic where players go on action-packed treasure hunts together while facing zombies, vampires, and ancient gods, Global Adventures’ polished visuals and intense gameplay are sure to turn heads in 2018. To participate in the Reddit contest, users will be asked to submit a photoshopped image containing any of the selected Global Adventures characters against an environment located anywhere in the world. Publisher Wicked Interactive will be donating $1 to per submission up to $5,000. Some of the submissions will have a permanent place on the Global Adventures website and random billboards within the actual game! Contest ends January 5, 2018 – so go over to one of the participating subreddits and show off your Photoshop skills! (read more)

Wicked Interactive and Suba Games aren't the only companies in the game industry that are helping out charitable organizations:

Make a Splash in Ocean Science – Orca Studios and Great Barrier Reef Legacy (GBR Legacy) announced a new partnership to fund a series of cutting-edge research projects – along with the purchase of the charity’s first vessel – through 5% of Fish Paradise’s in-game purchases.
(read more)

Save Their World ... and Ours! – Developer Znavit Games and international conservation charity World Land Trust (WLT) are about to cast gaming in a whole new light with SEEDS: The Magic Garden – an upcoming puzzler that tasks players with rescuing and growing magical plants. The twist: Players who manage to complete the game will have a real tree planted on their behalf! (read more)
Stay Warm, Stay Vigilant, Stay Alive
4A Games, the studio behind the award-winning Metro series, has announced the release of ARKTIKA.1 – a visceral VR first-person shooter powered by the acclaimed 4A Engine and built from the ground up for Oculus Rift. With breathtaking detail and superior shooting mechanics, ARKTIKA.1 delivers unprecedented scope, storytelling, and graphical fidelity to VR fans worldwide. The official eBook companion, ARKTIKA.1: My Name is Viktoria, is also now available. Immerse yourself in the dystopian world of ARKTIKA.1 with this engrossing novella published by Del Rey Books and penned by New York Times bestselling author Christie Golden. 4A Games recently released a major update with a number of improvements – along with full support for cloud saves and three new languages: German, French, and Spanish. (read more)
Historical Brawling
Novy was proud to help launch co-op beat ‘em up Wulverblade on the Nintendo Switch! History fiends and retrogaming fans alike can enjoy this side-scrolling brawler from Darkwind Media and Fully Illustrated – and return to the glory days of Golden Axe, Sengoku, and Knights of the Round. With eight levels overflowing with sharp blades, blood-thirsty hordes and deadly arenas, Wulverblade invites you to slice through the invading 9th Legion in graphic detail on your own – or enlist a friend for the slaughter in two-player co-op. (read more)
Karma. Incarnation 1
Solve Puzzles to Change the World
The award-winning, beautifully unsettling hand-drawn point-and-click adventure game Karma. Incarnation 1 is available on iOS, Google Play, Steam, the Mac App Store, and the Windows Store. In Karma. Incarnation 1., your beloved has been abducted by evil spirits – and the only way to save her is by reincarnating as a powerful dragon. But something goes wrong – and you find yourself reborn as a worm named Pip. You must solve mind-bending puzzles across a psychedelic world choosing between good and evil to learn the laws of Karma. By gaining wisdom, your choices can affect the outcome of the game. Karma. Incarnation 1 has been recognized as one of the very best Unity games on the Windows Store with a 2nd place win in the Microsoft Challenge. The game has won several additional awards – including “Best Art Design” (Intel’s Level Up game development contest); “Excellence in Game Design” (DevGamm – the largest game development conference in Russia); and “Best in Show: Critic’s Choice” (Indie Prize showcase). (read more)
ADOM: Ancient Domains of Mystery & Ultimate ADOM
Classic Roguelike Action
We have some great news for fans of ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery), one of the most popular roguelikes of all time. Originally released in 1994, the game is being reborn as Ultimate ADOM – sporting all-new graphics, infinitely customizable characters, and native support for gamepads and touch screens. Created in Unity,  Ultimate ADOM will still have the Universal ADOM engine running underneath – ensuring that gameplay stays faithful to the classic game players know and love. Currently in development, Ultimate ADOM is due in Q4 2018. ADOM fans will be able to save their progress across multiple devices for the first time, including desktop operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux), current game consoles (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One), and mobile operating systems (iOS, Android). The new engine will also make it possible for players to experiment with detailed crafting and modding systems and also learn a vastly more flexible magic system. Possession, cloning, grafting body parts, and animating inanimate items like swords (and even walls and other in-world objects) are all viable strategies. (read more)
Possess. Kill. Repeat.
Rise from lowly imp to menacing final boss in MidBoss, the turn-based dungeon-crawling roguelike – developed by Kitsune Games and available on and Steam. With over 60 unique abilities to learn, there’s no shortage of enemies to kill, bodies to possess, and skills to master in this darkly humorous dungeon escapade. In MidBoss, you start out as a lowly imp. Tired of being bullied by the other monsters, you set off on a quest to reach the deepest levels of the dungeon, defeat the final boss, and take its place. You won’t remain a weak little imp for long, though: Possess the body of each enemy you kill, and use their powers to continue on your quest! (read more)
Reach for the Surface
Nostalgic, turn-based roguelike Tangledeep is on Steam Early Access and! Create your character, gear up, and get ready to ascend through dangerous terrain while facing magical beasts and ancient automatons in this beautifully illustrated indie game for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Inspired by classic SNES-era RPGs, Tangledeep features impeccable pixel art, along with a stirring score by Impact Gameworks’ lead developer and award-winning composer, Andrew Aversa – accompanied by legends Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana) and Grant Kirkhope (GoldenEye 007, Civilization: Beyond Earth). 
(read more)
Mutant Rampage
In top-down shooter Geneshift from Nik Nak Studios' Ben Johnson, drive like a maniac with GTA2-style vehicles and MOBA-style skills. Do your worst in insanely fun single-player, online co-op, and PvP modes reminiscent of PC gaming's golden years. Starting off as a mashup of GTA2 and Diablo, Geneshift is now an action extravaganza with enough mutant skills to give Professor Xavier a headache. (read more)
Strain Tactics
Extraterrestrial Action
After a successful Steam launch, Touch Dimensions’ ARPG/RTS-hybrid Strain Tactics landed on the App Store and Google Play. Assemble your troops into the ultimate fighting force from upwards of 80 highly-skilled operatives and defend Earth against an invasive alien species in this heart-thumping strategy game from the makers of the critically-acclaimed Autumn Dynasty and Wizards & Wagons. (read more)
Outrun Your Echo
Output Games released its debut title, ECHOPLEX, on Steam Early Access for Windows and Mac. The cyber-horror puzzle game challenges players to navigate mazes while being chased by an “Echo” that repeats their every move. The game's story explores the connection between an engineer working for Clonochem Corporation and an activist protesting the company’s controversial product, Continuum. (read more)
No70: Eye of Basir
To Grandmother's House We Go
Story-driven psychological horror game No70: Eye of Basir is inspired by true events. Developed by Turkish studio Old Moustache Gameworks, the game features voice acting by David Gasman – known for Rayman, Fahrenheit, Beyond: Two Souls, Alone in the Dark 2 & 3, and more. Take on the role of Aras and search for your brother Erhan as you investigate “grandmother’s house” in this atmospheric, first-person exploration game. (read more)
Ayo: A Rain Tale
A Beautifully Moving Platformer
Embark on a life-changing journey for clean water in the thought-provoking platformer Ayo: A Rain Tale – available on Steam and the Mac App Store. The atmospheric side-scrolling platformer addresses the plight of over 319 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa. (read more)
A Robot Named Fight
Horrific Nostalgia
Face off against a menagerie of fleshy monsters in Matt Bitner Games’ genre mashup, A Robot Named Fight – available on Steam. Alien abominations, labyrinthine levels, and permadeath await you in this stunning homage to 16-bit platformers. (read more)
Star Traders: Frontiers
Epic, Star-Sailing Strategy
Star Traders: Frontiers – the latest addition to the Star Traders universe – is on Steam Early Access. Developed by fan favorite Trese Brothers Games, Star Traders: Frontiers boasts deep strategic choices, a branching storyline, and polished visuals in a stunningly detailed procedurally-generated galaxy. Will you fly as a pirate terrorizing the shipping lanes, join the solar wars as a military captain, or track targets as a fearsome bounty hunter? (read more)
Hell Warders
Vanquish the Demons
Stop the demon onslaught in Ares Games’ Hell Warders, a co-op multiplayer game featuring action-packed third-person combat and a mashup of hero and tower defense gameplay – available on Steam Early Access.
Play as Ash the Ember Knight, cannon-wielding specialist, Dead Eye the Tainted, or crafty explosives specialist, Samson III the Dethroned, in teams of four as you scout for power-ups and create an effective (and deadly) defensive perimeter. (read more)
Capturing Android Gameplay Footage
Capturing Android Gameplay Footage
Novy's Aaron Goldman solves an Android mystery in his latest blog post: "Recent updates to Android have made it seemingly impossible to record internal audio. In fact, many applications that used to be able to record it no longer can. Instead, they gain access to the microphone in order to record the sound as it plays on the speakers. This causes distortion and creates audio that is sub-par for elements such as online videos or footage for a trailer. Fortunately, after several false starts, I was successfully able to emulate an APK in order to directly record the game itself." (read more)
XPO Game Festival 2017

The second annual XPO Game Festival took place in downtown Tulsa October 13-15. Indie developers, publishers, streamers, podcasters, cosplayers, performers, professional gamers, and more gathered to celebrate the best in gaming culture and development over three days filled with activities and industry panels. The event brought notable professionals, including: keynote speaker Chris Avellone; live music by Bit Brigade, Heatbox, Metroyd Myk, and The Returners; a number of educational panels with speakers from What’s Good Games and Game Attack; and high-intensity eSports tournaments presented by Osage Casino (read more). Also, be sure to check out the team's blog post!

Luis, Jeannie, Heatbox & Matt Stockman (XPO)
Vanessa & Summer
Brad, Jeannie, Luis, Aaron, Vanessa, Marcos & Summer
Marcos & Brad
XPO Game Festival 2017
E3 2017
Most of the Novy team from across the country attended E3 to help support 4A Games' VR title ARKTIKA.1 – managing press demos on the show floor. We also had the honor of working with LEVEL-5 abby to develop and manage a special "Layton Cafe" event for Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy at Tom's Urban just around the corner from the LA Convention Center. It was an unforgettable experience for the team! (read more)
Brad & Marcos
Layton Cafe
Layton Cafe
Aaron & Marcos
IndieCade 2017
This year, IndieCade brought a number of surprises – from communicating with ex-cons from beyond the grave to devouring the best curry Los Angeles has to offer! Jeannie, Luis and other members of the SoCal team (Marcos, Nile, and Aaron) had a blast working with Richard Fox of Flux on The Black Widow (complete with a homemade Ouija board controller!) and lending a hand to Rickland Powell and Kamela Dolinova of Evil Overlord Games on Susurrus: Season of Tides. Both games just happened to be displayed side by side in the Library exhibit inside the Japan American National Museum in Little Tokyo. It was meant to be! (read more)
Aaron & Marcos
Kamela Dolinova (Evil Overlord Games), Jeannie, Rickland Powell (Evil Overlord Games) & Luis
Rickland Powell & Kamela Dolinova (Evil Overlord Games)
Marcos & Nile
The Black Widow
Richard Fox (Flux)
What's Next? We've got some exciting product launches, social media and community management campaigns, corporate announcements, crowdfunding campaigns, and more initiatives in the works. See you in 2018!
Novy Unlimited, Inc. and its divisions (including Novy PR) is a product of Jeannie NOvak and Luis LeVY, its co-conspirators. Launched in 2011, Novy is the first marketing and public relations firm to focus on indie games. Thanks for reading :) 

Oh – and in case you missed it: Our previous issue (featuring Layton’s Mystery Journey, ARKTIKA.1, Blasters of the Universe, Rank17, Lil Tanks, Shift Happens, Outbreak, FZ9: Timeshift, XPO Game Festival, BadLand Games, Robots in the Wild, Linelight, Akihabara: Feel the Rhythm, GDC, VRLA, and MomoCon) is available for your perusal!
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